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East Oxford Against the War relaunched!

Mike | 22.08.2003 15:52 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

East Oxford Stop the War Coalition relaunched with succesful meeting

About twenty people attend the relaunch meeting of East Oxford Stop the War at the East Oxford Community Centre. The guest speaker was Ghada Razuki of the national Stop the War Coaltion. Ghada, who is Iraqi and has many relatives still in Iraq, spoke powerfully and movingly about the impact of the war, the allied occupation, and the continued chaos, on the Iraqi people. She also reported on the StWC lobby of the Hutton Enquiry, which 'welcomed' Alistair Campbell this week. The Coalition plans to target Balir himself when he appears before Hutton on Thursday 28th Auugst (picket from 9am, Royal Courts of Justice, Temple, London), and has produced giant 'playing cards' of Britain's 'Most Wanted' war criminals: Blair, Straw and Hoon.

The meeting produced a lively and informed dicussion of the present situation, and inspired people to build for future events against the occupation and US / UK militarism. These include:

People's Assembly Against the War, 10.30 - 5.00, Sat 30th August, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London

Demonstration against the DSEi Arms Fair in London, Tuesday 9th Septmeber, from 8.30 am, Cundy Road Recreation Ground, London Docklands.

National demonstration, `End the Occupation, No More War Lies', Saturday September 27th, London. Coaches to this march will be going from Oxford

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