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fuckin cool billboard alteration!!

Danny Fiver | 22.06.2004 10:39 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Oxford

war is absolutely fuckin discusting !!

Cowley Rd
Cowley Rd

war is absolutely fuckin discusting !! and if these people want to make out somehow its all gloriouse and wonderfull then they need to be told diffrent!!
you can see wen this event is from the photo so come along and make some noise!!
if theres any of these adverts in your area you could very easily copy this design just print the photo get some cheap paper(wallpaper lining paper is good!)and an overhead projector and your in bizniss!!
if you want to see more ov this kind of art and diy graffiti guides then check out the new punka pixies website:

Danny Fiver
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  1. nice one!! — fan
  2. subvertising Cowley Rd — a cyclist
  3. if anyone's feeling inspired.... — .
  4. this is what's been happening in Bristol — billy bored
  5. As subverisments go — Tom A
  6. There is also a banner.... — craig
  7. Wrong sort of ads — Rather Angry
  8. :) — T+