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More photos of white flowers and sit down protest for Fallujah

07-11-2004 22:13

Iraqi exile Haifa Zangana lays flowers at the cenotaph.
Photos of anti war protesters laying white flowers at the cenotaph, and holding sit down protest.

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Photos of white flowers at cenotaph and sit down protest re Fallujah

07-11-2004 21:44

Iraqi exile Haifa Zangana lays flowers at Cenotaph
Photos of anti war protesters laying flowers at the Cenotaph and holding sit down protest to oppose attacks of Fallujah

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Nottingham Emergency Demonstration against an attack on Falluja

07-11-2004 20:30

Nottingham Stop the War has called for people to demonstrate from 5pm onwards on the day that a massive final attack is launched on Falluja. Meet in the Market Square from 5pm on the day of any attack. Phone 0777 932 8418 for more information.

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Fallujah: have water supplies been cut off?

07-11-2004 19:35

Water supplies to Fallujah may have been cut off for several weeks, according to media reports and accounts from civilians leaving the city. This follows a patttern of cutting off water which is becoming accepted among some circles within the US military, and has been applied already in Samarra and Tall Afar. It is in direct breach of the Geneva Conventions.

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Anti nuke activist dies in path of nuclear train

07-11-2004 18:49

See the bbc piece here in which it says a 23 year old has died when hit by train carrying nuclear waste.

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07-11-2004 18:26

Code Pink lead the march to the Cenotaph
In a clear signal that public patience is wearing thin, protesters today blockaded Whitehall after laying wreaths and flowers at London’s cenotaph.

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Media cheers while killing machine unfolds once again in Fallujah

07-11-2004 18:20

Once again the mainstream media tries to rope us into cheering for the American troops and pretends that the damage that the massive army attacks make are purely technical whereas the attacks of the resistance are bloody and deadly. Just looking at the following two articles on bbc made me want to vomit. It is truly disgusting.

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palestine film:showing in Neath

07-11-2004 10:51

The sun doesn't shine in this camp

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Satan lives in Fallujah: Lt Col Drivelling-Ejit

07-11-2004 08:33

an illustration
Satan lives in Fallujah, according to the US Marine Corps. Their job? Give Satan a hot foot!

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King George Is Back !!

07-11-2004 00:14

The British Are Coming ......
One If By Land
Two If By Sea

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Armed robots being tested in Iraq

06-11-2004 22:15

The US Army is testing robots armed with shotguns. The robots are called "Packbots" and have already seen some action in Iraq. It also has chemical sensors that detect nuclear, biological, and chemical contaminants.
More info from "Defense Update" magazine:

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We Come To Make Peace, Pal...

06-11-2004 21:53

Please allow me to introduce myself - I am a Scottish soldier with the Black Watch Regiment.

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Oil - the pipeline to Haifa

06-11-2004 17:31

With Baghdad effectively in American hands, Israel and Jordan are testing the political waters to see whether the Haifa-Mosul pipeline could once again pump oil from Iraq to Israel's major port city.
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Afghanistan: A success??

06-11-2004 17:09

According to Bush Afghanistan is a success...

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Cambridge - Fallujah Alert!

06-11-2004 11:39

The long announced all out attack on Fallujah is now imminent.

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Art of War : Neo Con Agenda : Europe

05-11-2004 22:51

Neo Con Agenda : Europe

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poetry night in Neath

05-11-2004 22:29

Poetry night in Neath ..a benefit for Medical Aid to Iraq

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free book on Christian pacifism

05-11-2004 20:50

free book on Christian pacifism and objection to war and military service

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05-11-2004 18:37

Peace activist Ray Davies went to prison for 28 days today, for principled refusal to pay anti-nuclear peace fines.