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A lesson in bad faith: Response to the Brazil-Iran-Turkey Joint Declaration

14-07-2010 19:37

Lula, Ahmadinejad and Erdogan sign the joint declaration in Tehran, 17 May 2010
The countries comprising the "Vienna Group" (i.e. USA, France, and Russia plus the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA) have expressed their "Concerns about the Joint Declaration Conveyed by Iran to the IAEA”. Iran has repeatedly declared that the Tehran Brazil-Iran-Turkey Joint Declaration was never intended as a final binding document, but as a basis for talks. Therefore, all of these “concerns” can and must be addressed within the framework of that basis.

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Fidel expresses dire warning of possible Iran/US/Israel war

13-07-2010 20:36

The author of the article below works very hard to de-emphasize Fidel's message that the anti-war "movement" better stand up and take notice or Obama, the US right, and that nuthouse of imperial zionism will have us in another calamitous war that will make the last two seem like child's play. Please spread widely very fast."

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US and Israel quietly announce plans to reconstitute their nuclear stockpiles

13-07-2010 13:16

Obama’s meeting Netanyahu in the White House, Washington D.C. 6 July 2010
The Obama administration makes Orwellian claims that it is moving toward disarmament - when in fact it's doing the opposite by reconstituting its aging arsenal. At the same time, Obama demonizes foreign nations such as Iran, which international inspectors and US intelligence agencies concede is not developing nuclear weapons (at least according to all available intelligence).

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Ugandan Attack May Herald Spread of Somalia’s Instability. Another false flag?

13-07-2010 03:02

"Wake up already, It’s 1984. Orwell was the most insightful political thinker the world has ever produced. Read and share his genius and stop allowing the ruling class and it’s psyoops departments to get away with such stupid see-through actions without getting called down to the matts!!!!! Am I the only one who sees this elephant in the living room?"

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Kangaroo Court in the Philippine Underground Movement

12-07-2010 04:39

It is clear that the Communist Party of the Philippines’ theory and practice of due process is based on the assumption of innocence or diminished criminal culpability when cadres toe the official line, but becomes assumed guilt when cadres raise questions against the central leadership.

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Philippines: Comrade Torturer

12-07-2010 04:36

The Communist Party of the Philippines killed hundreds of its own cadres in a wave of paranoia that swept the rebel movement in the 1980s.

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An American “Terrorist” in London

11-07-2010 17:26

Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’ ladies and gentlemen, where black is white, white is black, and the truth is nothing but a word.

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UG#507 - Breaking Rankism & Violent Male Stereotypes

11-07-2010 08:40

This week's show features Jackson Katz' exploration of how Western culture legitimates male violence and domination in institutional power structures. It concludes with an interview with Robert Fuller, who coined the word rankism to talk about abuse of power by those in hierarchies to undermine those beneath them.

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Time could running out for the imperial mission in Afghanistan?

10-07-2010 16:13

"Six U.S. service members were among nine people killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, the latest casualties in a bloody summer for coalition soldiers."

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When criminals rule the World

10-07-2010 07:08

Brown, Obama, Sarkozy, Hoop Scheffer, Merkel at NATO's 60th Anniversary Summit
For anyone willing to look at the public record of the first decade of this century and accept the obvious reality that we have at hand two aggressive and therefore illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, initiated on the basis of a fraud against the governments and democratic electorates of several countries and resulting in so many civilian deaths that a conclusion of genocide is inescapable, there is an instant short-list of people with power who need to face criminal charges (if sufficient people of influence and principle were to confront and address this reality now we may avoid a third such war with Iran, borne of the very same template of criminal fraud).

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European and US weapons in Israeli attack on Gaza Flotilla

08-07-2010 16:31

Photo and video material from the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla expose the use of European and US produced war material. The attack on the relief boats was executed by Israeli navy special forces Unit 13 (Shayetet 13). Several large and small navy ships, as well as helicopters, were used, armed with US and European weapons.

Involved in the attack was a Sa'ar V corvette named Lahav built by US company Northrop-Grumman. The Sa'ar V is fitted with mostly US and Israeli weapon systems, but according to Jane's Fighting Ships it has an Italian OTO Melara 76mm canon, which is interchangeable with a Swedish Bofors 57 mm canon. The OTO Melara canon were also used for bombarding the coast of Gaza during the January 2009 war.

Other weapon systems on the Sa'ar V are surface-surface missiles (SSM) from McDonnell Douglas, and Barak surface-air missiles (SAM) from Israeli Industries. It also has US-made Honeywell torpedoes. Command systems and weapon control are from Elbit and ElOp respectively, both Israeli companies.
No names of the other big ships involved are known but there was at least one Sa’ar 4.5 class involved. Ships of this class are armed– amongst other weapons – with 2 Austrian Oerlikon 20mm guns

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Decommissioner Elijah Smith finally released from prison

07-07-2010 21:25

Elijah Smith was granted bail at a hearing today and was finally released from prison at around 5.30pm after 18 months on remand.

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Left-leaning despisers of the 9/11 Truth Movement: Do you believe in miracles?

07-07-2010 09:20

Gatekeepers chart by Eric Salter
An Open Letter to Terry Allen, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, David Corn, Chris Hayes, George Monbiot, Matthew Rothschild, and Matt Taibbi.

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Afghan war: Petraeus expands U.S. military presence throughout Eurasia

06-07-2010 19:46

A week after Stanley McChrystal's resignation as head of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, an ephemeral scandal that disappeared as quickly, which is to say instantaneously, as it developed, the U.S. Senate voted as it customarily does in matters of foreign policy - unanimously - and in a 99-0 vote confirmed Petraeus as the new commander of the world's longest and largest-scale war.

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Trail of Tears for Afghanistan – London to Colchester Peace Walk - An account

06-07-2010 11:17

Malcolm leads the walk into Colchester (D. Viesnik)
The Trail of Tears for Afghanistan peace walk from London to Colchester took place from Sunday, 27th June to Thursday, 1st July 2010. It was meant as an act of solidarity with British war resister Joe Glenton and others like him, and as a remembrance of the countless victims on all sides of the bloody (almost) nine-year war in Afghanistan, now spreading to Pakistan.

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Iran sanctions: an obsession explained in four acts and a poem

06-07-2010 08:35

Kashan Bazaar
The five nuclear powers go after Iran, that unlikeable country ruled by priests of a foreign religion that happens to be sitting on the world’s third largest lake of oil.

But it’s not Iran’s oil they’re interested in, it’s Iran’s right to develop its own nuclear technology that worries them. And it’s not Iran’s rights they want to suppress, it’s the right to nuclear technology that they want to eliminate.

They want to establish a precedent. They want to reform the NPT to turn certain aspects of nuclear-technology development into something that will be illegal for all except for themselves, and they want to intrusively verify compliance to these new rules, enforcing this verification militarily if need be.

What is at stake in the Iranian nuclear affair is our own right to the future. If we don’t stop the nuclear barons now, we never will.

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Demo for decommissioner Elijah Smith this Wednesday‏

05-07-2010 22:59

Despite the EDO decommissioners' victory Elijah James Smith is still on remand in prison. He has been on remand since the decommissioning a year and a half ago. He has got a bail hearing this Wednesday which we hope will see him released.

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Democracy Village, London - the calm after the storm - pics

05-07-2010 19:24

Images of Democracy Village in Parliament Square Gardens, Westminster, central London on the evening of Friday, 2nd July and Saturday, 3rd July 2010.

All images are Copyright © 2010 D. Viesnik, but may be reproduced free of charge for non-commercial use if credited. For high resolution versions / commercial use, please e-mail.

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The Battle of Nabi Saleh: Soldiers vs. Kids

05-07-2010 11:13

Israeli Soldiers vs. Kids
When Israeli soldiers entered the embattled Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh on July 2, they were immediately confronted by over a dozen small children. While the IDF is accustomed to firing teargas canisters, percussion grenades, rubber bullets and even live .22 caliber ammunition at adolescent boys, members of the Nahal unit and Kfir infantry brigade tasked with suppressing the weekly Nabi Saleh demonstration were frustrated by the children who surrounded and taunted them. At one point, the division commander became so upset he barked into his radio, “I need backup!”

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Democracy Village prisoner support details (updated)

05-07-2010 10:17

Here are updated prisoner support details for the four Democracy Villagers jailed on Saturday by District Judge Nicholas Evans at City of Westminster Magistrates Court, Horseferry Road, London for their unwillingness or inability to pay £40 fines following Friday's peaceful anti-war sit-down protests outside the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street; and, in Simon's case, following the waving of a peace banner inside the courtroom on Saturday (contempt of court), and refusing to "purge his contempt", i.e. show remorse for his action.