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Croatian police violently stops Peace caravan for Palestine

09-07-2005 11:31

Croatian police violently stops Peace caravan for Palestine

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Statement of IAC-Boston on Bombings in London

09-07-2005 00:16

IAC expressed sympath and condolences, but also reminds us of ALL the casualities of wars.

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London terror bombings: a political crime

09-07-2005 00:11

The criminal nature of these outrages is underscored by the fact that they occurred in a city that has been the scene of innumerable protests against imperialism and war. In February 2003, more than 1 million people marched in London to oppose the plans of the US and Britain to invade Iraq.

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Opinion about London bombs

08-07-2005 22:05

"Across this space I want to give the innocent civil victims of London my condolence, without forgetting those that die daily in Iraq and other countries..."

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G8 report 6th July

08-07-2005 18:58

Eyewitness report, police tactics and suggestions for future demonstrations.

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G8 and Terror - Qui bono?

08-07-2005 13:57

comentary on yesterday's terror and G8 summit
Terror and who profits? The G8 becoming a farce.
terror in London compared to US-British involment in Iraq. The causes of terrorism and how we can fight them.

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"Claim of responsibility" unsubstantiated

08-07-2005 13:56

The '"Claim of responsibility as it appears using Mozilla on a Mac.
The web page reffered to by mainstream media porporting to claim responsibility for the London explosions "must have been taken down".

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Photos from 7/7 Edinburgh vigil against war and bombings

08-07-2005 11:28

Fight Poverty, Not (in) War(s)
Photos from a vigil held in Edinburgh last night. There are also photos of an Iranian contingent who were there last night and held a demonstration in the same location at 11am today. more info at

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The London Bombings: Time for Blair to Wake Up or Resign

08-07-2005 10:23

The US & UK’s oil & war-hungry foreign-policies look set to see London and other major western cities facing years, perhaps decades, of terrorist guerrilla warfare. Could our elected representatives be doing more to speak out against the illegal wars that have precipitated these barbaric acts?

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Edinburgh Vigil

08-07-2005 00:26

From 9pm, a small group gathered beside the galleries on Princes Street / The Mound to hold a vigil in support of those killed and wounded in the London bombings and in recognition of the violence of the past week.

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Stattfor prime suspect in London Bombing

07-07-2005 23:35

In the long tradition of news leaks, the latest results of my investigation of the London bombings as I work backwards in time to get a positive ID lock on an exact asshole

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Photos from Edinburgh vigil in response to London bombings

07-07-2005 22:44
The vigil took place around 9pm July 7th

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More photos from the vigil

07-07-2005 22:24

vigil 1
Edinburgh Vigil after London tube bombings

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Photos From Edinburgh Vigil For Victims Of Bombings And War

07-07-2005 22:14

Photos from a July 7th vigil that took place at 7pm on Prince St. In Edinburgh

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Zarqawi: Everywhere and nowhere

07-07-2005 21:38

The search for Zarqawi's past
Afghanistan, but that he doesn't believe he is in Iraq. Along with others in the neighborhood, he is convinced that Zarqawi was killed in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan during the US bombings that resulted from the attacks of September 11.

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Fear stops here! (and spit on Blair's condolences)

07-07-2005 18:04

There won't be any terrorists on a dead planet anyway.

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07-07-2005 16:09

Any resemblance to the text of Poodle Blair's statement Thursday on London blasts with G-8 leaders in Gleneagles, Scotland is purely intentional.

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More than 33 dead in London blasts

07-07-2005 14:32

Police announce 33 confirmed fatalities, more to follow.