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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Charing Cross Police Station Lobby

06-09-2003 18:48

A short video of the protest action outside Charing Cross Police Station where the DSEi boat action demonstrators were being held.

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No Arms Fair - 6 Sept - Video

06-09-2003 18:26

Two one minute videos from the "No Arms Fair" Unity March held on 6th September 2003 in London.

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Pics from dsei boat action - sat 6th sept

06-09-2003 18:22

A few stills from the film uploaded earlier by r2r

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DSEi march: small, but colourful & fun

06-09-2003 18:12

Folks from Oxford joined 500-1500 people marching through Central
London in protest at the arms fair (DSEi) which is coming to London's
Docklands next week.

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DSEi Boat Action - Noise Demo - welcome to released activists

06-09-2003 18:07

Around 16 people were arrested this morning for their part in an attempt to blockade the DSEi harbour area with boats.

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DSEi March Photos, Saturday Afternoon

06-09-2003 16:36

march 1
Here are a few photos from the march against the DSEi Arms Fair in London's docklands on Saturday afternoon.

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Video of DSEi boat action

06-09-2003 13:03

quick hash...

three formats

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boat actions goin off at DSEi - this morning - sat

06-09-2003 09:28

A pixie just told me that this morning people have been protesting against the dsei arms fair, taking direct action on the water against military ships arriving for the fair.

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06-09-2003 03:34

Brave New World
Windows On The World

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DSEi Media Articles - eve std / locallondon / new statesman etc

06-09-2003 02:20

Evening std / web locallondon and New Statesman Cover Story (also included inside issue is 3/4 page comment from Mark Thomas):

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Join anti-NATO street theatre

05-09-2003 22:14

Street theatre and music performers are protesting a NATO meeting outside the University Arms Hotel on Monday at 10:30 am.

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Witness Call : Menwith Hill, July 4.

05-09-2003 20:57

I am looking for witnesses who saw me being arrested on the July 4, "Independence Day" Demo. It took place at about 2:30pm not long after we started the attempt to walk around the bases. A police man is claiming I hit him twice on the back - I did not.

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DSEi warm-up: Caterkillar HQ protest

05-09-2003 17:44

Up and over. No worries.
Activists from Birmingham staged a roof-top protest at the headquarters of Caterpillar(UK), in Desford, near Leicester this morning. The action was in protest at the sale of Caterpillar D9 armoured bulldozers to Israel, and to highlight Caterpillar’s presence at the DSEi arms fair in London next week.

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Peter MCBride Justice Campaign appeals for volunteers in London

05-09-2003 17:05

Volunteers urgently required this weekend.
Canvassing begins in earnest this weekend for Kelly Mc Bride in the Brent East By Election in London. If you are able to join us on Saturday we will be at Kilburn Square from 1pm onwards. Leaflets can be picked up at Kilburn Square throughout the afternoon.Volunteers will be on the ground from now until election day on September 18. Please call Please forward to any friends in the London area. Donations urgently required. contact See below for background.

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DSEi Audio - Press Conference led by CAAT - Fri 5th Sept

05-09-2003 16:00

Five sections of audio from the press conference held today at Friends Meeting House in London.

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BBC report on DSEi

05-09-2003 14:39

Campaigners against Europe's largest international arms show say half of the countries invited to the event next week are not allowed to buy weapons under British law...

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Pretty pink pieces of paper

05-09-2003 14:05

5th September, 2003, Nablus

Yesterday pretty pink pieces of paper rained from the clear blue sky above Nablus and the refugee camps of Balata and Askar. Pink leaflets delivered by an Apache. This is how the Israeli Occupation Forces communicate with the occupied – at a distance, impersonal and untouchable.

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DSEi: Too late but...

05-09-2003 14:00

On friday 5th, those arrested last Monday at Excel appeared in Stratford magistrates court...

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Phoenix Rising: September 11 2003

05-09-2003 10:55’s Clinton Fein uses striking imagery and a perversion of T.S. Eliot’s Christianity-focused poem, Journey of the Magi, to highlight America’s descent into despair and ascent into fascism from the ashes and memory of a September morning.