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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Photos of action at St Leonards Police Station 17 July 2003

17-07-2003 17:56

Some pictures of the action today at St Leonards, which was called in solidarity with an Edinburgh protestor arrested during an anti-war demo earlier this year.

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More trouble at Menwith

17-07-2003 08:47

Another pathetic and pointless arrest at Menwith Hill.

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The Pogrom Starts Again: 'Gypsies' Hunting in Iraq

16-07-2003 21:05

Few people took notice of the last pogrom of the second millennium, when the allies of the West drove the Roma, or "Gypsies", out of the land in Kosovo where they had lived for centuries [Elsewhere on can read one of the few narratives of this forgotten deportation]. Four years have gone by, and another humanitarian war has brought about its collateral damage: an even more ancient community of the Roma is being driven, this time from Iraq. Mesopotamia, in fact, was an earlier stopping place along the road which led these people from India to Spain.

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16-07-2003 18:21

First Sgt. Christopher Coffin, 51, became the fifth soldier with Maine ties to die in Iraq after his vehicle ran into a ditch on July 1. He was a member of the 352nd Civil Affairs Command assisting convoys traveling between Baghdad and Kuwait. The details of Coffin's death have been mired in confusion since the day it was announced by the military. Initially, a press release from Coffin's unit stated he died after his vehicle swerved to avoid a civilian vehicle. But a report from the U.S. Central Command issued a day before said a member of Coffin's unit was killed July 1 when his convoy was hit by "an improvised explosive device." That report did not name Coffin, but he was the only member of his unit to die that day. Now a new report from Time, citing "Coffin family members and U.S. government officials looking into the case," says Coffin's vehicle was deliberately run off the road, then surrounded by an angry mob. A Humvee following Coffin stopped to help, but was also overwhelmed and then set on fire. A third team of soldiers, the article says, was brought in and fired rifles in the air to disperse the crowd. Representatives from Army headquarters and U.S. Central Command had no comment on Time's report.

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4th of July, Menwith Hill, arrest witness plea

16-07-2003 16:08

I was arrested on the above and I am
trying to find witnesses.

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Full details of LIBERTY report into policing at USAF Fairford

16-07-2003 14:16

Casualty of War - 8 weeks of counter-terrorism in rural England
Liberty Report: 15 Jul 2003

An investigation by human rights group Liberty into the policing of peace demonstrations at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, during the recent invasion of Iraq has revealed fundamental breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Download full 13 page Liberty report:

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Fairford RIAT Special Update

16-07-2003 06:25

Royal International Air Tatoo (RIAT)

DEMONSTRATE @Fairford Air Tattoo on Saturday 19th July.

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Mark Dankof's Tribute to Daniel New

15-07-2003 23:27

Mark Dankof salutes Daniel New of Conroe, TExas, a tireless crusader for the Old, but dying American Republic, against the forces of the New World Order, Globalization, and an American Empire rooted in militarism.

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Utah protesters thank the world

15-07-2003 22:38

Thank you-1
The July 10, 2003 weekly peace vigil rally in Salt Lake City focused on thanking all people around the world who opposed U.S. President George W. Bush's illegal war against Iraqis.

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Bagdhad Indymedia

15-07-2003 22:22

Bagdhad Indymedia is on line at:

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ISM-related book on independent radio station

15-07-2003 21:47

I'll be on Interference FM, 101.4, on Thursday afternoon to talk about my book on the ISm and the occupation in general.

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Damacio Lopez in Fairford on19th July 2003

15-07-2003 20:47

!! Exciting News !!

Damacio Lopez, a leading Depleted Uranium Expert is coming to Fairford to speak on the middle Saturday of the Rogue International Arms Traders' War Tattoo !!

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Utah protesters thank the world

15-07-2003 15:21

Thank you-1
The July 10, 2003 weekly peace vigil rally in Salt Lake City focused on thanking all people around the world who opposed U.S. President George W. Bush's illegal war against Iraqis.

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Video clip of Downing Street protest at Sharon's London visit.

15-07-2003 02:35

There were many great chants raised by the crowd during this lively evening of protest against Sharon. This one was about the most direct and epitomised the feelings of everyone there... except the cops of course who just wouldn't comply.

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Pics and report from Downing Street anti-Sharon protest.

15-07-2003 01:22

The story of the day in a nutshell.
Many thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street, London to protest against the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who was invited into the home of liar Blair.

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WHY NOT pester these DSEi-related people by EMAIL?

14-07-2003 15:11

Sept 6th - 12th will see a week of action against Europe's largest arms fair, the DSEi.

WHY NOT give the people organising the DSEi a bit of hassle. They're obviously finding it a little too easy to sleep at nights. Write them a well thought out balanced letter arguing your case. Or ask awkward questions. Or whatever you feel is appropriate. Needless to say I wouldn't advocate anyone being at all unpleasant to these thoroughly decent and honorable members of society.

As an example here are my letters which I wrote. They're a bit crap but it doesn't matter...

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Still No Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq

14-07-2003 14:21

The need to invade Iraq relied on the argument that Saddam Hussein was currently or nearly capable of launching WMD on the United States and its allies:

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SOS2003: Aug 1-3 Event Organized Against Bush Push for New Nukes

14-07-2003 14:06

Senior officials in the Bush administration who have proposed the production of a new generation of nuclear weapons have scheduled a meeting to discuss plans for nuclear proliferation at US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) during the first week of August 2003. We are going to be there to say NO! Join us!

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30 lb of depleted uranium gets stolen

14-07-2003 02:28

A WHITE van loaded with nuclear waste capable of being used to make a terrorist "dirty-bomb" has been stolen.

A nationwide hunt was launched after the van containing 15 kilos of depleted uranium was snatched.

A secret police memo warns: "This material may become radioactive if ignited ... vehicle must not be approached by police."