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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Public Meeting- Women Organising against the War in Colombia

17-10-2005 19:57

Jackeline Rojas, Organizacion Femenina Popular, Colombia

plus speakers from Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Peace Brigades International

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In the Commission of History or God

17-10-2005 13:12

Somehow this does not add up, that there is now a fateful battle between the forces of good and evil in which there can only be one final victory. Bush's fear-mongering is a false unity threatening the planet, helping weapons firms profit while the poor are abandoned.

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Shayler: 'Blair worked for MI5'

17-10-2005 13:10

There has been much speculation as to how the most right wing and opowerful elements in the Labour Party used to be such left wing radicals. Did they have a change of heart? Apparently not, according to Ex MI5 Counter-Terrorism Officer David Shayler.
It would also explain why the spooks have been so busy trying to blacken Shayler's name.

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Justice now! War criminal on the run in Tanzania

17-10-2005 10:12

Agathon Rwasa, a Burundian Hutu-extremist and documented war criminal, has reportedly been denounced by his own forces for "gross human rights violations", and sacked. He is now reportedly on the run in Tanzania, where he has found protection in the past.

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In the Name of Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Abuses Worldwide

16-10-2005 22:08

Babar Ahmad victim
Counter terrorism has been used as an excuse for governments to commit human rights abuses, and increase their fascist state powers.

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Support the Downing Street Peace Camp, 18-19 October

16-10-2005 09:57

Notice of this event has been sent to me from a variety of Oxford sources, including Oxford CND, who urge you to take part in this London action next Tuesday and Wednesday if you can.

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Ireland Puts The Iraq War on Trial

16-10-2005 04:25

Ireland Puts The Iraq War on Trial
Before the illegal invasion & bombing of Iraq, five
members of the pacifist Catholic Worker movement made their way into Shannon Airport and non-violently
disarmed a U.S. navy war plane in the early hours of
February 3rd. 2003.

Robbie Sinnott, who was recently in Binghamton NY, explains the significance of this trial.

See also:

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Insex Cult Leader Calls It Quits! BDSM Mind Control

15-10-2005 02:52 the #1 BDSM web site in the world shut down this week after the new release of documentary WWW.XXXEXPOSE.COM cracked and decoded the cult leader, PD's formula (check out the link, it's selling for 4 million, any takers?)! Unlike the digital photos and videos of abuse shot at Abu Ghraib, which has the nation in an uproar, the filmed activities of REAL sadistic tortures found on the sight have gone reasonably unnoticed, operating under the guise of a legally operating BDSM modeling business.

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Open Letter to Amnesty International on the Iraqi Constitution

14-10-2005 21:01

"There are so many problems in Iraq now, so many crimes committed daily where innocent people are killed, arrested, tortured. Why is it so important ;to neglect all these crimes and be busy with the constitution? Why is it so urgent?

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Peace Activist Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

14-10-2005 20:04

In his politics a proponent of peace, and in his art a master of silence, Harold Pinter has received his just reward from the Swedish Academy with their announcement of the Nobel Prize in literature. It was Pinter's adaptation of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" in 1981 that helped launch the careers of Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons. Pinter also began his career as an actor, and in the 50 years since has become one of the world's most widely respected playwrights, winning accolades from Tom Stoppard and Vaclav Havel. The occassion was true to form, by his own account: "I was called 20 minutes before the official announcement. The chair of the Nobel committee phoned and said, 'You have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature'. I remained silent, and then said, 'I'm speechless.'"

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Call for action: Pakistani Army goon to speak at Nottingham University

14-10-2005 19:04

Human rights protest
A representative of the Pakistani armed forces is speaking at the University of Nottingham. Action is needed because of the continuing militarisation of Pakistani society, human rights violations including attacks on labour and peasant activists and minority groups, and Pakistani army complicity in the US global torture gulag.

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Charles Clarke loses Zimbabwe deportation case

14-10-2005 17:13

Refugees have won a test case means that hundreds of refugees from the former British colony of Zimbabwe will be allowed to remain in the UK as asylum seekers. President Robert Mugabe has committed thousands of human rights abuses. Anyone Zimbabwean who has claimed asylum in the UK would be targeted as opponents of Mugabe's government, and if they returned could face torture or death..

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Bird Flu at the Door

14-10-2005 13:42

Bird Flu - Coming in from the cold

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Ending the Spiral of Violence

14-10-2005 13:06

The US violates human rights in the name of human rights.. The Occident conquered, colonized, enslaved, humiliated and destoyed whole cultures and civilizations and carried out a never-seen genocide..With globalized casino capitalism, we kill as many people yearly as the victims in WW2, 40 million.

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This Saturday in London ! Danny Schechter's new film `WMD` !!!

14-10-2005 10:44

This is to announce the showing of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception`. It will be at two venues in London this weekend. A must see for all those who opposed the war.

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Anti War Exhibition opens in London.

14-10-2005 09:57

Anti War exhibition in London.
Location and opening times are on flyer below. Big thankyou to everyone who came to the opening on Wednesday and purchased raffle tickets. Over £120.00 was raised for the Jean Charles de Menezes family campaign.

Entry to exhibition is absolutely free.

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Sheffield Indymedia film screening Saturday

14-10-2005 08:25

3rd Indymedia documentary festival
In the run up to Sheffield Indymedia's 3rd annual documentary film festival we will be screening the film UNCOVERED: The War on Iraq as a fringe event the Showroom's documentary festival...

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14-10-2005 05:02

Is there any reason why President Bush should remain in office? Not if you consider all of the horrendous blunders and criminal acts which have occurred under his watch. Bush has no one to blame but himself. But Bush is incapable of accepting blame or responsibility for his actions or non-actions.

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"Day of Indigenous Resistance" picket of Colombian embassy in London (report)

14-10-2005 03:50

report from yesterday's demo, pix & vid coming soon...

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Police 'had role in' Bali blasts

14-10-2005 01:28

Links between Indonesian authorities and terrorist groups
"There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence," he said.