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EDO Lawyer Doesn't Like The Samba

Review Of The Arts | 29.05.2005 17:34 | Anti-militarism | Culture | London | South Coast

TLC Complains To Law Society Gazzete about music outside his window.

Firm hits out at activists over client protests
Thursday 26 May 2005

A London law firm has hit back at activists who staged a noisy protest outside its offices last week over its role acting for weapons manufacturer EDO MBM Technology.

A dozen protesters played loud music and handed out leaflets asking passers-by to telephone Lawson-Cruttenden & Co and ask them not to represent the company.

The protesters accused the firm of attempting to suppress rights to freedom of expression, by representing EDO in its bid to obtain an injunction against campaigners who are alleged to have targeted the business.

Lawson-Cruttenden & Co specialises in obtaining injunctions for organisations that have been the targets of direct action protest groups.

Sole principal Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden said that over the past 18 months his firm has been subjected to broken windows, threatening letters and e-mails and telephone blockades. He said: ‘This is an attempt to undermine the independence of the legal profession.’

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