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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Northern Gaza Strip Transformed into Open Area for Killing and Destruction

17-10-2004 06:18

PCHR Weekly Report Oct 7th - 13th

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Uranium Chronicles: The 200 Billion Dollar Counterfeiting Caper

16-10-2004 17:12

Our 200 Billion Dollar investment in Iraq may not have occured, if not for several counterfeit documents. Is anyone interested in finding out how the United states was hoodwinked by forgeries?

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What do you think caused the damage?

16-10-2004 16:56

Photo 01
1. Have you seen these photos before?
2. What do you think caused the damage?
3. Which photo was taken more recently?
4. In which country do you think each photo was taken?
5. What season or time of year was each photo taken?
6. What very specific events are these photos of?

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US Army platoon mutiny

15-10-2004 22:53

US soldiers have mutinied, refusing orders to embark on what they called a "suicide mission".

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FREE Peace News, plus comment re LITTER!!

15-10-2004 22:42

PN cover
Info re FREE Peace News at autonomous (and formal) venues at ESF. No party, no charge, etc.
Plus comment re litter! And news re different venues this evening.

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Fairford coach kidnap hearing - the pictures

15-10-2004 14:39

Pictures from samba action outside royal courts of justice before second day of Fairford coach kidnap hearing.

for accompanying text

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European Social Forum Starts!

15-10-2004 09:45

Alexandra Palace, North London.
This is a short account of the build up to the European Social Forum in London.

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500,000 Iraqis may be in mass graves

15-10-2004 01:31

So the choice the people of the US have this election seems to be clear on a two party preferred basis they either choose?

John Kerry "a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush" or

George Dubya "killing two birds with one Saddam"

Simple choice really!

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Breaking: Bin Laden is in China - Transalation from spanish " El Mundo" article

14-10-2004 19:23

This confirms Gordon Thomas, a journalist with contacts in the most important intelligence services. The terrorist had reached an agreement with China, which now negotiates its surrender with Bush. It is his greatest electoral trick.
Bin Laden is in China

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Register for P10K - Palestine

14-10-2004 17:43

O'Keefe & Vanunu
Justice for Palestine

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Israel withdraws charge that driver loaded rocket into UN ambulance

14-10-2004 16:30

Israeli PR in Action:

After releasing FALSE CHARGES to news medias, Israel withdraws FALSE CHARGES

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Barclays is connected to an anti-Kerry smear Campaign in the US.

13-10-2004 21:03

Barclays is connected to an anti-Kerry smear Campaign in the US. Please help apply pressue in the UK and Europe.

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New Peace Not War CD and Free Concert at ESF

13-10-2004 20:28

Peace Not War Fever
The NEW PEACE NOT WAR CD will be released at the European Social Forum in London this weekend, at a FREE CONCERT in Tufnell Park. All the music can be heard for free on the online Peace Jukebox.

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Abdullah Muhsin and the Iraqi Working Class.

13-10-2004 19:28

While protesting that they oppose the occupation, the IFTU have gone out of their way to drum up support for Iyad Allawi, subvert British trade union policies against the occupation, and urge trade union delegates to the Labour conference to vote for the prolongation of the occupation (which, comically enough, the person responsible manages to deny despite documentary proof being available to all)... who are the IFTU and what is motivating them?

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Poll Results: Should AIPAC register as an agent of a foreign government?

13-10-2004 19:10

American poll re: AIPAC (American Israeli lobby)

By a five-to-one margin, people are much more likely to agree than disagree that AIPAC should be asked to register as an agent of a foreign government and lose its tax-exempt status

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14 October - Fairford Coaches case at the Court of Appeal

13-10-2004 17:46

Does the High Court uphold the right to protest in the UK? No, in February the courts ruled that Police can prevent a group from attending a demonstration when no one within the group has committed an offence or is actively threatening to do so.

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FBI's Anti-Terror "October Plan"

12-10-2004 21:26

The FBI set out last month to conduct special "extraordinary measures" operations during October. Was this week's Indymedia server seizure part of these "measures"? And what's next?

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Iraq/US obstructing weapons inspections, aiding WMD proliferation

12-10-2004 09:24

Since Saddam Hussein was toppled, US forces and the Iraqi puppet government have been obstructing the UN weapons inspections teams.

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Official Press release and photos from action at Downing St today

11-10-2004 20:07

Today, over twenty activists from Trident Ploughshares and Theatre of War locked themselves inside a 45 foot long replica of a Trident sub and blocked the gates of downing street for over five hours.

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Submarine lock-on still in situ!

11-10-2004 13:41

After 4 hours, activists are still locked on to model Trident submarine outide Downing Street. "Negotiations" are rumoured to be talking place with the Met over dismantling it (rather than destroying it ... hmmmm... we will see).