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Smash EDO's Summer of Resistance: some confirmed dates

05-03-2012 12:37

Here's an update of some confirmed, public dates for the Summer of Resistance ( ) Read on and get involved!

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Anti-corruption activist savages BBC on its 80th Birthday

02-03-2012 17:47

The BBC is marking the 80th anniversary of its World Service, and has been gushing about its supposed virtues. It claims to be: ‘fearless and so impartial that it allows its critics to argue their case on its own programs’. Meanwhile it continues to white wash fraud and corruption on UK military equipment contracts.

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Write Solidarity to Theresa Cusimano - S.O.A. resister prisoner

29-02-2012 11:43

Theresa Cusimano, #49903
Lee County Sheriff's Jail - Section D-3
1900 Frederick Road
Opelika, AL 36801-7212

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Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance talk in Cardiff, Tuesday 28th

26-02-2012 21:18

We'll be in Cardiff to talk about the Summer of Resistance, Tuesday the 28th of February, 6pm. Come along with own ideas or just to learn more.

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Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance talk in Swansea, Mon 27th

26-02-2012 21:15

We will be in Swansea to talk about the Summer of Resistance, Monday the 27th, 7.30 at Mozarts. Come along with ideas or just to learn more.

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UG#579 - Financial Consolidation (Wars for Profit and More on Primordial Debt)

26-02-2012 05:19

This week we continue our detailed look at money and debt. In our first hour, Edward Griffin speaks on the history of banking in USA. In our second hour, we conclude last week's reading of Primordial Debt, chapter 3 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#581 - Unmasking the Genocide of Business As Usual (The Hidden Worlds of Comm

26-02-2012 05:13

The show this week unmasks the moral pretensions of globalized imperialism run amok. Professor Anthony J. Hall speaks on the coming home to roost of USA's history of imperialism and globalization through force of arms. In our second hour, we begin reading A Brief Treatise on the Moral Grounds of Economic Relations, the next chapter of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years, on how the mentality and language of 'exchange' is used both to cloak such predatory hierarchical relations and to obscure our innate drive towards communistic relationships of mutual aid.

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Smash EDO's Summer of Resistance: some confirmed dates

24-02-2012 13:44

We have got quite a few things coming up, including some confirmed dates for the Summer of Resistance so read on and get involved!

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Reminder: Target Barclays tomorrow, 1pm, Brighton

24-02-2012 13:31

Target Barclays, Saturday 25th February, 1pm, 139-142 North Street, Brighton

For enquiries contact or

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Occupy London Stock Exchange, not Palestine - School of Ideas today @4

24-02-2012 12:39

‘Existence is Resistance’ – The ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley with Fathe Kdirat and Itaf Njoum Karma

School of ideas - 4 - 6pm

more info at

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SYRIA: “Human Rights” Warriors for Empire

24-02-2012 12:16

The largest imperial offensive since the Iraq invasion of March, 2003, is in full swing, under the banner of “humanitarian” intervention – Barack Obama’s fiendishly clever upgrade of George Bush’s “dumb” wars. Having failed to obtain a Libyan-style United Nations Security Council fig leaf for a “humanitarian” military strike against Syria, the United States shifts effortlessly to a global campaign “outside the U.N. system” to expand its NATO/Persian Gulf royalty/Jihadi coalition.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are swigging the ale with their fellow buccaneers. These “human rights” warriors, headquartered in the bellies of empires past and present, their chests shiny with medals of propagandistic service to superpower aggression in Libya, contribute “left” legitimacy to the imperial project.

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Using the UN General Assembly to justify war and "regime change" in Syria

20-02-2012 22:35

UN General Assembly passes resolution condemning Syria, 16 February 2012
As the UN General Assembly meeting unfolded on Monday, several delegations provided explanations of the customary procedures that had been violated, suggesting that the President of the General Assembly, Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz al-Nasser of Qatar, was using his office to manipulate a procedure at the UN to further the political goals of his nation.

The impact of these abuses of UN General Assembly precedents and procedures is that not only the people and government of Syria, but also the very integrity of the UN system itself, are being undermined and jeopardized. The actions of the subsequent meeting that followed on Thursday demonstrated this abuse ever more clearly.

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Target Barclays in Brighton, Sat 25th

20-02-2012 11:18

Target Barclays

Saturday 25th February, 1pm, 139-142 North Street, Brighton

For enquiries contact or

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23 Feb: Vigil at US Embassy, London as Bradley Manning is Arraigned in US

20-02-2012 09:22

Previous rally at US Embassy, 17 Dec 2011

Thursday 23 February, 5pm - 6pm.

Stand in solidarity with Bradley Manning in London as he is arraigned for Court Martial in the US. The Vigil will take place at the hour the arraignment is starting at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Meet in front of the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Nearest tube: Bond Street.

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European Liberals – 2 Shameful Videos, Just to Remember

19-02-2012 19:58



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Wrongheaded UN vote on Syria: US-NATO "arm twisting" at the UN General Assembly

19-02-2012 19:37

On February 4, Russia and China vetoed the Arab League's one-sided Syria resolution (SC/10536). It illegitimately called for Assad to step down.

Under international law, no nation or combination thereof, may interfere in the internal affairs of others, except in self-defense if attacked.

Western pressure often gets nations to violate international law and their own non-intervention pledges. When they don't, Washington, rogue NATO partners, and complicit allies wage aggressive war on their own.

In 1999, without Security Council authorization, nonbelligerent Yugoslavia was lawlessly attacked and ravaged. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya followed. Perhaps Syria's next, then Iran, no matter the threat to humanity.

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Brought to Justice? Rendition, torture, indefinite detention and death by drones

19-02-2012 15:49


Audio excerpted from a 2.5 hour Free Speech Radio fundraising special on KFPA. If you can spare a dime to help keep this invaluable resource going, please visit their site for details of how to donate.

Contributors included Andy Worthington who spoke about how courts in DC have watered down the Habeus Corpus rights which the Supreme Court said detainees were entitled to. As a result the only detainees to leave Gitmo in the last 13 months have been in coffins, despite the fact that over half the detained have been cleared for release. Special mention of Shaker Amer, the last British resident still being helf.

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Libya one year on

19-02-2012 11:21

Remembering the events that led up to NATO waging war and the subsequent imperialist blitzing of the Libyan People's Jamahiryia

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PLM Statement on increased US military presence in the Philippines

18-02-2012 14:53

PLM Calls for an Independent Foreign Policy and a Non-Aligned ASEAN