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Gaza Report

16-01-2009 22:22

Wednesday 14th January, 2009

In an escalation of the ground offensive in the south of the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces terrorised the population of Khoza’a, a small rural community east of Khan Younis. They entered the area at about 3.00am on the morning of Tuesday 13th January in an incursion lasting until Tuesday evening. This follows heavy missile strikes on Khoza’a in recent days, notably on Saturday 10th January.

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5th day of parliament square hunger strike

16-01-2009 19:59

maria gallestegui has been on hunger strike for gaza in parliament square for five days now, taking only liquids and camping out in the cold air. it is outrageous that this has not received any mainstream news coverage and i urge people to contact media organisations to complain.

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Phosphorus denial outweighed by evidence: Uncomparable pain and horror for the

16-01-2009 16:20

"There are many ways to “light” a battle field. In Gaza, no such area exists anyway. There are just people’s hovels, holes and “homes.” Such as they are after years of blockade and bombardment by Israeli forces. The White phorpous is a terror weapon perfect for driving people away, “never to return.” The Zionist dream is and has always been for many, at least, to remove the native Arab population and posses all of “Greater Israel.” This inhuman weapon nicknamed “Willie Pete.” is perfect for the effort. When it comes into contact with human flesh it moves down toward the bone, tissues evaporate. Victims may survive for some time before vital organs are compromised, effecting death. Parents may be forced to end their children’s wild sufferings by shortening their lives in “other ways.”

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Tree occupation for peace on Whitehall

16-01-2009 12:37

Breaking news, more details to follow

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No to Taxpayer guarantees of BAE Systems/ BA debt

16-01-2009 12:02

According to Robert Peston many of Europes largest companies are approaching the time when they have to renew their loans. But banks and pension funds are reluctant to lend and so it would appear that the Government is preparing to offer guarantees on the debt to 350 of the UKs largest companies including BA and BAE Systems.

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Israeli forces bomb three hospitals and UN headquarters in Gaza City on Thursday

16-01-2009 09:28

As Israeli forces pushed their way deeper into Gaza on Thursday, they shelled and bombed everything in their path, including three hospitals and the UN Headquarters.

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Upcoming Gaza protests in and around Manchester

16-01-2009 09:14

Information on some of the many Gaza protests happening in Manchester in the next 10 days, from various groups

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The blame game in Gaza: Covering for Israel, concealing war crimes

16-01-2009 08:43

A modern-day Holocaust is unfolding. The hypocrisy of "Never again" repeated in full world view.

World leaders are silent. Blame the victims. Back aggression, but people globally say otherwise: In solidarity, we're all Gazans. We're all Palestinians.

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Israeli War on the Gaza Strip: "The Birth Pangs of a New Palestine/Middle East"

15-01-2009 23:24

What is taking place in the Palestinian Territories is related to what is taking place across the Middle East and Central Asia, from Lebanon to Iraq and NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan, as part of a broader geo-strategic objective.

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Israel's San Francisco Consulate Closed for War Crimes by Protestors

15-01-2009 23:04

A group of nine anti-Zionist activists – Palestinian, Jewish, immigrant rights and prison abolitionists chained themselves to the Israeli Consulate today to protest Israeli apartheid and its current attacks on Gaza.

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Smash we can! Sabotage the State of War!

15-01-2009 19:42

Call for actions against the munic security conference, an annual warmongers meeting in munic, germany

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15-01-2009 17:56

The Guardian is reporting that thanks to Amnesty International, Greek and maybe some other EU officials, the weapons shipment that was due to leave Greece for Israel this week has been stopped and for now, "no EU member state will allow their ports or other facilities to be used to transit these or any other weapons to any of the parties to this conflict."

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Inauguration Day: Ceasefire for Gaza at Menwith Hill

15-01-2009 16:53

Ceasefire for Gaza
CALL FOR A CEASEFIRE IN GAZA: peace-building for the Palestinians and Israelis.

CAAB and York Palestinian Solidarity Committee are planning a gathering - at Menwith Hill at 1pm on TUESDAY 20 JANUARY, the day of the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the US.

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Last Saturday's Gaza march

15-01-2009 13:51

Activist locked on inside shop
Photographs and a short written piece on the march

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Blueprint for Gaza attack was long planned

15-01-2009 11:41

The Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said he and the army had been planning the attack for at least six months. In fact, indications are that the invasion’s blueprint was drawn up much earlier, probably 18 months ago.

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Ehud Olmert's dreams (by Latuff)

15-01-2009 10:11

Ehud Olmert's dreams
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed IsraeHell's state terror.

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Vigil outside Miliband’s home tomorrow, Friday 16 Jan at 3-4:30pm

15-01-2009 09:04

Israel is bringing death and destruction to people and homes in Gaza, but David Miliband refuses to denounce these war crimes. Please bring the plight of Yibna/Rafah and the whole of Gaza to David Miliband:

Vigil outside Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s home in Primrose Hill

tomorrow, Friday 16 Jan at 3-4:30pm

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Gaza Protest Pictures (10/01/2009) pt 4

15-01-2009 02:00

Human shield!
The final part of this photo story, showing some of the tactics used by police and protestors.

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Gaza Protest Pictures (10/01/2009) pt 3

15-01-2009 01:33

The body language speaks for itself.
Third part of this epic photo story!

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Gaza Protest Pictures (10/01/2009) pt 2

15-01-2009 01:15

The Rinky Dinky machine - a regular feature at London demos!
The second part of my picture story of the London Gaza protest, which took place last Saturday (10/01/2009).