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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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01-11-2005 23:42

This is an account of the talk given by Jan Benvie who spent 6 weeks in Iraq this summer with CPT (Christian Peacemakers) - 9 labelled photos are attached.

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Twinning with Palestine

01-11-2005 23:22

The need for students to actively twin and build other friendship links with Palestinians

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Who cares about history and legal precedence?

01-11-2005 21:42

So for all these reasons you should be terrified of history and legal precedence?

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01-11-2005 14:51

"In its religiosity, the US is more like an Islamic country than a western European country." Fundamentalism instrumen-talizes religion to justify violence and revenge, distorts God's nature and replaces the option for the poor with the warrior cult.

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New Atlantic Initiative takes over Polish army

01-11-2005 00:02

The New Atlantic Inititiative is glad to announce that control
of the Polish army has now been transferred to us (US) by Polish voters.
On behalf of our patrons Margaret Thatcher and Henry Kissinger, we
gratefully accept this donation to the US military-industrial complex.
(Executive Director, Radek Sikorski - new Polish Minister of War)

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BAE systems Band in Chatham,Kent Nov26th

31-10-2005 17:39

The BAE Systems band is due in Chatham,Kent end Nov- demos anyone ?

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Halloween Anti-Arms Trade Actions - London & Brighton

31-10-2005 14:22

another satisfied customer
The ghouls are having a party in London tonight, and taking Brighton protesters are in court tomorrow so let's give them a fright to remember.

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31-10-2005 13:54


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Die-in at Edinburgh Consulate Saturday 29th October 2005

30-10-2005 22:16

This a short report with 12 photos of the naming of the dead ceremony and die-in at the US Consulate in Edinburgh on Saturday 29th October 2005.

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30-10-2005 19:44

"Detlev Mehlis’ role in the investigation into the La Belle bombing raises disturbing questions about his role in the investigation of the assassination of Hariri. As Berlin public prosecutor, Mehlis inadvertently but consistently covered up the dubious involvement of US, Israeli and German intelligence interests in the 1986 terrorist attack; actively built a selective politically-motivated case against suspects without objective material proof

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Wiped off the map

30-10-2005 09:31

Has Israel's stated intention of keeping Palestine off the map “indefinitely” caused Britain and the US any of the concern expressed this week at the remarks of the Iranian President?

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Preventive Detention: A Shield or A Sword?

30-10-2005 03:19

Preventive detention is an unnecessary evil
Yet there are no bombs being thrown any where in the country. If anything, it was only the 'smoking gun memo' and troops off to wage war that occasionally pervaded the atmosphere in Australia.

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Proposal for the Australian Sedition Act

30-10-2005 02:57

Shall be punished by imprisonment
Australia, Statutes at Large, Canberra, A.C.T., 2005.

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Uzbek Opposition Leader Tortured, the West Does Nothing

29-10-2005 23:46

Sanjar Umarov, leader of the Uzbek opposition Sunshine Coalition, is currently in solitary confinement suffering torture by psychotropic drugs. Craig Murray analyses the complex realpolitik behind the lack of international response.

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Appeasement or Cover-up

29-10-2005 14:02

Bush has announced that Libby is “innocent until proven guilty”, one law applies to disgraced officials while another to the Australian, David Hicks (and many others) who have been denied even the most basic human rights (while they rot for years in illegal detention centres around the world). Should we cite the flagrant double standard or rest in the assurance that a glaring hypocrisy and double standard would not pass unnoticed?

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Remembrance procession UFFC and Jean Charles de Menezes: Saturday 29 October

28-10-2005 18:28

Jean Charles de Menezes: his life was taken aged 27
Please join the family campaigns from 1pm until around 3pm, Trafalgar Square to Downing Street. We want legal justice for the families of all of the people, more than a thousand who died at the hands of the police. The police must be accountable when they commit crimes. We are opposing a shoot-to-kill policy which Parliament never approved, and Blair is trying to justify execution by the British government of innocent people like Jean Charles de Menezes. We want you to join us in remembering those who have died, and to oppose this Blairite policy.

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The Re-Nationalization of World Politics and the End of the Liberal Era

28-10-2005 17:24

The empire has cut off its umbilical chord to the nation state and is no longer territorially limited.. The US under George W Bush strives for a global monopoly.. Naked imperialist policy now replaces liberal globalization.. The US is resolved to undermine the existing world system.

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29 day of hunger strike for Turkish conscientious objector in military jail

28-10-2005 16:49

Turkish gay conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan, now on 29th day of hunger strike in military prison, after being sentenced to four years for refusing to serve

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Drop Beats not Bombs 6 is coming: December 3rd 6am - 6pm

28-10-2005 16:37

Drop Beats not Bombs 6 is coming to the Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham on December 3rd 2005 from 6pm - 6am. Birmingham Indymedia will be screening films and shorts and providing a platform for conscious sounds and spoken word poetry. There will be stalls from grassroots groups from 6pm onwards. 100% of profits go to C.N.D. Advance tickets only £5

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America's "War on Terror": Part II

28-10-2005 12:38

The American attempt to dominate the Middle East inevitably produces a strong counter-reaction.. America's hegemonial foreign policy has led to a geo-strategic alliance between China and Russia.. The lights could go out over the whole world.