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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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RNC/NYC Anti-War Protest Interview With Sue Niederer, MFSO Anti-War Mother

30-08-2004 04:48

An interview with Sue Niederer conducted after the mass Anti-War march today in NYC.

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Forgiveness 3 (by Latuff)

30-08-2004 03:48

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of peace for both Palestinians and Israelis.

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Report of Iraq War Crimes Tribunal

29-08-2004 17:16

The Ameriyah bomb shelter - destroyed by two `smart bombs` in 1st Gulf War.
This is a short report of the Iraq war crimes tribunal which took place in New York on Thursday 26th August.

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Forgiveness 2 (by Latuff)

29-08-2004 11:22

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of peace for both Palestinians and Israelis.

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Forgiveness (by Latuff)

28-08-2004 06:47

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on peace for both Israelis and Palestinians.

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Vote to impeach Bliar (currently at 88%)

28-08-2004 03:56
Blair 'should be impeached'
by KATIE HAMPSON, Mail online 14:17pm 27th August 2004 Tony Blair should be impeached for misleading the public over the Iraq war, the Mail online can reveal.
An all-party group of MPs is hoping to use the ancient Parliamentary mechanism to bring the Prime Minister to account.

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demonstrations in greece against the visit of colin powell

27-08-2004 22:47

anti-war demonstations in athens
(my english is not good so use your imagination)

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- Art of War : Patriot

27-08-2004 17:32


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The Impeachment of Tony Blair

27-08-2004 17:23

All the evidence shows that the Prime Minister misled Parliament and the people on the eve of the Iraq war. Now, as Peter Oborne reveals, a group of MPs are determined to impeach him.

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ASBOs used against DSEi protesters

27-08-2004 13:51

Yesterday two people and a baby were prevented from holding a banner and handing out leaflets outside Reed Exhibitions (owners of Spearhead and organisers of DSEi, the world’s largest arms fair).

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Bliar Impeachment - Talk about it at the Gruniad site

27-08-2004 12:57

The process may help display the causes of Bliar's committing to the USUK attack. I think his ignorance and stupidity, compounded by simple religious fundamentalism, is the prime mover. Note his refusal to answer the query about whether he prayed with Bush Jnr., visit to the Pope pre-attack and the hidden fundamentalist background.....
I think it points to a need for intelligence testing for elected reps., and for the instigation of a proper democracy with PR, as in Germany and elsewhere.

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New York RNC Protesters to Use SMS Comms System

27-08-2004 12:37

The protests against the RNC in New York City kicking off right now are going to be massive. On the streets people will be again using the SMS text info service that was set up for protestors at the Democratic National Convention in Boston and the Republican National Convention in New York...

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Exxon/Mobil, the RNC & Widespread Nonviolent Militancy

27-08-2004 01:37

Decentralized direct actions worldwide.

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Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal

26-08-2004 20:13

The [U.S.] Justice Department announced on Friday that it is launching a criminal investigation into Riggs Bank. In recent months, the Washington-based bank has become engulfed in a scandal related to charges of money-laundering, corruption and terrorist financing.

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ECF-Visions of Another World

26-08-2004 12:41

The European Creative Forum Presents

A Special 9/11
A FREE FESTIVAL FOR PEACE! Saturday September 11th (1pm-1am)


The WorldWide Launch of The Best of Anti-War Music 2003-2004

A Special Launch Edition of PNW Vol.2** + ECF VoAW entrance for £10


Venue rampART Community Creative Centre and Social Space
15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (see

Call the ECF-Visions Hotline 07910 004410
or check the ECF & PNW websites!


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Blair to be impeached (Guardian)

26-08-2004 10:14

Blair to be impeached (GUardian)

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'NY-Lon' - Republican Nation Convention coverage

26-08-2004 09:42

The Republican National Committee has, for the first time in its 150 year history, selected New York for their Convention from August 29-September 2, 2004. In a shallow attempt at exploiting the lives lost at the World Trade Center, the RNC has pushed the Convention date to September. Having witnessed two unjust wars in the name of freedom and democracy (plus at least one American life lost each day overseas, a depressed economy, the collapse of the dollar, $87 billion to boost war profiteering, the closing of our firehouses, a health-care crisis, millions of children being left behind, and now this), Americans are gathering to say, ENOUGH!

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The Stop CATerkiller campaign continues: Action and Court Report

24-08-2004 22:09

We're continuing to take the campaign to CAT, and not going to let any amount of police repression stop us. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us in the fight to get CATerkiller out of Palestine - just e-mail us at the address below. Below are links to info on CAT and our past actions.