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Iraq/US obstructing weapons inspections, aiding WMD proliferation

H. Y. Pocrite | 12.10.2004 09:24 | Anti-militarism

Since Saddam Hussein was toppled, US forces and the Iraqi puppet government have been obstructing the UN weapons inspections teams.

"Iraq's US-backed leaders have not reported to the UN on the state of nuclear plants despite a duty to do so."

"Inspectors from Mr ElBaradei's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who established that Saddam Hussein had abandoned any nuclear weapons programme before the war, have not been allowed to move about Iraq freely by the US."

"Sensitive technology such as rocket engines has turned up for sale abroad, Mr ElBaradei said.

However, high-precision "dual-use" items including milling machines and electron beam welders appear to have disappeared, as has material such as high-strength aluminium"

"Mr ElBaradei reminded the Security Council that Iraq was still obliged to "declare semi-annually changes that have occurred or are foreseen at sites deemed relevant" by the IAEA. However, since March 2003 "the agency has received no such notifications or declarations from any state", he said."

Hmmm. Where's the urgency for military intervention now there *is* WMD proliferation? Iraq is still bound by the resolutions that provided the (il)legal basis for the war. This kind of gross hypocracy is not surprising, but there you go.

H. Y. Pocrite