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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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29 day of hunger strike forTurkish conscientious objector in military jail

28-10-2005 11:26

Turkish gay conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan, now on 29th day of hunger strike in military prison, after being sentenced to four years for refusing to serve

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27-10-2005 15:26

EMPIRE IN THE ANDES: The War Against the Poor
Date: 09/11/2005
Time: 19.30
Guest Speaker: Colombian journalist & filmmaker Hollman Morris.
Venue: The Ritzy Cinema, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW2

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UKWatch interview with Milan Rai

27-10-2005 10:45

The following is an exclusive interview with long-time activist and writer Milan Rai. Milan is the author of ‘War Plan Iraq’ and ‘Regime Unchanged’ and a leading member of Justice Not Vengeance ( He is an advisor to UKWatch and a contributor to the UKWatch blog.

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Poetry Night in Neath ..benefit for Iraqi Children

26-10-2005 15:48

Poetry night in Neath on friday 11th November.All welcome!

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Doctors demonstrate Guantanamo torture technique at US Embassy.

26-10-2005 09:37

Firstly restrain prisoner.
On Tuesday some qualified doctors went to the US embassy is London to demonstrate the Guantanamo forced feeding technique which they believe to be 'medicalised torture'.

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Ewa Jasiewicz talk in Glasgow’s Caledonian University on Iraq.

26-10-2005 01:41

This is a 920 word article about a talk given by freelance journalist and activist Ewa Jasiewicz at Glasgow's Caledonian University recently. 9 labelled photos and several relevant websites are attached.

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INDICTED! Cheney, Rove, Libby Out in Disgrace - War Scam Bared

26-10-2005 01:07

President Bush's Private-Eye
The long-awaited should arrive within hours. The Washington, DC, grand jury of US Attorney Fitzgerald will obtain indictments in the outing of CIA's Valerie Plame sometime this week, sources say, and one could be George Bush's closest advisor, Karl Rove.....In Alexandria, VA, the grand jury of Paul McNulty, investigating Israeli espionage against the US, has indicted a neocon Pentagon analyst and continues its work.....With these and other probable indictments, there will be trials that will EXPOSE FIXED INTELLIGENCE and ISRAELI MANIPULATION that pushed US into war.....Also, Italian officials promise to request in coming weeks the extradition of CIA man Bob Lady, a key figure in Imam Rapito and Downing Street Memos. See how these events are converging.

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Rolls Royce Blockade- Rainsway, Derby

25-10-2005 22:17

A weekend of activity against Rolls Royce in Derby started on Saturday, with a stall and protesters handing out leaflets to the general public with a surprisingly good reception from the Derby public.

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America's "War against Terror" (Part I)

25-10-2005 14:13

"Beginning an offensive war is the most serious international crime," the 1948 International War Crimes Tribunal declared.. The model of a peaceful world of law changes into a Hobbesian world of lawlessness in which only power conquers.

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Smash EDO Injunction-High Court to decide whether War Crimes are subject to law

25-10-2005 11:54


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Arrests at Whitehall Iraq Remembrance Ceremony

25-10-2005 10:29

Arrest of two-strong 'demonstration'
Two peace protesters, Maya Evans and Milan Rai, were arrested opposite Downing Street today for organising a peaceful remembrance ceremony comprised of just themselves.

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High Court Hearing on EDO's complicity in War Crimes - Demo 9.30am Nov 1st

24-10-2005 23:09

EDO MBM, manufacturers of munitions used in Iraq and Palestine (see have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to have the legality of their trade questioned in the media spotlight.

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Reclaim the Wiki!

24-10-2005 22:51

Wikinews has been inflitrated by a crazed little clique of militaristic neo-con Bush nuts. Please help us take it back!

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G8 trials at the Sheriff Court in Edinburgh

24-10-2005 22:02

This is a brief account with 4 photos of the trial of five G8 protesters and members of the SSP (Scottish Socialist Party) at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday 24th October 2005.

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Food Not Bombs – Worldwide Day Of Action Against McDonalds

24-10-2005 20:49

On October 16th 2005 Food Not Bombs participated with other groups in an action outside McDonalds near Pigeon Park (St. Phillip’s Cathedral) in Birmingham City Centre. Birmingham Food Not Bombs believes that food should be a right not a privilege and regularly serves free food in the city centre to anyone who wants it, homeless or otherwise. Food Not Bombs is an international movement and also campaigns on issues such as poverty, homelessness, war & military spending, the environment, and globalisation.

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Rolls-Royce Raynesway, Derby. Action, Protest, Blockade

24-10-2005 20:24

Rolls-Royce Raynesway, Derby. Action, Protest, Blockade

Trident Ploughshares, and East Midlands CND: Called for a Weekend of Action 22nd to 24th October

Rolls Royce: The Power behind Britains Illegal weapons of mass destruction.

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Pit Stop solidarity picket

24-10-2005 18:59

Today (24/10/05) five peace activists go on trial in Dublin, charged with causing over E1 million in damage to a US fighter jet.

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More journalists killed: Hotel Palestine in Baghdad attacked again

24-10-2005 16:57

Palestine Hotel, Baghdad: foreign journalists staying at the hotel were killed
American soldiers killed journalists at this hotel before. If the american army are in Baghdad why aren't they protecting the media, and how can this hotel be attacked so many times?

The Palestine Hotel, which houses many foreign journalists in Iraq, was hit by two rockets and one car bomb Monday, causing considerable damage to rooms, Iraqi police said.

Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk and Spanish cameraman José Couso of Telecinco were killed by US soldiers in April 2003. Three other journalists were wounded in the attack. 100 journalists were in the Palestine Hotel when american troops attacked the Hotel.

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Downing Street: First Arrest Of 'Organiser' Under New SOCA Laws Looms

23-10-2005 15:46

Over a dozen people have been arrested so far for *participating* in unauthorised demonstrations in the vicinity of Parliament. Now the police are promising to carry out the first arrest of an *organiser* under the new SOCA laws - on Tuesday 25 October.

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MOD poll - 82 per cent of Iraqis "strongly opposed" to occupation

23-10-2005 09:55

A survey conducted by an Iraqi university team on behalf of the UK's Ministry of Defence reveals huge opposition to the presence of British troops and widespread support for attacks on them.