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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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On Falluja, from Seattle

16-11-2004 07:50

Falluja, another call to build the movement against imperialism.

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Bushit message tells supporters to prepare for more attacks

16-11-2004 03:22

"When we capture those that resist the occupation we will blindfold them, strip them naked and take them to the disco. If that doesn't work we'll put them on a box with wires on their genitals. We will torture those who resist using any means whatsoever then those terrorists will tell us where Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is hiding next?"

"Once we have finished in Fallujah, we will head towards another city," Bushit said.

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15-11-2004 18:30

To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

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15-11-2004 16:48

Sparks World-Wide Revulsion.

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IRAQ: US-Army uses Napalm and Phosphor

15-11-2004 14:45

International media and newspaper report that the US-army uses Napalm and Phosphor bombs in Falluja. Here is a summary (with links; some in foreign language)

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Lancaster Protest: Hands Off Fallujah!

15-11-2004 14:42

About 30 people gathered in Lancaster at very short notice to protest against the imperialist military assault on Fallujah. The protest took place on armistice / war remembrance day (11th Nov). The protesters held up banners saying: "Hands Off Fallujah: Troops Out Now!" and "No more Blood for Oil!"

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George Bush to visit Europe

15-11-2004 03:11

START PLANNING THOSE PROTESTS! And help spread the word throughout the Indymedia World!

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Somebody Tell Lt. Brandon Turner That He's Insane

14-11-2004 09:47

Just one small snapshot of US jarhead insanity.

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Report of Troops Out Demo in Glasgow on Saturday 13th November 2004.

14-11-2004 02:56

Start of march in Hanover street, off George Square, Glasgow.
This is a 1,000 word report of the Troops Out demo in Glasgow on Saturday November 13th 2004. Six labelled photos are attached.

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Antiwar Vets Applauded at NYC Veterans Day Parade

13-11-2004 21:44

NEW YORK CITY - A contingent of anti-war veterans marching in the official city Veterans Day parade found a very favorable response from parade-watchers and participants to their message calling for an immediate withdrawal of American soldiers from Iraq. Link to video infra.

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US snipers kill 17 doctors and nurses on their way to help the people of Falluja

13-11-2004 19:08

In answer to appeals from administrative staff of al-Fallujah General Hospital

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One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine

13-11-2004 17:37

There is need now to build a mass non-violent movement toward a single democratic non-national state, a “politics from below” for a sustainable just future for Israelis and Palestinians, forging bonds of ta'ayush (togetherness) in common struggle, the return of refugees in massive numbers – and inside Israel moving beyond apartheid ethnocracy and its oligarchy.

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Picket, Monday 15th Nov. Glasgow Labour Party offices

13-11-2004 15:34

Announced at the demonstration today: There's going to be a Troops Out picket of the Labour Party offices, John Smith House, 145 West Regent Street,
Glasgow G2 4RE on Monday from 3pm.

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Blair uses Bigley's Funeral Today

13-11-2004 13:36

Blair visits Liverpool to use other someone's funeral as a cover for continued murder.

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The onslaught in Fallujah: Shooting at a fly that has landed on a horse’s head

12-11-2004 20:51

On the face of it, the siege of Fallujah seems to be going relatively well for the US troops. Most of the city has been captured and according to the mass media “Operation Phantom Fury” will be finished in a couple of days. However, things are not so simple. The war in Iraq was also supposed to be over, whereas it clearly is not. The same applies to Fallujah, where an official victory may well turn out to be a Pyrrhic one.

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12-11-2004 14:57

Speech on Accepting the Sydney Peace Prize

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Upcoming Troops Out of Iraq events in Glasgow

12-11-2004 14:06

1 Vigil this evening, Friday 12th November
2 CND Demonstration, Saturday 13th November
3 Web forum and email lists
4 Weekly meetings

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Norwich Anti War Protests

12-11-2004 11:45

Protest against Falluja mayhem.

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Blockade of Israeli Company by anti-wall protestors

12-11-2004 11:06

Yesterday morning, a group of activists have set up a blockade outside the premises of Agrexco-UK. (Carmel House, Swallowfield Way, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 1DQ - Tel: 020-8848 7788). Agrexco Ltd. is Israel’s largest exporter of fresh agricultural produce.