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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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send a message to the troops!

11-10-2003 13:54

Send a message to the troops.
Tell them what you know about Iraq.
Tell them how you feel.

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Plymouth ploughshares action

11-10-2003 10:37


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Mayor Of Hiroshima speaks at Nanchester CND event

10-10-2003 18:11

The mayor of Hiroshima will be speaking at a a CND event in the Unitarian chapel, Albert Square, Manchester on Saturday 11th Oct 2003.

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150 hear of the reality of Iraqi & Palestinian occupations

10-10-2003 16:15

The American inspectors have failed to find illegal weapons. Robin’s Cook’s diaries reveal that Tony Blair had pre-war knowledge that Iraq had no illegal weapons. Israel has just launched an unprovoked attack on Syria and continues to illegally occupy Palestinian lands. This meeting will allow the people of Oxford to discover more
about these issues and ask their own questions.

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Marshall's Aerospace bids to step up its role in the military machine

09-10-2003 19:31

Boeing air tankers to be made in Cambridge

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SHAPE action in Belgium, 25th October

09-10-2003 19:25

Invitation to an international action at the NATO military HQ in Mons, Belgium.

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Bitter Iraqi vents anger by killing U.S. troops

09-10-2003 10:06

Interesting article on Iraq definitely NOT from an embedded journalist.

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Women against war - Iraq, the aftermath

08-10-2003 18:07

Public meeting in Oxford organised by the Network of Oxford Women (NOW) for justice & peace.

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Walk for the orphans of Iraq

08-10-2003 14:21

Susan Karim fled Saddam's Iraq and now she lives in Britain. She will be walking from Dundee to Edinburgh to raise money Iraqi orphans.
Starting at the Tay Bridge, Saturday 18th October.
Finishing at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Wednesday 29th October.

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Delivering testimonies to Israeli soldiers in Occupied Palestine

07-10-2003 17:06

A soldier reads a letter at Huwarra checkpoint
Today, 7th October, in Nablus Occupied Palestine international and Palestinian peace activists along with members of the medical relief committess delivered letters to Israeli soldiers at the numerous checkpoints around the city. These letters contained testimonies from refuseniks explaining why they had refused military service and calling on their Israeli countrymen/women to do the same; thoughts about the scenes they had witnessed by the internationals and messages from the children of Nablus.

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Bush out of Britain - Oxford Activists Meeting

07-10-2003 16:05

If you haven't heard already,George W Bush is coming to Britain on a
state visit from 19 - 21st November.

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Turkey to Join Occupation of Iraq in return for the destruction of the PKK (Kurd

07-10-2003 08:59

Turkey is to join in with the occupation of Iraq. The decision by the Turkish cabinet to send 10,000 troops into Iraq came after agreement on an “action-plan to eradicate the PKK” was agreed with the US.

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One more player in the 'fake war' tragically dies

07-10-2003 08:58

James Forlong, an award-winning journalist who had loyally served the nation tragically died on Saturday.

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The Fascist Fraternity

07-10-2003 02:15

A history of the collaboration of German and American capitalists during World War 2 to not only profit from war, but to spread fascism as well.

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Citizens Inspection Team arrested at Lakenheath nuclear base.

06-10-2003 14:56

Entering the base.
This morning, an international "citizens inspection team" from Voor Moeder Aarde, Gent, were arrested inside the illegal US nuclear weapon base of Lakenheath, in the South East of England.

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F15 Anniversary

06-10-2003 02:57

The war is still going. Let's start organizing another global uprising for February 15, 2004.

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The U.S. and Israel's Criminal Intent and October25 th.

06-10-2003 02:17

But the question is not whether the public can see the criminal behavior of these regimes but rather, where do these regimes go from here?

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Oil War and Climate Change conference Sat 11th Oct

05-10-2003 21:22

An announcement for a large gathering to bring together information, experience, inspiration and campaign ideas on the linked themes of Oil, War. and Climate Change on the 11th October in London.