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26 June - 1 July: Afghanistan Peace Walk

Afghan Peace Walk | 30.04.2010 18:10 | Anti-militarism | Terror War

A five-day walk from London to Colchester in Support of Joe Glenton.

Stop Bombing Afghanistan
Stop Bombing Afghanistan

Meet 10.30am, Ministry of Defence, for a day of counter-recruitment activity in London.

Meet 10.30am, Ministry of Defence, for the start of five-day walk to the military prison in Colchester where soldier Joe Glenton is in prison for refusing to fight in Afghanistan.

"When I went to Afghanistan I was proud to serve the Army and to serve my country, but before long I realised the government was using the Army for its own ends. It is distressing to disobey orders, but when Britain follows America in continuing to wage war against one of the world's poorest countries I feel I have no choice. Politicians have abused the trust of the Army and the soldiers who serve” - Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, jailed for 9 months for refusing to return to Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is currently costing British taxpayers £5 billion a year, and though the Government claims that British troops are fighting there to keep us safe, 80% of the public simply don't believe them. In reality, British troops are killing and dying to protect one of the most corrupt governments in the world: a government that condones martial rape, tortures its own citizens, and was elected by massive fraud, and their presence there increases - not decreases - the risk of terrorism to us here in the UK.

The overwhelming majority (77%) of the British public want British troops withdrawn from Afghanistan "within a year or so". Yet, despite this, voters have been deprived of any meaningful choice at the ballot box. Indeed, 70% agreed that the three main parties did not offer "any read choice of policies" on Afghanistan.

PLEASE JOIN US this June to demand an end to the war, and to show solidarity with those soldiers, like Joe Glenton, who refuse to fight in this illegal and immoral war.

Film showings and other activities along the way. Accommodation available in London on the nights of 25-26 June.

Initiated by Justice Not Vengeance ( and others. Contact: 0845 458 2564,

Afghan Peace Walk
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