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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Poll: Israelis believed Nasrallah over Peretz

05-09-2006 05:56

What's striking about this article is that, rather than criticizing the Olmert Extremists for the many blatant LIES it was caught in, and for pursuing violent policies of illegal Aggression, they simply say that, before they start the next planned War, they have to get better at LYING to Israeli citizens.

Another way of explaining the disconnect is that this was not the Israeli People's war, it was a part of an agenda held by a relatively-small number of self-interested Extremists.

Please share this.

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The Israel Lobby and the US Response to the War in Lebanon

05-09-2006 05:49

Quite a lengthy piece, but well worth the read. Print it off and really take the time to digest the information, and if you feel compelled, please share it with others.

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04-09-2006 22:29

In the three wars in Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo, over a million civilians were killed, much greater than military casualties. These people have not chosen to kill or be killed. Today, we heard about the deaths of soldiers, how they do not have enough money for the operation to kill or protect themselves from people defending their own lives from invasion, pillaging and aggression.
Yet on the corporate media, I do not hear the names of the millions of civilians who have died in the names of soliders fighting their own cultural fundamentalist state sponsored killing.

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Fairford disarmers’ trial starts in Bristol

04-09-2006 19:43

The defendants - Dr Margaret Jones and Paul Milling
After three and a half years of legal wrangling, the trial of Dr Margaret Jones and Paul Milling for conspiracy to cause criminal damage at Fairford air base in March 2003 began today. If convicted, they face up to ten years in jail. A diverse, colourful and dignified group of well-wishers and supporters turned up to hold a vigil outside Bristol Crown Court.

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Travelling north on the A34 around 1pm, huge tailbacks in traffic were caused by

04-09-2006 13:43

Travelling north on the A34 around 1pm, huge tailbacks in traffic were caused by a nuclear convoy carrying upspecified material, resulting in the closing off of a slow-moving lane of the carriageway over about 0.5 miles heading north. At least 6 nuclear police traffic cars (SUV) were accompanying the green nuclear truck, which resembled a fire-engine type vehicle conspicuously marked with nuclear warning labels. A coachload of civilians and a further civilian SUV was also entrapped within the convoy cordon. In a further sign of the times, loaded tank transports and a variety of military vehicles were seen at the same time heading southwards on the A34 around Compton. Shame our goverment is all war war war, and a load of bullshit jaw jaw jaw. Can't wait to celebrate the fall of Blair!

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... more frogs boiled in the occupied territories ...

04-09-2006 13:11

Tell it how it is ...
... on the premis that, in slowly heating the water in which you have your frog imprisoned, you can achieve the ultimate demise of said frog without fuss or resistance ...

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US anti-war protesters home visit of pro-war senator

03-09-2006 22:58

heres a novel idea

i wonder if it would go down well in the uk

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Sistani Helpless to Prevent Civil War

03-09-2006 19:51

Iraq's most revered Shiite scholar Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani has said that he is helpless to prevent a civil war in Iraq, lamenting that he no longer as an influence on Shiites who have switched allegiance to militant groups and death squads.

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Operation Apocalypse End-Timers & End-Game Strategy

03-09-2006 16:53

The idea of Armageddon is gaining traction in every part of our global war media, which now treats World War Three as a foregone conclusion. The nation prepares for the genocide and suicide of world war, and the media cheer-leads to doom like a Jonestown Cult. Operation Apocalypse has begun all right — and there’s no doubt in my military mind about it.

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03-09-2006 13:55


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Dear Mrs. Callaway-RED ALERT: 9/11/06

03-09-2006 05:45

Dear Mrs. Callaway, I've been working long and hard on this today, and hope that it serves well for your TPoL tomorrow. I think you'll find the epilogue to be flattering to your fine cyber-magazine! Please consider a prominent placement of this article, as I believe lives are at stake. Your (tired) servant, CPTMAY

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It’s the American Way or the Highway:

02-09-2006 21:11

Moral and Intellectual Confusion
"Your Extinction Will Quell Your Moral and Intellectual Confusion"

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Faux "terror" latest -Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq

02-09-2006 20:33

it Just a Dream? Sunday, September 3, 2006

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Liberty City Terror Scare that Came on Eve of Historical Senate Debate on Withdrawing Troops from Iraq Was a Bush Administration Entrapment Set Up to be Used When a Media Diversion Was Needed. It was a Stalin Style "Show Arrest," Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq.

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If not Now, when?

02-09-2006 16:15

Surely it is time to restore intelligent, sane, Democratic secular government throughout the world! Over the past eight years we have all had a taste of the simplistic binary ‘us or them’ logic of religionists; the reality is that the majority of people on the planet reject religious divisionism and the associated violent ‘solutions’ of criminals, liars, demented murderers and delusional fools.

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The Crisis in Gaza and Lebanon - How have people in the UK resisted

02-09-2006 10:40

How have people in the UK resisted against the bombardment of Gaza and Lebanon

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How the war was lost ... Israeli incompetence on the front line

01-09-2006 19:11

just received by the void, a communique from deep inside a Tel Aviv bunker

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Noise Demo and gate blockade at BAe Brough

01-09-2006 16:46

BAe Systems are the largest 'defence' company in Europe, supplying aeroplanes and military equipment to countries all over the world, including the US and Israel. Today the BAe factory at Brough was targeted by a few local campaigners, a Rhythms of Resistance samba band and activists from the Camp Against Climate Change.

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Armageddon Art Show

01-09-2006 15:25

Artwork & Poetry Exhibition by Lord Biro

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Mildenhall Peace camp closes

01-09-2006 08:09

A peace camp set up to protest the use of a Suffolk airbase for transporting weapons to the Lebanon conflict has closed after being declared a success by organisers.