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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep at the Wheel for 64 Years

08-08-2009 20:33

Most Americans ever since have seen the destruction of the populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as necessary and effective—as constituting just means, in effect just terrorism, under the supposed circumstances—thus legitimating, in their eyes, the second and third largest single-day massacres in history.

To regard those acts as definitely other than criminal and immoral—as most Americans do—is to believe that anything—anything—can be legitimate means: at worst, a necessary, lesser, evil. At least, if done by Americans, on the order of a president, during wartime.

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Time For UK To Follow Canada in Announcing Withdrawal from Afghanistan

08-08-2009 09:12

The Canadian parliament bowed to the will of the people in 2008 and
announced a withdrawal from Afghanistan no later than 2011.
It is time for the Browne government to honor the will of the
British people and withdraw.

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Revenge decision to site German nuclear dump

07-08-2009 23:20

Gerd Lüttig
A West German provincial leader placed a nuclear waste dump near the border with communist East Germany out of revenge for the East Germans doing the same on their side of the border.

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Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers screening in Leeds

07-08-2009 21:58

The story of what happens to everyday Americans when corporations go to war.

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DISARM DSEi picket in Hatton Garden - Thur 6 Aug

07-08-2009 10:23

Hatton Garden
Demonstrators from 'DISARM DSEi' picketed the offices of Clarion Events in Hatton Garden, London on Thursday lunch time, calling for an end to the Defence Systems & Equipment international (DSEi), the world's largest arms fair, which Clarion are organising at ExCeL in East London next month. Photos Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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London Remembers Hiroshima - 6 Aug

07-08-2009 10:09

Some of the banners
Around 200 people met in London at Thursday lunchtime, 6th August to remember the anniversary of the first use of atomic bombs. Similar ceremonies were also held in other cities around the world. Photo Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Edinburgh event to mark Hiroshima day

06-08-2009 22:23

11 events were held across Scotland to mark Hiroshima day. Here are photos of the Edinburgh event.

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The Obama opiate: Crisis deepens, crowds cheer

06-08-2009 08:18

Six months since taking the reins, the Barack Obama administration has met its primary objective. It has swiftly ramped up the murderous imperial agenda inherited from Bush-Cheney while the masses, pacified and deceived by the appeal of the Obama image, pay no attention to realities.

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Israeli general: Israel-Lebanon border could explode at any minute

05-08-2009 22:19

map of the Israeli bombardment during the July 2006 War on Lebanon
Speaking at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in July, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman slammed Israel’s daily violations of Lebanese territorial sovereignty.

President Suleiman asked for the full and unconditional implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, for the preservation of Lebanon’s "right to defend itself and liberate its land by all legitimate and available means”.

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Coup regime in Honduras seeks to close media that report it’s activities

05-08-2009 14:56

"This morning’s televised threat by coup General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez to “go after them” – the leaders of the civil resistance to the coup – also included broadcasters and journalists.
Radio Globo, after its first shutdown at the hands of military soldiers, won a court order to reopen and has broadcasted constantly since June 29. If not for its news team and conductors and the thousands of calls they have received live on the air from Honduran citizens, the nationwide public would not know the real facts about what has been happening to their country."

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Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemorative Social

05-08-2009 14:30

Hiroshima & Nagasaki 60th anniversary commemoration
A Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemorative Social is to be held on Saturday 8th August - 7.00 onwards at the Sumac Centre

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Barclays £3bn profits make them major target for arms trade protesters

04-08-2009 21:34

Disarm DSEi has announced Barclays will be a target during protests
planned to take place in the City of London next month, stating that Barclays,
having messed up the economy, is now dependant on financing one of the most
destructive trades on earth in order to maintain their directors big pay
cheques and bonuses.

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Support JOE GLENTON, Afghan War Refusenik

04-08-2009 19:33


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Anti Arms Co Demo, 17th October

04-08-2009 17:59

Demonstration against company making military parts used in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan

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Coup General: "We're Going After the Protest Leaders"

04-08-2009 17:03

The clock is ticking on this coup regime. And on television this morning, one could see the fear in the eyes of the macho generals that try so hard to show a fearless face. Their days are numbered, not because the other countries of the hemisphere and the world reject the coup, but so much more importantly, because the Honduran people are organizing to put a stop to it all by themselves.
The coup generals don't have an end game.
The civil resistance does, and is unanimous in it: The toppling of the coup regime, the reinstatement of the elected government, and a Constitutional Convention to remake their nation in a more authentically democratic form."

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AFP in Honduras Hung By Its Own Photograph

04-08-2009 09:27

"It turns out that AFP’s make-believe “journalist,” Francisco Jara knew full well that his statements about military-style “training exercises” by what he called “Zelaya’s ‘popular army’” were false and he chose to lie about it anyway. The proof of his deceit comes from AFP’s own photographs, like the one above. The exercises – see for yourself – were more akin to a Sunday Easter egg hunt or picnic than the conspiratorial scenario conjured by Jara in his felony against journalism."

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The Times: Iran awaits Ayatollah’s nod for nuclear bomb

04-08-2009 08:19

a map by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
How many more countries will be wiped off the map through US, UK and Israeli agression before we revolt against this insane propaganda?

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Camps and criminals - Peace News camp report

03-08-2009 11:31

Journalist Bibi van der Zee reports in the New Statesman on the recent Peace News Summer Camp in Oxfordshire.

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Honduras (via the USA)

02-08-2009 23:06

Apart from the few blogs on Honduras that we've all been scouring, I think it is of great interest and importance how the argument is being portrayed in the minor US media. You certainly get more facts and coverage in the minor US media than the entitre UK media outlets which are still only reporting two deaths, if you search hard for that detail.

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"The dream of an Israel on both sides of Jordan River is more relevant today"

02-08-2009 21:43

map of 'Greater Israel'
Twenty Jordanian lawmakers have introduced a bill in parliament calling for a 'freeze' of the Jordan-Israel peace treaty of 1994 in response to a remark by the speaker of the Israeli Parliament supportive of expanding Israel to include territories now under Jordan's sovereignty.

While Palestinians have long been fighting to win back their territory for "a future state", far-right Israelis are determined to keep the land in hopes of achieving what they describe as a "Greater Israel." Historically, the concept of a "Greater Israel" also included occupation of Jordanian land.