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VIDEO: Occupation of G4S offices, 20-11-2012

21-11-2012 01:29

Activists occupied the offices of British-Danish security giant G4S in London in protest over their complicity in Israel's Apartheid regime as the Israeli's are bombing Gaza. G4S, supplies equipment and services to Israeli prisons and checkpoints, including Erez checkpoint, which prevents people from leaving Gaza.

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Gaza Solidarity Demo in Cambridge.

19-11-2012 23:30

Indeed we are!
On midday of Saturday November 17th 2012 around a hundred people assembled in Cambridge Market Square to publically express their objections to events two thousand miles away in Gaza, namely the disproportionate airstrike and missile response by the Israeli military to a handfull of rockets being fired by Hamas at Tel Aviv, which in itself was a response to one of Hamas' leaders being assassinated by the Israeli military earlier that week.

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Gaza Demo - Birmingham, Fri 16th Nov

19-11-2012 21:35

Short video of the demo held in Birmingham on Friday against (what was then) the beginning of the Israeli assault on Gaza.

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Israel killing children in Gaza

19-11-2012 12:42

Israel Bombing Residential Areas, Civilian Infrastructure in Gaza ....... Via Electronic Intifada, Israeli attacks on Gaza “have caused serious damage to civilian infrastructure including homes, schools, sports facilities and a hospital in many parts of Gaza City,” according to the the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights : Israeli forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on Gaza City, targeting governmental and civilian facilities and other objects mostly located in densely-populated areas. ........

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Letter of Support for Ecostream campaign from Israeli group Boycott from Within

19-11-2012 11:09

Support for the campaign to close doe the Ecostream store in Brighton.

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Straight Talk on Gaza

18-11-2012 09:25

Palestine's democratically elected government is targeted. West Bank coup d'etat authority has no legitimacy. Abbas' term as president expired in January 2009. Israel rigged his 2005 election. What's ongoing is illegal aggressive war. Israeli provocations caused it. Israel's entire history reflects belligerence. It lives by the sword. It's a modern-day Sparta. Operation Pillar of Cloud was planned months ago. All military campaigns take many weeks or months of planning. Attacking Gaza coincides with Israel's January elections.

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Smash EDO Fundraising meal this Sunday 18th

16-11-2012 11:34

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Videos from last night's Gaza Solidarity demos in Brighton

16-11-2012 11:11

the next demo is 12 noon on Saturday

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Gaza Solidarity Demonstration - Stop the Israeli attack on Gaza

16-11-2012 11:04

12 noon - Saturday 17th November 2012 - Victoria Gardens

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2 Brighton demos in solidarity with gaza tomorrow (thurs 15th)

15-11-2012 00:18

There will be an emergency demonstration in defence of the Palestinian people on Thursday 15th November 2012 at 5.30pm in Brighton at Victoria Gardens in Brighton in response to renewed Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip today which have already claimed the lives of at least seven people, up to many as many as 12, including a seven year old girl and an 11 month old baby. The bombing looks set to escalate with Israel calling up reservists and deploying the navy.

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Man Arrested for Poppy Burning on Remembrance Sunday

13-11-2012 15:32

In a week when a man has been arrested for burning a plastic poppy on facebook, we should remember that this is in a long tradition of hysteria around similar 'desecrations'. Here's an article from 2000 which points out that:

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Israeli state funded Batsheva Dance performance disrupted

09-11-2012 21:10

Press Release Friday 9th November 2012

Disruption of Israeli state funded Batsheva Dance performance : Brighton Dome

Friday 9 November

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Shooting the messengers to protect the powerful

09-11-2012 13:13

Bryn Estyn, Wrexham
Child abuse, corruption, war crimes, whistleblowers and WikiLeaks – a Welsh perspective.

The north Wales child abuse scandal, whistleblowing in Wales and elsewhere, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and the need for transparency.

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Picardie, First World War, a mother’s grief.

07-11-2012 13:46

The poem 'PICARDIE' was written by the mother of a young man Lieutenant A.N. Trotter who was killed in Bethune, France during the First World War. In it she recalls a holiday they had spent as a family in the same district when her son was just a lad of fourteen.

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FBI Forensic Computer Crime Experts Asked To Investigate Romney-Owned Machines

05-11-2012 18:01

Greg Palast Book on Republican Fraud
In the US, Mitt and Ann Romney and 2 of their sons have controlling interest in Hart Intercivic, the machines which in Cincinnati in the middle of the night turned 300,000 Kerry votes into Bush votes in 2004. ESS, another Republican owned 'voting machine' company, has added untested software patches to their scanners.

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Now for Something Completely Irrelevant

03-11-2012 13:40

If Only it were True by David Rovics

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the Bristol City Mayor Fix-Up

01-11-2012 15:32

Boris Johnson
Bristol is being dragged into a bogus Mayor election that is attemting to pass over sixty percent of the electoral power over to one individual which in the modern world is considered either ludicrous or a regime and in historic terms, it was known as feudal. The article is written by Dave Dobbs who is running for Bristol Mayor who is running as a protest to the stupidity and to highlight why the Government wants Bristol under corporate lockdown seeming as it is one of the major locations that drones are now manufactured in the UK. And the prospect of war that now looms.

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Halloween haunting at EDO MBM - Demo report 31/10/12

01-11-2012 13:43

Every year the victims of the components made at the EDO MBM factory rise from the grave and lurch toward the Brighton arms manufacturer in search of revenge and living flesh…

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Smash EDO Halloween demo today, 4pm

31-10-2012 13:21

Time for Smash EDO's Halloween noise demo. Today 4pm outside EDO, Home Farm Road, Brighton.