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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Iran’s crime of transporting oil!

28-04-2006 15:53


That’s right; years ago the struggle was all about the resources of black gold now it’s about getting it around and about to use and sell it.
Many have wondered why Bush Junior was obsessive about Iraq and what the real American interest has been behind toppling Hussein.
The answer can simply be put in two words: Check Mate! The current Middle East Crisis is a text book example of traditional power play.

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Has the threat posed by Iran been grossly exaggerated?

28-04-2006 12:47

Has the threat posed by Iran been grossly exaggerated?
The majority of people at a debate organised by intelligencesquared thought so.

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Media Largely Ignore Ex-CIA Official's Disclosures

27-04-2006 18:00

Months before the US invaded Iraq, the Bush administration dismissed clearcut evidence undermining President Bush's central case for war-that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

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27-04-2006 17:43


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Daily News Audio report

27-04-2006 16:16

Listen to the daily news audio report recordedfrom occupied Bethlehem

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Daily audio round up of today's events in Palestine 27th April 2006

27-04-2006 16:04

A daily audio report comprised of today's stories in Palestine for the 27th of April 2006

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Cambridge Arms Trade Campaign Benefit Gig

27-04-2006 15:14

Cambridge Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CCAAT) are doing a music/comedy fundraiser on Saturday night.

7:30pm til late on the 29th April. King's Cellars (King's College)

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Zapping the Empire: The Other "United 93" Trailer

27-04-2006 15:01

In light of the oening of the neocon propaganda psyop "United 93", here is another version you might want to listen to. (20:00)

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Warmongers EDO Corp Report Loss of $900,000.

27-04-2006 14:25

Brighton arms dealers EDO MBM Technology Ltd, US parent company EDO corp reported 1st quarter financial loss of £900,000 today.

Profiteers have become losers after High Court showdown

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5 May: "evil SERCo" AGM (and SOCPA)

26-04-2006 22:25

Outside last year's AGM
Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) invite anti-WMD types, people working on detention centre issues, and anyone with a grudge against PFI in general, to join us for a good, colourful/noisy moan outside (and inside for those with shares) the Serco AGM.

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Alice Springs storms Pine Gap

26-04-2006 22:00

Alice Springs storms Pine Gap
About 25 Alice Springs locals fronted up to Pine Gap on Sunday 23 March demanding to be let in to do a "Citizens' Inspection" of the top secret US military spy base.

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Photos: "Military Families Against the War" Lobby

26-04-2006 21:07

Military Families Against the War Lobby Parliament & Downing Street. (26.04.06)

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Audio Daily News Report from Palestine 26th April 2006

26-04-2006 19:27

Listen to the daily news round up of events in Palestine for the 26th of April 2006

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Organisation to Stop Military Intervention against Iran Mobilizes

26-04-2006 17:54

CASMII, the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran, is stepping up its efforts to bring pressure on the British and US governments not to take military action against Iran.

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26-04-2006 06:34

THE PEACE PATRIOTS - OPENING SEGMENT Watch the film’s first 4 1/2 minutes which includes the opening narration by Air America Radio host Janeane Garofalo, instrumental music by John Sheldon, and the song, "Not In Our Name Pledge of Resistance" read by poet Saul Williams with music written and performed by DJ Spooky (Paul MIller). (Running Time 4:36)

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"United 93" Cover-up Film Educational Flyers Now Available!

26-04-2006 02:44

This is the new film about the 4th plane to crash on 9/11 put out by United Artists which promotes the cover-up that the flight was not shot down -- many dispute this and the evidence strongly suggests that it was shot down. These flyers help explain why.

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Thermite Identified As Likely Culprit Of WTC Collapse

25-04-2006 21:53

author: Brian

A new branch of 9/11 research claims to have
identified the cause of the collapse of the twin
towers. The photographic and video evidence
makes a very strong case for thermite being
responsible for the unprecedented implosions
of steel framed reinforced buildings on
September 11.

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Riots erupt during Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Greece

25-04-2006 18:55

Thousands of people marched the streets of Athens today protesting Condoleezza Rice's visit to Athens.

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Bush&Co: Making America Safer One Released War Crime Victim at a Time

25-04-2006 18:42

There has been no word about apologies from the U.S. to these captives, but you’d think it would be a smart idea to hand each victim a fat wad of cash before sending them on their way.

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Today in Palestine Audio Report

25-04-2006 17:37

A daily audio round up of events in Palestine for the 25th of April 2006