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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Pix of ESF 2004, Sun 17 Oct 04 - Set 5 of 5

21-10-2004 09:23

Photos of the wonderfully provocative "counter-demonstration" (thanks and congratulations to all involved - remember, "You're going home in the dustbin of history!"), and of the end of the peace demonstration.
For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For links to the other sets of photos, see one of the comments at the foot of this page.

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Security Camera Video: Horrific Madrid Train Bombing

20-10-2004 20:36

Video footage of the moment bombs exploded in a Madrid train station as shown on Spanish television.

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Why Bush Might Win - Americans Secretly Love Facism

19-10-2004 22:44

The most important election of our lifetime is coming down to who can best pacify the electorate's inner baby.

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pictures of noborder demo on Thursday at Victoria station

19-10-2004 22:07

some more pictures in addition to already seen previous ones about the Noborder demonstration in Victoria station.

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Medical Aid For Palestine gig in Swansea

19-10-2004 22:06

Gilad Atzman to play benefit gig in Swansea

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A letter to the troops

19-10-2004 21:51

An open letter to British troops serving in Iraq.

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Electronic Blockade of Spearhead, organiser of DSEi- Thurs 21st Oct

19-10-2004 19:05

Blockade Spearhead Exhibitions, organiser of DSEi, using phone, fax and email: Thursday 21st October, for the whole day!

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CBC Airs Documentary: The World According to Bush

19-10-2004 18:26

Download and watch this excellent documentary on the Bush Administration which complements and supports Michael Moore's film, Farenheit 911.

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Bush Stupidity films plays Oxford

19-10-2004 17:35

The popular film Stupidity is premiering at the OXDOX Festival in Oxford next week.

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CBC Airs Documentary: The World According to Bush

19-10-2004 17:06

Download and watch this excellent documentary on the Bush Administration which complements and supports Michael Moore's film, Farenheit 911.

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The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

19-10-2004 15:01

With Love
Wednesday evening at 9:00. BBC2 is to broadcast the first episode of a three-part documentary series called
The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear. This television channel is off limits to most of the world. But i have also heard that this really should be a program that should be payed attention to.
(this coming from someone who do not own a tv) My "request" is, if anyone have the equipment to record this program and make it available for download online, i would very greatful. I am a part of a larger network that "distributes", profitfree ofcause, information and documentaries that attempts to change the minds of the passive television consumers. Most of the network exists outside of the UK, which means we dont have a chance to "get" this tv program. Please exuse my english. it is not my "main" language.. I hope someone can help me... if you can. please write me at:

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Photos from the anti-war march at the end of the ESF.

19-10-2004 11:11

Crowd gathering in Russell Square
Here are five photos from the anti-war rally at the end of the ESF and one of long time campaigner in Parliament square, Brian Haw. The photo of Brian and his display was taken on Saturday 16th October which was day 1,229 of his 24/7 vigil in the square.

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The forth coming G8 in the UK

19-10-2004 10:54

We need to be on our guard.

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NATO train blocked in Valencia (Spain)

18-10-2004 23:03

Pacifists stop the train with the equipment of Valencia's NATO headquarters, which was departing to prove its capacity to lead the new NATO Response Force (NFR).

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O17 London: A protestor's eye view

18-10-2004 20:53

Green block from Belgium
Sunday 17th October, the closing day of the European Social Forum. We marched from Russell Square to Trafalgar Square, listened to speeches and danced to the sambatistas. Here are some photos and a report.

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Report of anti-war march and rally in London October 17th 2004.

18-10-2004 17:57

`Stop Bush` placards.
This is a 2,000 word report of the anti-war march and rally in London on Sunday 17th October 2004.

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Art of War : Chicago Tribune Editorial

18-10-2004 17:21

Chicago Tribune Editorial
Chicago Tribune Editorial

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Israel/Palestine: New booklet on Anarchists Against the Wall

18-10-2004 12:41

New booklet on the non-violent struggle against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine and the role of "Anarchists Against the Wall"

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The police are under resourced

17-10-2004 14:15

This many cops...
There are at this moment about 75 police at King's Cross surrounding about 15 peaceful protestors who got off the train and were trying to join the main demo today. Makes a bit of a mockery about their usual claim of always being under resourced.

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Open Letter to my Grandfather

17-10-2004 06:50

by James F. Harrington - Socialist Workers Party Thursday

How Erin's Son's Have Been Used By the Capitalists

Open letter to my grandfather, Austin A. O’Malley, who I never really got to know, as he died when I was only four years old. He came over to the United States from his native country, Ireland around 1889, as a little boy of eleven years.

Like many other Irishmen from Louisburg, County Mayo, he settled in Clinton, Massachusetts.
I know that he worked there for a baker for awhile untill the Spanish American War broke out.

I also know that he was in and out of the Veteran’s Hospital all through his life. I also know that he liked to drink at bars in South Boston, sometimes with his dog beside him.