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One more player in the 'fake war' tragically dies

Brain Washed View (BWV) | 07.10.2003 08:58 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | Repression

James Forlong, an award-winning journalist who had loyally served the nation tragically died on Saturday.

James cared passionately for his work and brought us all the 'news' from world's troubled spots so that we were kept well informed.
(Thanks Jamesfro Rwanda, Bosnia, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

Likeall other key players in the recent liberation of Iraq James one one mistake but we all hope to leran from it . So thans again, James RIP

Vies as expressed by this terrible, terrible 'ram'

[Note to the wonderful IMC-UK er.... editors. Leave this on as this is news because Jame's death went largely unreported. James epitomises the media of which IMC (you like it or not it is a fact) is also a part which played a massive part in the recent 'war' on the peopleof Iraq.]

Brain Washed View (BWV)


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