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Modem friendly video from anti-Bush demos in London

Mark | 25.11.2003 20:31 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Free Spaces | London

Short clips of some of the demonstrations against Bush in London. Higher quality versions will be made available on v2v for editing/screening.

Burning Planet

Speeches from Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Michael Meacher MP, former Environment Minister. Video of march through London to US Embassy.

Bush Tea Party

Police kettle before march starts, demonstrations in front of Buckingham Palace. An arrest and attempted de-arrest in front of Buckingham Palace. Burning of placards.

Mass Anti-Bush Demo

Crowds of people swarming through London. Americans against Bush. Statue Topple. Brass band. Placards.

Trouble in Trafalgar Square

Police choose to extinguish bonfires in Trafalgar Square after the Mass demonstrations against George Bush. Protesters become annoyed and force police away from the square. Brian Haw remonstrates with protesters for trashing the square (Brian has been holding a peace vigil ouside Parliament for 29 months).

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