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Media cheers while killing machine unfolds once again in Fallujah

jupiter | 07.11.2004 18:20 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Cambridge

Once again the mainstream media tries to rope us into cheering for the American troops and pretends that the damage that the massive army attacks make are purely technical whereas the attacks of the resistance are bloody and deadly. Just looking at the following two articles on bbc made me want to vomit. It is truly disgusting.

Here is an excerpt from" , an article entitled: Iraq declares state of emergency.

He said the move [i.e., declaring state of emergency] came in response to mass killings and destruction of the country's infrastructure carried out by "criminals and terrorists".'

When I first read this I thought they were talking about the Americans, considering that they had just destroyed a hospital and are moving to kill thousands of civilians. But I guess soldiers doing their job are not criminals and people giving orders to kill innocent civilians from the other side of the globe are not called terrorists. It is unforgiving that the press does not point out these parallels.

Another even more hideous article by the bbc is called 'fixing the problem of falluja' on"
written by an 'embedded' journalist. The article is very scary and shows how generals and soldiers have absolutely lost all sense of humaneness. It is terrifying in the way it discusses an absolutely deadly attack in such technical terms and calls the marines 'highly professional' just before their colonel describes 'Satan' as the enemy that they are facing.

This posting on Indymedia Germany is interesting, because it points out that 'rooting out' in the phrase: Fixing Falluja -
Morale is high among US troops waiting to root out insurgents.' is literally translated into German as 'ausrotten' which means exterminating."

How can the bbc post these messages that endorse violence, hatred and racism?

Don't just sit there and let the insanely biased mass media calm your worries about the people in Iraq. Go out to the streets and show your solidarity with the innocent victims of this insane operation.



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