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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Full list of anti- DSEi arms fair events - september 5-12th

25-08-2003 17:09

There is now a large list of events and protests scheduled around the DSEi arms fair in London in September. Events below are listed on the Disarm DSEi website complete with maps (, the CAAT website (, the Destroy DSEi website ( and the Fluffy DSEi website ( (NB - List compiled 25th August)

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US Hires Saddam's former intelligence People

25-08-2003 14:02

The United States has hired officers from Saddam Hussein's feared and notorious Mukhabarat intelligence service to provide information about people who may be involved in resistance attacks and guerrilla strikes against American forces and international targets.

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Secret US Mass Graves of Green Card Hopefuls.. a scoop in progress

25-08-2003 04:58

Did the Pentagon order the assassination of a journalist in order to cover up secret mass burials of dead U.S. soldiers and U.S.- contracted mercenaries in the deserts around Baghdad? What is really behind the killing of my colleague and friend, the Palestinian Reuters cameraman, Mazen Dana, in Bagdad?

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British rats flee sinking Baghdad ship

23-08-2003 08:47

The British embassy compound in Baghdad has been evacuated following a "credible threat" of attack

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Nice Day at the Office

22-08-2003 20:40

Nice Day at the Office
Thursday, 21st August 2003. Israeli Ocuupation Forces re-occupy the Old City of Nablus, occupying civilian homes, enforcing curfew, denying madical relief and flouting international humanitarian law at every turn.

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New poster for DSEi meeting to be held in Oxford

22-08-2003 19:57

DSEi public meeting to be held in Oxford.

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22-08-2003 18:25

Two of the activists carrying disarmament tools arrested by armed Ghurkas inside USAF Fairford during the war, will appear in Cheltenham Court this week.

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News from Nablus

22-08-2003 17:48

Yesterday morning Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the Old City of Nablus, announced on local television and radio, in response to the third suicide attack in the last 7 days, this time in Jerusalem. Tanks, jeeps and other IDF vehicles entered the city to enforce the curfew and carry out searches for Hamas members thought to be hiding in the city. 14 men have been reported arrested; one 16 year old boy was found in possession of explosives.

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DSEi public meeting in Sheffield

22-08-2003 16:24

Details of a local public meeting about the coming anti arms industry action 'Disarm DSEi'.

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East Oxford Against the War relaunched!

22-08-2003 15:52

East Oxford Stop the War Coalition relaunched with succesful meeting

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contact details for dsei organisers

22-08-2003 11:13

email addresses of people from companies organising the arms fair

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Manchester DSEi benefit screening

21-08-2003 22:13

Manchester DSEi benefit/screening on September 3rd

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Chemical Kelly and the woods

21-08-2003 21:42

Did the pig have some banned chemical substances stashed there?
Was he a pervert up to no good?

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Music Website Invited to DSEi Arms Fair!

21-08-2003 14:47

In a shocking display of ineptitude it seems that Ammo City, the alternative music entertainment and news website / forum, has been mistakenly invited to the DSEi arms fair!!

See text from the site below

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"Protestors and Police Are Ready" - DSEI article from Newham Recorder

21-08-2003 14:33

Article from Newham Recorder (20/08/03), the local newspaper from where DSEi arms exhibition will take place:

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NVDA Training for DSEi anti-arms fair protests (London Sept)

21-08-2003 13:37

There are several training sessions being held on Non Voilent Direct Action (NVDA) in the run up to and during the protests against the DSEi arms fair:

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britains small wars

21-08-2003 11:09

click on the link-

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DSEi Organizers Office Occupied

21-08-2003 08:04

Activists from Oxford have today occupied the head office of Spearhead, the company organizing Europe's largest arms fair, Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi).