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5th day of parliament square hunger strike

rikki | 16.01.2009 19:59 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Palestine

maria gallestegui has been on hunger strike for gaza in parliament square for five days now, taking only liquids and camping out in the cold air. it is outrageous that this has not received any mainstream news coverage and i urge people to contact media organisations to complain.

maria is bearing up well and did a short film interview for me today, in which she spoke of her hope that more people will join the 24-hour vigil for gaza and the strike for peace.

supported by the palestine solidarity campaign, maria has socpa authorisation for up to 20,000 people to join her in parliament square and remain there 24/7 until the israelis pull out of palestine. she also organises the 'peacestrike' petitions which she takes daily to 10 downing street.

please find some time to go and support her, and to contact the mainstream media companies and complain at their lack of coverage of this bold and brave act right on the doorstep of the politicians.

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