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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Ken pledges support for DSEi

01-06-2005 14:00

Ken Livingstone has given a speeach to Arms dealers where he pledged support for DSEi

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Gay Turk jailed and beaten

01-06-2005 08:53

URGENT ACTION – Email Turkish Prime Minister.
War Resisters' International fears for the safety of imprisoned Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan, presently awaiting trial in the Military Prison at Sivas.

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Zarqawi tape 'magic'

01-06-2005 02:05

Zarqawi, whom the US has declared is their 'demon' in Iraq, is used as an excuse for the killing over 100,000 innocent men women and children, simply described as 'Collateral Damage' by the US and its allies, who failed to count the dead.

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J20 San Diego Reclaim the Streets film

31-05-2005 22:56

Counter Inaugural Reclaim the Streets in San Diego. We're just finishing up the film...

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Violent Arrests at EDO Big Demo, Brighton !!! Phone the cops now!

31-05-2005 19:02

At least 7 people were violently arrested at the Big demo at arms dealers EDO MBM in Brighton today. PHONE CHIEF INSPECTOR KERRY COX on 0845 6070999 to protest the brutal arrests of at least 7 antiwar/civil rights activists!

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Embargo called on Brighton police following brutal arrest of peace protestors

31-05-2005 18:30

Brighton Police brutally arrest 8 anti-Edo peace campaigners - please ring Sussex police now!

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Holland votes NO to European Superstate and wars

31-05-2005 14:06

Future wars by the US/NATO/EU-Army without a UN Mandate

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Story from Baghdad with 7 photos

31-05-2005 02:17

This is 750 word account of the story of Amal, an Iraqi mother of three who is a refugee from Baghdad in Amman, Jordan where I met her. 7 labelled photos are attached.

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The Iraqi Nightmare

30-05-2005 14:15

The truth is nothing is under control in Iraq. The number of suicide attacks, surprise assaults and car bombs has doubled since February to 70 per day.. The strategy for victory is breaking down because Iraq is not going forward economically.

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Greens welcome NON to Euro constitution

30-05-2005 11:35

The Green Party reaction to the French people's response to the European Union constitution.

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EDO interim injunction latest

30-05-2005 10:58

Arms Company EDO/MBM push protesters over the edge.
Five Years In Prison For Stepping in the Road at EDO
Protestors Vow to Defy High Court Injunction

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Freedom Summer Palestine 2005

29-05-2005 19:09

Freedom Summer Palestine 2005 is a Palestinian non violent campaign
against Israeli occupation — This summer, With the participation of
international supporters, Palestinians will continue their
long-standing mobilization for nonviolent direct action against the
occupation and draw the world's attention to what is really happening
in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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EDO Lawyer Doesn't Like The Samba

29-05-2005 17:34

TLC Complains To Law Society Gazzete about music outside his window.

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Stop The War Coalition Get Go Ahead for 2 Edinburgh G8 Protests

28-05-2005 10:55

The Stop The War Coalition have progressed in getting approval for their two protests in Edinburgh around the G8 Summit in July.

This is despite The Scotsman Newspaper briefing against them and initial objections from Lothian and Borders police.

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Lockheed Martin gives children in Sierra Leone Electronic Welfare

27-05-2005 11:37

The Red Carpet for this lot
A conference on Electronic Warfare was picketted by activists yesterday. Titled 'Wider Horizons, Infinite Challenges' the conference, organised by The Shephard Group and hosted by the Royal Lancester Hotel, was attended by major arms dealers like BAE Systems,Lockheed Martin and EDO.

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26-05-2005 11:21


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TURKEY: 13 arrests at trial of conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan/trial adjour

26-05-2005 11:13

13 antimilitarists and conscientious objectors were arrested in Sivas following the trial of conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan.

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WHY CLOSE THE G8? (audio from the film)

25-05-2005 15:45

This is the audio from a short film called "Why Close The G8?" made in advance of the G8 Summit protests in Scotland this july. It makes a great audio soundscape intro to some of the issues and lists some of the major protests planned.

(MP3 - 14 mins 14secs - 48kbps mono - 4.9MB)

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CIRCA in Time Out

25-05-2005 15:33

Article in this week's Time Out
This article about The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army's tour of the country is from this week's Time Out magazine.

Their next stop is London (this weekend) then Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle before heading up to Scotish cities, Aberdeen, Glasgow and finally Edinburgh.

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US- 'Frenchfries protestor turns against Iraq war.

25-05-2005 15:16

The US Rep'senator (Walter Jones) who renamed
frenchfries 'Freedom fries' has now turned against the
Iraq War.
Better late than never....