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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Art of War : War is Terrorism

01-02-2009 04:06

War is Terrorism
War is Terrorism

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Support The EDO Decommisioners

31-01-2009 15:48

Write to Our Prisoners (see below)
Sign our Petition
Or leave a message of solidarity at

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Stripping Palestinians of their right to self-defence

31-01-2009 12:17

The concerted move against so-called smuggling is intriguing. An illegally besieged people bring in supplies – food and arms – by any means possible. Is that smuggling?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that a people under siege by an illegal occupier are entitled in international law to take up arms against their oppressor.

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The horrors of Israel's peace

31-01-2009 10:19

What can we conclude from Israel's unilateral offer of a ceasefire? Under what conditions will it resume its brutal destruction of the Palestinian population? The terms that the Palestinians must accept, according to Israel, if they wish to avoid another brutal round of destruction are these: to remain silent under conditions of occupation; and to resist the impulse to resist the occupation.

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Free Gaza Activists Welcomed Home as Heroes, then Join Protest

31-01-2009 08:10

Donna and Darlene Wallach at a weekly Gaza demonstration in San José
After spending six months in Gaza and Cyprus working tirelessly to defy the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory and defend Palestinians from military attacks, two San Jose residents found upon their return that the protests that they had helped start had mushroomed a hundred-fold in response to Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

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German supreme court strengthens nuclear opponents’ rights

31-01-2009 06:43

Germany's supreme court has handed down a ruling that nuclear opponents welcome as strengthening their rights. It allows nuclear opponents to challenge nucear waste transports in court.

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Guantánamo - Obama could do better

31-01-2009 00:17

Obama has yet to make any commitment to dismantle the key components of George Bush's attack on human rights

Scottish-based human rights group Scotland Against Criminalising Communities and the Scotland Stop the War Coalition are giving a cautious welcome to orders signed by President Obama today to close Guantánamo Bay and to put an end to some of the harshest interrogation techniques. But we are dismayed that Obama has so far made no commitment to permanently abandon trial by the notorious Military Commissions and that his comments during the signing ceremony indicate that some Guantanamo prisoners may continue to be held indefinitely without trial. We think Obama could do better. He needs to be a great deal firmer in dealing with the legacy that George Bush has left him.

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Black America Surrenders

30-01-2009 21:21

For the first time in history, black Americans have willingly become accessories to their government's criminal activity and willingly developed amnesia about that history. Gone are the days when black Americans could be counted on to oppose wars of aggression abroad and wars against people here at home. Now that the president looks like them, he has carte blanche to do whatever he likes and he can expect nearly unanimous approval of any action he takes.

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Protest over visit by IDF Colonel Geva Rapp

30-01-2009 14:37

Protester sit down
Colonel Geva Rapp who it is alleged was the head of the ground operations in Gaza He was visiting London to give a talk. A protest was organised outside the building where he was due to talk.

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Last day to object to AWE nuclear warhead assembly plant - takes 2 minutes

30-01-2009 13:28

Today is the deadline for objections to the current planning application from the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) for a new nuclear warhead assembly / disassembly facility on the Burghfield flood plain (there was severe flooding on the site in the summer of 2007). It will take you just a minute or two if you use the template:

Objections after the deadline may be accepted, but no guarantee.

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BBC Refusal to air Gaza appeal in contrary with fundamental laws of civilisation

30-01-2009 01:24

With her refusal to air Gaza appeal, the BBC doesn't emphasize her ''impartiality'', but is guilty of violation to the most fundamental laws of civilisation

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Corporate Watch: Direct Action Against Israel – Part 1

30-01-2009 00:32

On the second big Gaza solidarity march in London on 10th January, angry protesters smashed the front of a Starbucks store on Kensington High St, near the Israeli embassy, while other activists occupied the Ahava beauty shop in central London. Other actions in protest at the Israeli massacre in Gaza this month have included occupying the offices of the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) in central London, 'decommissioning' the ITT/EDO arms factory in Brighton and university occupations across the country calling for divestment. So, who are these companies and why are they being targeted by protesters and campaigners? Corporate Watch takes a detailed look.

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Faslane peace Camp forum up.

29-01-2009 21:31

new forum up now

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Artillery barrage kills 44 civilians, 178 wounded in 'safety zone'

29-01-2009 21:02

Todays Shelling
ICRC Have confirmed hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed since the weekend. The Sri Lankan government have been firing multi barrel rocket launchers into the densely populated area, agreed by the government as the safety zone.
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) stepped up indiscriminate artillery barrage towards the heart of 'safety zone' since Thursday noon killing at least 44 civilians and causing injuries to 178, initial reports from Vanni said. The shelling has targeted Chuthanthirapuram 100-housing scheme, where at least 7 civilians were reported killed. 16 civilians were reportedly killed and scores wounded near St. Antony's Church in Chuthanthirapuram.

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Raytheon, Edo MBM, Lloyds TSB(Emblem) Plot to Profit out Murder!

29-01-2009 19:34

Corporate ties explains why Lloyd's TSB refuse to send aid money to gaza
Smash Raytheon
Smash Lloyds TSB
Smash EDO MBM (what's left of it!!!)

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The Sri Lankan Government's Genocidal War

29-01-2009 04:20

ICRC Have confirmed hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed since the weekend. The Sri Lankan government have been firing multi barrel rocket launchers into the densely populated area, agreed by the government as the safety zone.

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Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka Don’t Let This Become Another Darfur

29-01-2009 03:24


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Pictures of Law Faculty occupation from Sunday...

29-01-2009 01:48

Cantabridgian & Palestinian Trade Unionists come together...
In case you're wondering why I'm so late delivering these pictures, it's because I've been a bit ill this week.

Here goes...possibly what will be my last photo report from inside the occupation, given recent events.

Mind you, it's not over yet!

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DHL - Olive underneath a yellow camouflage

28-01-2009 22:01

This text introduces a proposal for an action related mobilization towards the NATO-festivities in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden in the beginning of April 2008. The idea is to turn into practice the critique on NATO and the new NATO doctrine (with its core "comprehensive approach") by focusing on the postal service and war logistics company DHL. This 100% subsidiary of the Deutsche Post today shows its true colour, which is best expressed in its new name "Deutsche Heeres Logistic" (German Army Logistics).

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It’s a ceasefire…just not on the beach, not in your home

28-01-2009 17:15

Ahmed Hassanin, 7, shot in the head outside his Gaza home by Israeli soldiers
On the 5th morning after Israel declared a ‘ceasefire’, Israeli gunboats began shelling, as they had on several mornings since halting the 22 day air and land bombardment of Gaza. The shelling, which began just after 7:30 am off Gaza city’s coast, injured at least 6, including one boy with shrapnel in his head.