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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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OMINOUS: The "war on terror" and American democracy - some ominous

28-11-2003 23:18

Three commentaries published recently in the US media, all by
well-connected observers of the US military, have suggested that a major
new terrorist attack within the United States could disrupt the 2004
elections and even result in military intervention on the streets of
America as well as the suspension of the Constitution.

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Galloway speaks in Manchester on future of anti-war movement - video

27-11-2003 23:41

Galloway speaks on the next steps for the anti-war movements.

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James Woolsey, Neo-con, to visit Cambridge in December

27-11-2003 19:06

James Woolsey, one of the neo-con architects of the Iraq invasion, is coming to St Catz, Cambridge on 12 December to give a Lecture about the investment opportunities in the 'war' on terrorism. It is anticipated that the lecture will be extremely popular

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Irish Anti-war Activist Jailed for 60 Days

27-11-2003 09:52

Irish anti-war activist has begun a 60-day jail term for his part in a peaceful protest at Shannon Airport.

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Re-posted pics of Manchester demo on 19th November

27-11-2003 00:35

Manchester Stop Bush demo 1
These are pics I posted last week in a different newswire item. The files were too big to display quickly so I am posting then again.

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American Plea Bargains Infect U.N. War Crimes Tribunal

26-11-2003 19:23

The notorious plea bargain system that plagues the American "justice" and jail systems, is now moving to the United Nations' war crimes tribunal. The new plea bargaining going on at the U.N. tribunal is a response to the Bush Administration...

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PEACE NOT WAR 4 Night Music Festival, Feb 12-15th

26-11-2003 14:27

... on the anniversary of the global peace protests,
Hackney Ocean, Mare Street, London E8
Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th February 2004

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Swindon peace protesters ask police to arrest Blair.

26-11-2003 12:52

Page 1 of letter to cops
Wiltshire Constabulary have written to Swindon Stop the War Coalition to say they will not be investigating the Prime Minister for illegal acts relating to the attack on Iraq. A letter was handed into the police on 21st November signed by Andrew Newman, secretary of the Swindon Coalition, and former paratrooper Rev Sidney Hinkes, a veteran local Peace Campaigner. This explained the crimes that Blair had committed.

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Failure of Congo Peace Process Predicted

26-11-2003 05:04

A panel of the United Nations prepared a study of the civil war, beginning in 1998, which gripped the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for nearly five years. As the work of the panel progressed, it became apparent that the dirty hands of several multinational corporations and individuals and other governments were involved in the plunder of DRC.

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Swindon Peace Folks demonstrate in Paris

25-11-2003 20:45

Swindon banner on the march
A Delegation from Swindon Stop the War Colaition travelled to Paris for the Anti-war demo on 15th NOvember

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Modem friendly video from anti-Bush demos in London

25-11-2003 20:31

Short clips of some of the demonstrations against Bush in London. Higher quality versions will be made available on v2v for editing/screening.

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ISM Reports: Zabda action, Nov.22

25-11-2003 15:27

1. Zabda action, Nov.22, Jenin ISM
2. Normal Life in Rafah
3. Chasing after Birds, Finding the Sky

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Shannon Warport Blockade Map

25-11-2003 02:50

Shannon Blockade Map - HQ
Garda HQ provides technical support for Shannon Blockade on 6th December - see for further details

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Pictures from Bush 2003

24-11-2003 21:14

Bush mixing the visuals in Trafalgar Square
Images may not be reproduced in any format without prior permission of James BArr. Indymedia may use these images.

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Lovely photos from Stop the War Demo London (Bush 2003)

24-11-2003 20:58

These images may not be reproduced in any format without prior permission from the photographer. Indymedia can use these images on its website if it wants.

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Audio: Cyclist reaches Bu$h motorcade - interview

24-11-2003 19:08

MP3 audio file of interview with random cyclist who reached the Bush motorcade by accident. A couple of minutes long.

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Audio: Bush Statue Countdown

24-11-2003 18:51

MP3 audio file of the countdown and toppling of the Bush statue at Trafalgar Square on the 20th November. 1 minute long.

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Report from British-Occupied Basra - 1 soldier 'definately killed' by resistance

24-11-2003 17:40

A shattered soldier, Palestinian Basra, schools set to explode, the Occupation Fever and Brit exec gets death-threat...

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Live from Occupied Gaza

24-11-2003 16:13

A Palestinian boy sits atop the rubble of his home
Summary of Israeli War Crimes in Rafah, Gaza Strip