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Ahmadinejad’s UN 9-11 Speech

27-09-2010 17:20

President Ahmadinejad delivers his speech at UN General Assembly, 23 Sept. 2010
Top scientists and intelligence experts dispute the “official US version” of what happened on 9-11 and variously assert that people within the US Government did 9-11 (possibly with Israeli assistance).

President Ahmadinejad’s 9-11 speech at the UN merely advances 3 logical, testable, scientific hypotheses about 9-11 but has immediately elicited hysterical, egregiously dishonest, anti-science and anti-truth responses from Western leaders and Mainstream media.

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UG#518 - The Mendacity of Hype (Psywar and The Truth Emergency)

27-09-2010 15:48

This week, we look at what Peter Phillips of Project Censored terms a "truth emergency", the routine way in which deceitful messages are fabricated and distributed en masse by the corporate media. We start with his presentation to the May 2010 Understanding Deep Politics conference in Santa Cruz. We conclude with an audio adaptation of Scott Noble's effort to combat this tide of misinformation, the video Psywar, about the history of propaganda and psychological war. Focusing on psyops as tools of the class war, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Howard Zinn and other speakers tell the story of the origins of truth misrepresentation as an industry, and we look at its role in the US military and political establishments.

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Did 9/11 really "change everything"?

26-09-2010 15:15

the authors of the "Project for the New American Century"report
Did 9/11 really "change everything"? Or was it simply an excuse to implement existing plans?

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Wrexham: Talking about Trident

26-09-2010 15:14

Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum held a stall in Wrexham town centre yesterday inviting local people to sign CND's new 'Scrap Trident' petition, to find out more about the issue and to have their say on the subject of nuclear weapons and Trident replacement.

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Israel "wiped off the map": The rumor of the century, fabricated by the US media

26-09-2010 10:45

The following text by Arash Norouzi first published by the Mossadegh Project and Global Research in January 2007 confirms that the alleged "Wiped Off the Map" statement by Iran's president was never made.

The rumor was fabricated by the American media with a view to discrediting Iran's head of state and providing a justification for waging an all out war on Iran. the article provides of media manipulation and "propaganda in action".

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Pentagon spells hope: DREAM act will extend poverty draft to immigrant youth

26-09-2010 08:21

Proponents of the DREAM Act claim it will enable countless deserving immigrant youth to pursue higher education. In reality, the movement for immigrant rights is being pimped by the Pentagon, which desperately needs access to young immigrants to replenish its ranks.

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Stop the Aldermaston Expansion - before 29 Sept 2010.

25-09-2010 22:54

Despite cuts in out public services, ranging from housing to care for the elderly and from libraries to road safety, it seems that there is one growth industry - nuclear weapons. We cannot afford this.

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World Leaders, Generals Who Question US Govt Version of 911

25-09-2010 11:30

the Sept 11 Truth Movement reaches critical mass.

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“Iran is not what you think it is”

25-09-2010 11:03

Kashan Bazaar in the province of Isfahan
On Thursday Sept. 16, William Beeman visited Grinnell College and gave a lecture entitled “Iran Is Not What You Think It Is.” Beeman is a specialist in Middle East Studies, Japanese Studies, Central Asian Studies, Linguistics and Performance Studies.

He proclaims views on Iran that are contrary to commonly held misconceptions­—although he is a strong critic against Iran’s human rights record. In my interview with him, he shared with me a history of Iranian-American relations.

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BP: The Unfinished Crimes and Plunder of Anglo-American Imperialism

24-09-2010 18:35

In the light of British Petroleum’s grotesque crime, as yet unfinished, against humanity in the Gulf of Mexico, it is well to recall briefly BP’s no less hideous crime perpetrated in its earlier incarnation as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) and, later, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC).

Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq’s discourse at the UN Security Council session in October 1951 was one of the most tragic utterances of a country that was being raped and pillaged and striving to retain its dignity:

"It went without saying that as long as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company had a monopoly over this source of national wealth, the government and people of Iran could not enjoy political independence. Despite its business façade, this company is to be considered as the modern counterpart of the old British East India Company, which in a short span of time extended its control over India. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company had an annual income exceeding that of the Iranian government; its foreign trade was larger than ours; it intervened actively in the internal affairs of the country, and grossly interfered in our elections to the Majlis and the formation of cabinets, and thus conducting themselves in a manner calculated to wring the greatest profits from resources which it owned and controlled. By a complex conspiratorial network within the country, by widespread corruption of government ministries, and the illegal support to native journalists and politicians, it had in fact created a State within a State. Little by little it sapped the independence of the Iranian nation."

Even as the Iran of today and its democratically elected government face the threat of physical liquidation by the combined forces of Zionism and imperialism, the struggles and aspirations of this great humanist and architect of freedom will remain, to all who strive for justice and decency, forever green.

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Ethical reflections on the 9/11 controversy: The responsibility of the media

23-09-2010 13:31

While it is recognized that through the use of meta-analysis and randomized controlled trials the standard of excellence in evidenced-based medicine (EBM) stands alone on a pinnacle, there is nonetheless an evidence-based methodology that can be applied across the board in other decision-making areas. Though research into the events of 9/11 has not yet attained the rigor achieved by EBM, it is still possible to rank the research in this field according to evidence-based principles. This article explains the principles, points to sources that exemplify them, and argues the ethical obligation of librarians and journalists to advance those sources.

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US led militarization of the European Union

23-09-2010 11:06

US missile shield over Europe (Times, 18 September 2009)
The NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal on November 19-20 will inaugurate a new NATO military doctrine for the next ten years. It will confirm the bloc as a 21st century expeditionary force without geographical or thematic limits, one which will seek any opportunity to intrude itself anywhere in the world under a multitude of subterfuges.

The summit will voice unanimous support for a U.S.-led interceptor missile system to cover all of Europe. It will maintain the position that American nuclear weapons must be kept on the continent for "deterrence" purposes. And it will authorize the subordination of nations from Britain to Poland and Bulgaria under a common American-dominated cyber defense structure for war in the "fifth battlespace," for "full-spectrum operations in a new domain."

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"Manufacturing Dissent": the Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corpor

23-09-2010 04:31

"How is the process of manufacturing dissent achieved?
Essentially by "funding dissent", namely by channelling financial resources from those who are the object of the protest movement to those who are involved in organizing the protest movement.
Co-optation is not limited to buying the favors of politicians. The economic elites --which control major foundations-- also oversee the funding of numerous NGOs and civil society organizations, which historically have been involved in the protest movement against the established economic and social order. The programs of many NGOs and people's movements rely heavily on both public as well as private funding agencies including the Ford, Rockefeller, McCarthy foundations, among others.
The anti-globalization movement is opposed to Wall Street and the Texas oil giants controlled by Rockefeller, et al. Yet the foundations and charities of Rockefeller et al will generously fund progressive anti-capitalist networks as well as environmentalists (opposed to Big Oil) with a view to ultimately overseeing and shaping their various activities."

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"Manufacturing Dissent": Anti-globalization Movement Funded by Corporate Elite

22-09-2010 11:09

We need to challenge the right of the "Globalizers" to rule. This requires that we rethink the strategy of protest. Can we move to a higher plane, by launching mass movements in our respective countries, movements that bring the message of what globalization is doing, to ordinary people? For they are the force that must be mobilized to challenge those who plunder the Globe.

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Project Censored "censored" because of stance on 9/11 Truth!

22-09-2010 07:59

This years new Project Censored 2011 Book has been released including numerous stories and references to the 9/11 cover up. Dr. Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff explain in this interview that they have been censored by so called "alternative" left wing publications because of their refusal to drop 9/11 truth content!

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The Invisibles are Coming! Menwith Hill - Sat Oct 2nd

21-09-2010 18:22

Powerful protest at Menwith Hill from 1pm. Start at Kettlesing lay-by, HG3 2RF, for walk around the foremost US spybase in the world - and just outside Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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Who really benefits from 9/11 and the ‘War on Terror’?

21-09-2010 16:26

Report from at the April 2010 Counter Terror Expo at London Olympia

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Smash EDO: Fundraiser with bands from Gaza! And Hammertime update

21-09-2010 12:36

Hammertime is getting closer! 10am, Wednesday October 13th

If you have not already done so, text or email us your mobile phone number for text updates about the meeting point for the siege ( / 07538093930).

In the meantime...come to an exciting fundraiser with bands from Gaza!

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Info evening on Afghanistan Sunday 26th Sept Brighton 18:00

20-09-2010 16:14

The Afghans’ voice must be heard.
Sunday 26th of September 2010, 18:00, South Wing Hall, Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton

A unique Afghan – British conference on the invasion of Afghanistan. The opportunity to listen to what Afghan’s have to say on the invasion of their country, and to exchange views and knowledge.