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Witness Call : Menwith Hill, July 4.

Edwrd Campbell | 05.09.2003 20:57 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Sheffield

I am looking for witnesses who saw me being arrested on the July 4, "Independence Day" Demo. It took place at about 2:30pm not long after we started the attempt to walk around the bases. A police man is claiming I hit him twice on the back - I did not.

I was arrested at Menwith Hill on at the July 4 demo for, allegedly, assaulting a copper.
They claim I double karate chopped a policeman on the back/back of the neck.

At first I was told I was arrested for knocking a policeman's helmet off, and for obstruction, this was changed at a latter time. I was detained on that day for 8 hours without being questioned, which was the reason given for keeping me locked up.

The alleged incident took place at the start of the day: 2:30pm when the road was crowded, and we had begun to try and walk around the base, and the police then attempted to get a transit van (detention vehicle in fact) through the crowded road.

My arrest happened about 5/10 minutes after another bloke who having been arrested earlier for being masked up was temporarily freed by an observant activist who noticed the police hadn't locked the rear prison transit van doors, or inner cage.

After I was arrested, and gave no resistance, the police were a bit rough and two coppers dragged my down the road and forcefully put me in same transit/prison van.

Did anyone see anything? I had just been chatting with some people who had sprayed their faces red, and believe they were probably just behind me. Did they or anyone see anything?
I did not hit a policeman that day, but apparently his helmet fell off.

This policeman had pushed me then shoulder charged me, apparently to make way for the transit van. Can anybody remember this incident? It would be a great help if there were witnesses.

Post your comments to this site, or post to the mailbox . The cops are looking at both, including my snail mail so there is no point in trying to be confidential.

Thanking you in advance.

Love and peace.

Ed x

PS. For those who don't know, and may be interested:

This base monitors all wireless (mobile and radio/microwave signals) and ground based telecom in the UK (through dedicated feeds for the UK telecom network), and all wireless telecom in Europe. It is part of the NSA's international network. Indeed this and every email in this country will pass through their massive arrays of super computers after being kindly filtered by GCHQ, Cheltenham.

Perhaps someone more expert than I could fill us in on the technical details. I am a novice in this area, but was one of the people who distributed information about it several years ago, when it was really very secret, and existence completely denied by our government.

Menwith Hill is being expanded and used as a missile guidance facility too.


You might want to visit the web-site and read the report of the days events; to have your memory jogged.

Edwrd Campbell
- e-mail:


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