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We Come To Make Peace, Pal...

Rob Roy | 06.11.2004 21:53 | Anti-militarism | London

Please allow me to introduce myself - I am a Scottish soldier with the Black Watch Regiment.

I speak for my fellow countrymen when I say that the Scots will not take the slaughter of their soldiers lightly, because we have no empathy with Westminster’s Imperialist designs on the Middle East. This is not our war! Historically, our warriors have always been a defensive force, trying to protect our own land from invaders who wished to occupy it, so we have that much in common with Iraqi insurgents. Distributing a flyer which reads, "Please allow me to introduce myself — I am a Scottish soldier with the Black Watch Regiment" they try to differentiate themselves from the US marines who are battering Fallujah.

The British government will face a serious backlash from bitter Scots, who never backed New Labour’s illegal war. We don’t need to covet Iraqi oil fields; we have enough in the North Sea! The Scottish people will react with seething anger when our boys, mere cannon fodder, come home in body-bags for Christmas. Bush-voters may be prepared to sacrifice their sons and daughters in the ‘Project for a New American Century’ but the Scots are not and Tony Blair’s position becomes more untenable, as bereaved friends and families of the ‘soon to be disbanded’ Black Watch bay for blood.

Three young Scotsmen, and counting... do not compare to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead, but from a small, tight-knit Regiment in Fife, three is too many for an unjust cause. Apart from dispensing with the Black Watch, this deployment may be a cynical endeavour to drive a wedge between generations of Asians and Scots, who co-exist in harmony in the Highlands. Unfortunately, racial tension is all part of the strategy and the ignorant will want reprisals as ‘suicide bombers’ hit home. Currently, the wrath of the unruly Scots is directed at the Ministry of Defense and we demand the withdrawal of our forces from the ‘Triangle of Death.’ Once again, the people are set to converge on Parliament Square, en masse, to express their discontent and dissent, for the Whitehall mafia.

Rob Roy
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  1. A Balck Watch Soldier? Pull the other one! — James