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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Artivists' Flyer Drop!

25-07-2006 17:42

Drop 1
In response to Israel's pro war flyer drop the other day over Lebanon, some Cambridge activists decided to reclaim the flyer drop this afternoon - for peace!

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The Real Enemy

25-07-2006 16:03

At present, many writers in the alternative media are feeling extremely angry, depressed and frustrated at what is happening in Palestine and Lebanon. Despite hundreds of editorials and essays eloquently decrying Israeli aggression and provocation and spelling out the very obvious reason for the long-standing violence in the Middle East, Israel continues its murderous rampage, killing almost 70 Lebanese civilians yesterday. Yesterday's attacks involved Israeli bombing of entire Lebanese villages, such as Srifa in the south west of Lebanon where Israeli F-16 jets, supplied free of charge by the US government, destroyed 15 houses, killed at least 20, and wounded at least 30, men women, young and old alike. The truly horrifying thing however is that the inhabitants of the villages were fleeing on the orders of the Israeli government itself, yet as the villagers attempted to leave in their cars and vans, they were targeted by Israeli jets and blown to pieces...

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Israeli Aggression on Lebanon: What kind of WMD causes this damage?

25-07-2006 15:55

Beirut 6/21/06: I left the office early last night; at midnight. There was only one devastating picture yesterday: that of two people who were killed in air strikes on Akkar, (the poorer area) in the north, late Wednesday night. Both corps were black, both were dismembered, both were "weird". I don't think it matters anymore to try to prove that Israel is using unconventional, forbidden weapons .. that would only prove that it should have used "allowed" weapons. Who cares, people are dying anyway. And whatever weapons are being used, the pollution they're creating will kill the survivors from cancer later...........

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Tearing down the US Embassy fence last Saturday

25-07-2006 15:49

taking down the fence
On Saturday the fence around the US Embassy was brought crashing down. Demonstrators from the Lebanon & Palestine solidarity demonstration, angry at the US support for Israel's attacks, shook the metal barriers until they came down.

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Coulport Nuke Base Blockaded

25-07-2006 07:41

As the Trident Replacement decision looms ever larger, activists once again disrupted the current Trident Nuclear Weapons System as they blockaded the entrance to RNAD Coulport. Five activists, calling themselves The Shrubbery, chained themselves together across the entrance way shortly after 7am this morning, stopping workers from entering the base.

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EDO Farnborough Fun- Kids go free

25-07-2006 07:37

The following is a report back from the Farnborough Airshow/arms fair.
EDO Corporation were there with their new Israeli-designed weapons systems, but a distinct lack of protest on the public days of the fair.

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That's why I LOVE IsraHell and U.S. (by Latuff)

25-07-2006 05:15

Warning! Israeli war crimes ahead!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Lebanese people, massacred by U.S. backed IsraHell's war machine.

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Attorney General Ruddock is Oddball over anti-terrorist laws!

25-07-2006 04:51

Hi I'm A Terrorist! Can You Help Me?
Attorney General Ruddock attacks different laws.

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AP: Israel Using Chemical Weapons & Targetting Ambulances W/Video

25-07-2006 00:56

AP: Israel Using Chemical Weapons & Targetting Ambulances in Lebanon

Lebanese Doctor Says 'Phosphorus Weapons' Cause Suffering - CNN Int'l -Video

Israel bans reporting of use of "unique" weapons in Lebanon

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Symbolic Die-in and Collective Scream Against War - London 25th July

24-07-2006 22:59

In the face of the official "no-comment," come and raise your voice and lend your
body in response to the killings in the Middle East. See also urgent appeal for financial support below.

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24-07-2006 20:53

zionist leaflet
With public support for Palestine, and now Lebanon, increasing in the recent events, which has involved the murder of 377+ Lebanese civilians in just 13 days by Israel. Zionists are feeling the pressure to stop the truth of what is happening coming out to public at large.

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Every civilian death is a tragedy, but some are more tragic than others.

24-07-2006 19:30

... the bigger picture ...
A leading zionist legal expert muses on special and chosen victims:
"These differences and others are conflated within the increasingly meaningless word "civilian" — a word that carried great significance when uniformed armies fought other uniformed armies on battlefields far from civilian population centers. Today this same word equates the truly innocent with guilty accessories to terrorism."
Alan Dershowitz

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Israel and International Law

24-07-2006 15:35

The use of military force without approval of the UN Security Council is prohibited in international law.. Humanitarian international law is in effect during an armed conflict..Israel's conduct can be branded as illegal before international and national courts, above all before the world public. The land can also be driven into political isolation for ignoring international law standards.

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The Crime of Lebanon and Palestine - Are Iran and Syria Next?

24-07-2006 15:16

By any interpretation of international law, Israel today is committing massive and egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity against the defenseless people of Palestine and Lebanon. It's doing it with the full support and encouragement of the US and willful compliance of the West, most of the Arab world, the UN and the dominant corporate media worldwide acting as cheerleaders for the mass killing, crippling destruction, and immiseration of innocent civilians in Lebanon and the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Israel falsely claims its duel assaults are in response to Hamas' capture of an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier near Kerem Shalom crossing, southeast of Rafah, on June 25 and Hezbollah's cross-border incursion on July 12, killing eight IDF soldiers in the exchange that followed and taking two others prisoner.

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THE JERUSALEM POST: Israel Plans Occupation & PAUL KRUGMAN: Black and Blue

24-07-2006 13:55

The War on Lebanon

PLUS: Bush and Blacks

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Profiting from the Occupation:corporate interests fuelling conflict in Palestine

24-07-2006 12:25

What do Tesco, Waitrose, Connex and Caterpillar have in common? They are all profiting from Israel's occupation of Palestine.

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Australian SIEV X memorial Canberra 2006

23-07-2006 22:44

353 people who drowned
To mark the fifth anniversary of SIEV X, a permanent memorial will be built in Canberra on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Three Perth-based Iraqi men who each lost family are decorating 22 poles to remember their loved ones...

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UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

23-07-2006 21:54

Govt sources confirm war with Iran is on before the end of the year. Multiple global crises are converging in the next few years, and we are faced with systemic collapse within the following 10-15 years.

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Another Wasted Opportunity

23-07-2006 16:10

Having left the pub and rushed across town to Trafalgar Square it was disappointing to find only one person waiting around looking slightly bored. So including the person I'd been drinking with that made a dispiriting three of us.

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London demo in solidarity with Lebanese and Palestinians.

23-07-2006 15:48

Singing in the rain.
Considering the short notice (less than one week) the demo was impressively large. Thousands came from all over the country to enjoy the heat-wave in Britain’s most polluted city and protest about the slaughter in Lebanon. Fortunately for everyone the weatherman had lied and it rained from early on in the demo till just before the end. Having been cooked here for over a week it has to be said that the rain was lovely.

Difficult to say how many came there were other regional mobilizations around the country. Definitely over ten thousand.