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06-06-2008 17:14


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Pentagon said drawing up plans for strike on Iranian camp

06-06-2008 17:12

One has to wonder if, now that these Extremists have lost all credibility, and nobody's fallen for their LIES this time around, and everyone's wary of another False Flag Attack, if this isn't their newest ploy to start the war, which is really about Regime Change.

If you think Iran (and by extension, Russia) will take this lying down, you're sadly mistaken. This would still be an illegal Act of War and Naked Aggression.

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Peace Action in London Thursday June 12th

06-06-2008 16:32

On Thursday 12th June, there will be a peaceful protest against the recruitment of young men and women for induction into the war machine, outside of a military recruitment center in London. Come along and express your opposition to military recruitment in the capital. We will be meeting at Waterloo train station, underneath the clock (in the middle of the station) at 12 Noon. Hope to see you there.

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Dick Barton Vs Smash EDO

06-06-2008 13:43

Todays Argus reports Chief Superintendent Dick Barton is leading the Sussex police battle against the Smash EDO .

But just who is Dick Barton?

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Press Release - All Those Arrested At EDO Protest Released Without Charge

06-06-2008 12:42



Contact: Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh

07875 708873

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Barack Obama: I'll nuke Iran

06-06-2008 12:41

We've noted before Barack Obama's alarming bellicose tendencies. They were out in profligate display at his notorious address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference in Washington June 4.

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06-06-2008 02:49

Fuck the War Coalition Communique:

We're the Fuck the War Coalition
And we'd like to make an admission
Selex's windows have been smashed
The arms trade will be trashed!

This is the Fuck The War Coalition [1] and we want to bring the war home to those who profit from imperialism.

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Smashed at EDO Bruise Gallery

05-06-2008 20:25

Very painful jab to the right tit
Here are some injuries sustained whilst protesting against the arms trade at EDO-MBM in Brighton on Wednesday. We are sore - wondering if others are too. Here are some photos of the injuries we got at the batons of the police.

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Legal Challenge of Trident Replacement and Failed Consultation

05-06-2008 19:10

The Nuclear Information Service is calling for governmental accountability on questions of illegality and due process in the replacement and maintenance of the UK’s nuclear weapon system proposed in the Government’s White Paper, ‘The Future of the United Kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent’, published on 4 December 2006. There will be a hearing of NIS’s application for permission to claim judicial review of the Trident decision on Tuesday 10th June 2008. The claim follows Counsel's Opinion, commissioned by Peacerights1 in 2007.

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U.S. intelligence chief in Israel to discuss Iran

05-06-2008 19:05

Just something to keep in mind in the weeks ahead when the Propaganda effort created by this meeting, the AIPAC conference, and Olmert's visit to DC, really gets underway.

Apparently for Israel, any US intelligence report telling the truth is a "blow" when it comes to Iran.

However, the timing couldn't be more interesting, what with Olmert in Washington, pleading for a military strike, and McConnell in Jerusalem getting a "cooked consensus" from Israeli intelligence folks who are foaming at the mouth with their eagerness to get the US to strike Iran militarily.

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Don't Feed the U.S. War Machine!

05-06-2008 15:05

Corporate globalization=U.S. hegemony.

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Smash EDO Press Release - Death of Marie Vesco

05-06-2008 13:40



Contact: Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh

07875 708873

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Smash EDO Press Release - 10 Still in Custody over EDO Protest

05-06-2008 11:59



Contact: Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh

07875 708873

10 Still in Custody Over EDO Protest

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Italy’s leap into the dark: Smells, signals and symptoms of fascism

05-06-2008 06:33

Corporatism implies the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism and militarism, in effect a dictatorship of the extreme right. In practice corporatism and fascism are one and the same. As in Cold War years, so in the Berlusconi era, the fear of leftist communists and the desire of many Italians to be a normal nation has led to today’s unconscious toleration of the rise of a nascent form of authoritarian government with many characteristics of fascism.

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Reclaiming Palestine 2008 Omnibus Collection

05-06-2008 00:28

Booklite Announcement: Reclaiming Palestine 2008 Omnibus

From its title page:

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Solidarity demo at Broughton for Raytheon 9

04-06-2008 20:16

Campaigners from Wrexham, Chester and beyond held a demonstration outside the Broughton Raytheon factory this afternoon in solidarity with the Raytheon 9. Meanwhile, back in Belfast, the defendants were acquitted of one of the charges against them...

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Some pics from the Smash EDO Carnival Against The Arms Trade

04-06-2008 19:55

Some pics from the Smash EDO Carnival Against The Arms Trade

June 4th, Brighton

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Anti Arms Trade Demonstration Ends In Confrontation

04-06-2008 16:47

An anti-arms trade demonstration ended in scenes of confrontation today. Hundreds of protestors gathered from around the country to take part in the Carnival against the Arms Trade.

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Merchants Of Death Guided Tour

04-06-2008 16:39

A brief report on the Merchants of Death Guided Tour the London arm of Campaign Against the Arms Trade carried out today

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"Hate Iran Week" at AIPAC

04-06-2008 16:02

Sadly, these fanatics don't care if something is true (or has been proven false). All they care is that they are allowed to repeat these LIES in order to create the illusion of a crisis, because it distracts from their actual plot to attack the country, in the process, once again committing "The Supreme International Crime".

It's interesting to watch these criminals as they keep doing, over and over and over, exactly what they call their opposition "antisemitic" for pointing out ...