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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Pictures from the D-locked DLR train at Poplar

10-09-2003 13:29

Photos of the train that was stopped by an activist who D-locked herself to the train

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DSEI: Pictures from the underpass

10-09-2003 12:50

Photos of the underpass

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DSEI: A woman D-locked herself to a car at Excel

10-09-2003 12:27

At the blockade at Connaught underpass a woman D-locked herself to a car

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Arms for sale on the light rail to DESI

10-09-2003 11:30

Protestors posing as arms dealers joined the hundreds of other dealers and buyers on the trains to the Excel centre this morning. Three suited protesters didnt wait for the fair, but started selling their wares on the train. Announcing they had arms for sale two opened their cases revealing various sets of arms (prosthetic and dolls arms) they had to sell. Another reved up the dealers with human resource management speak and exclaimations of "kill, kill, kill".

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DSEI: Photo of police surveillance van

10-09-2003 11:13

This is a police surveillance van with high-tech electronics inside; possibly pictures of protestors are processed here

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DSEI: Pictures from Custom House DLR Station

10-09-2003 10:41

Pictures from outside the DLR station Custom House this morning at around 10am

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Ulla Roder hearing continued to Monday

10-09-2003 09:23

At Ulla’s pre-hearing on September 9th, a further hearing was set for Monday 15th.It will be held at 2pm in Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court to decide about witnesses for the trial.

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Activist chaining herself to DLR train

10-09-2003 09:07

mp3 audio file 16 seconds, 68k download

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Corporate Media - DSEi protests

10-09-2003 09:05

Corporate and mainstream media on the Disarm DSEi protests

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Corporate Media - inside the arms fair

10-09-2003 09:03

High aims ... trying a gun for size (from the Sun)
Corporate and mainstream media reports from INSIDE the arms fair

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Campaigners to picket Egyptian embassy to call for release of peace activists

10-09-2003 09:02

Five Egyptian anti-war activists face up to 15 years in jail for contacting international human rights organisations. Campaigners in the UK will protest at the Egyptian embassy Friday 12th September to highlight their case.

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Police Now Admit To "Terrorist" Searches at DSEI

10-09-2003 08:53

Having denied using the anti-terrorist act against demonstrators, the police now admit "some" officers have been .......... doing just that!

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U.N. finally asserting itself in Congo

10-09-2003 06:35

After a civil war lasting almost five years, a four year period of ethnic killing separate from the civil war, and half a year of almost genocidal conditions in its northeast provinces, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is finally receiving the full attention of the United Nations.

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DSEi delegates guilty and ashamed

10-09-2003 00:45

Delegates leaving DSEi today at around 5pm were confronted by protesters
at Custom House DLR.

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Fluffy DSEi photos

10-09-2003 00:11

Viking drummer
Photos from the fluffy DSEi protests on the afternoon of 9th September 2003.

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fluffy dsei breakthrough pix

09-09-2003 23:36

stills from actions today...including conaught overpass breakthrough

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DSEi march photos

09-09-2003 23:33

Demo at DSEi
A selection of 15 photos from the end of the CAAT march at DSEi on 9th September 203.

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DSEi Fluffy Samba Videos from 9 September

09-09-2003 23:09

5 video clips from the fluffy actions against DSEi helpd on 9th September 2003 in London.

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09-09-2003 22:29

Scrubbers for peace cleaning the Docklands