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[GenoaG8] counter investigation

italy imc | 24.06.2004 21:27 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | Repression

Italy: Genoa Counter-investigation

3 years have passed from the days of Genoa G8, but the events happened on july 2001 are still being heavily under trial.

We were in Genoa. We tried to be there also after july 2001, working at pillolarossa (in italian and the inchiesta-g8 group (in english

Genoa G8 days have been among the most videotaped, photographed, written upon political and mediatic events of the last years. Now the court cases are entering in their most crucial step and what is happening is exactly what all of us had foretold. The court cases are being defined and built around videos and photos, press articles and witness report.
Genoa history - our own history - is being judged and court evidence are the thousands eyes of the g8 days. they are not impartial images: the prosecutors use them for their own purposes and to prove their thesis. Our lawyers need to use the same tools.

Indymedia was there in genoa. And after genoa it has been victim of a known series of raids where a lot of materials have been seized; this documentation is being used as evidence during the court case, together with thousands of hours of footage: surveillance cameras in supermarkets and banks, televisions, police, carabinieri cameras, short-circuit in shops, ecc. From all of these facts, we want to learn.

The lawyers of Genoa Legal Forum have a huge archive of documentation in audio, video, images and texts. This archive is practically impossible to use, because it has not been organized neither fully used. Italy Indymedia decided to take it to the field.

From june to october 2004 we will be back again in genoa. 4 people will be working full time on the G8 archive, trying to make it a tool fully usable for legal work and to make it available for the sake of having a collective historical memory.

Apart from these four people, dozens of people will contribute their voluntary work from their home, supporting the people in genoa and trying to make the Genoa dossier grow.

We decided to launch a campaign to finance the expenses of the people working there and the technical materials needed to proceed with the work of research and archival in the GLF office in genoa. It's is the first financing campaign we are doing and we need your help as well.

At short notice we will update this page with details about that financing campaign and with the status of the work on the archive and links to the latest news about the trials.

Do you want to help us ? Write us!

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