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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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[GenoaG8] counter investigation

24-06-2004 21:27

Italy: Genoa Counter-investigation

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View New Jihadi video issued: Fallujah Volcano

23-06-2004 15:00

The newest grahic Al Qaeda video is a chilling reminder of dangers that the American military personnel and contractors face in Iraq on a daily basis.

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Ambassador of Death, Right-Wing Death Squads, Drug Smuggling: George Bush's Plan

23-06-2004 01:36

Right wing death squads and a hub for drug smuggling is Bush's vision of democracy in Iraq all orchestrated by the ambassador of death, Negroponte. The old Iran Contra gang are all in place once again ready to flood the streets of America and Europe with cheap heroin from Afghanistan. The Bush administration's reluctance to hand Saddam over to the interim government of Iraq maybe based not on a fear of Saddam's military capabilities but on a fear of him telling what he knows about drug smuggling.

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BRISTOL PEACE VIGIL : News and Actions

22-06-2004 20:59


DAY OF ACTION : Two Bristol Actions On 30th June...

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Independence from America at USAF Menwith Hill

22-06-2004 17:53

It's the Annual Independence FROM America Demonstration at USAF Menwith Hill near Harrogate North Yorkshire Sunday 4 July 2004, 12-5pm

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Amnesty Says War on Terror increases Middle East repression

22-06-2004 12:35

They were going to "democratise the Middle East"; the war on terror, extended to Iraq, would "transform Iraq into a functioning democratic state that will inspire change in neighboring societies" . As Bush put it, "Iraqi democracy will succeed, and that success will set forth the news from Damascus to Tehran that freedom can be the future of every nation".

Well, instead of Jeffersonian revolution, the Middle East is now suffering counter-revolutionary terror and repression, and it's all thanks to the "war on terror" according to Amnesty International...

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fuckin cool billboard alteration!!

22-06-2004 10:39

Cowley Rd
war is absolutely fuckin discusting !!

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Reclaim The Bases Summer Camp 2004 !

21-06-2004 22:00

D10 proudly presents the Reclaim The Bases summer camp 2004 :
Skill sharing, training, workshops & tips on NVDA, anti-militarism,
military bases and legal issues with a focus on practical actions.

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Farnborough International Airshow 2004

21-06-2004 13:16

In the past Farnborough International Airshow has been a straggle of arms protesters and nothing more. This year we should be thinking big – anti-globalisation, global warming, aviation expansion, anti-war. A week of protest, talks, events and rallies, culminating in a weekend carnival that brings the week's themes together.

Monday 19 July 2004 - Sunday 25 July 2004.

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The Torturers of Iraq

20-06-2004 19:59

Fascist mass murderers and torturers who participated in the "dirty" wars against leftists in Latin America are being contracted by Blackwater to apply their disgusting techniques against the Iraqi people. The scum of the Earth are coming to Iraq! Since the CIA imported Klaus Barbie and other Nazis to teach these torturers, one might say that this is partly a legacy of the Holocaust.

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George Galloway on BBC - Rumsfeld's sweeteners

19-06-2004 23:39

George Galloway on Radio 4 today tells about Rumsfeld, when not in Government, trying to get contracts from the Iraqi regime for orders of his artificial sweetener.

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Prepare for the Worst of Abu Ghraib

19-06-2004 20:57

A Moral Chernobyl: prepare for the worst of Abu Ghraib.

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The trial of the 'Man on the Bridge'

19-06-2004 13:03

Nine months after the events, and after a first trial that collapsed, the Man on the Bridge was on trial again. He faced public order charges merely for putting up a banner and shouting anti-Bush slogans. After a sequence of spectacular failures of the justice system, it was deemed imposible to give him a fair trial, and the charges were dropped!

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Women Raped Before Their Husbands

18-06-2004 15:49

"Liberty" - American Style
Statements and findings by non-governmental organisations and human-rights groups detail how one female detainee had been raped 17 times in one day by ‘Iraqi’ police in the presence of US troops. Another NGO reported of how one mother-of-four killed herself after being held by her hair and raped in front of her restrained husband, who was forced to watch.

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Carbon Web workshop & music jam Friday night at oily exhibition space

18-06-2004 09:54

Tonight Friday June 18th at 7pm there will be a workshop unravelling the carbon web woven by BP and Shell, and focussing on the way they slap on the greenwash via arts and other sponsorship to sanitise their tainted reputations. This will be given by the Gog & Magog outlet of the mighty Platform (

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Caterkiller action

17-06-2004 16:13

Upcoming Day of Action against Caterpillar (25th June)

anti-caterpillarist, 08.06.2004 15:32

Friday the 25th of June will see what should be the first of many days of action against Caterpillar, or as they have affectionately come to be known, Caterkiller. The action will be focussed in the West Midlands area where Caterpillar has a number of plants. Caterpillar has been targeted for supplying of D9 military bulldozers to Israel, despite knowing that they are used to murder civilians (including peace activist Rachael Corrie and countless Palestinians) and to demolish thousands of civilian homes in illegal acts of collective punishment.

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UN warns Caterpillar may be implicated in human rights violations

16-06-2004 23:37

**For immediate release**

On 28th May 2004 the Special Rapporteur on the right to food for the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights – Jean Ziegler – wrote to Jim Owens, CEO of Caterpillar Inc., to express deep concern "about the actions of the Israeli occupying forces in Rafah and in other locations in Gaza and the West Bank, using armoured bulldozers supplied by your company." (1)

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Good morning from Baghdad and beyond

16-06-2004 14:59

Good morning from Baghdad,

All oil exports from Iraq have been stopped. The “official” death count of U.S. troops has gone up to 835. Main stream press reports now openly admit that the majority of Iraqis want the U.S. out now. Failure, as it turns out is not only an option, it is the only option for imperialism in Iraq.

But beware. Bush and the neocons are now turning their sights on Venezuela. There they will employ “all means” to destroy that nation’s democracy and steal it’s natural resources. If they succeed they may well sack the entire planet. No serious progressive person of any stripe can afford to stand by on this one. Be informed and be active on this critical issue. Neither John Kerry or the NYTimes will ever help us out here.

After the Iraq war report please read the excellent piece from zmag on the situation is Venezuela and it’s significance. And be the media. Please share this news as widely as possible. Peace. Jamie

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Reclaim the Bombs out of Brighton Website

16-06-2004 13:24

The Bombs out of Brighton website was set up as a means of reporting and publicising local protests of all types against the company. Unfortunately the site is becoming more of a sounding board for pro-EDO types than anti-EDO and anti-arms trade.

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Peace Campaign and Social Forum Events in the North Essex / Suffolk area

15-06-2004 21:11

Peace Campaign and Social Forum Events in the North Essex / Suffolk area. By Colchester Peace Campaign, Lakenheath Action Group and others.