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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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emergency flotilla demo, nottingham, 4-5pm Heckler and Koch HQ

31-05-2010 13:37

Need there be more said?
demo at nottingham HQ of heckler and koch the gun makers, 4pm onwards, bring banners and anything else,
please come!!

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Statement of the Second Palestinian BDS Conference on the attack on the Flotilla

31-05-2010 12:23

Israel cannot be allowed to act with impunity

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Brighton Vigil against the Attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla

31-05-2010 12:18

In response to the massacre of members of the Gaza Aid Convoy

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Locations of gaza demos today

31-05-2010 11:28

More demos seem to be being called every minute - please post them up here so people know where to go.

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President Obama Should Be Honest About the Iran-Turkey-Brazil Nuclear Deal

30-05-2010 19:37

Brazilian President Lula, Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan, and their foreign ministers have been too polite in their characterization of President Obama's role in the nuclear deal they mediated with Iran last week.

For we now have documentary evidence that President Obama's Secretary of State and his White House spokesman are simply not telling the truth when they say that the Brazil-Turkey deal does not meet the standards that the United States has defined for an acceptable international arrangement on refueling the Tehran Research Reactor.

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Political crisis in Thailand that has led to my arrest warrant

30-05-2010 10:29

Arrest warrant issued for Prateep Ungsongtham Hata. Prateep is a Thai activist noted for her work with slum dwellers in the Khlong Toey district of Bangkok, Thailand. A former Senator for Bangkok, she was awarded the 1978 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service. She is Secretary General of the Duang Prateep Foundation.

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Nuclear Israel (by Latuff)

30-05-2010 00:59

Iran is a threat to peace, Israel is not.
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Cuba-Venezuela relationship: What can be said from an anarchist perspective?

29-05-2010 21:07

* This text appears in the June-July 2010 issue #59 of El Libertario, describing the position this voice of the Venezuelan anarchist movement takes regarding the close links between the governments of these two countries.

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Parliament Square - State Opening of Parliament - Pics

29-05-2010 12:32

Breakfast meeting in the peace garden
A selection of images from the Democracy Village and other goings on in Parliament Square, London on the day of the state opening of Parliament, on Tuesday, 25 May 2010.

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Targeting the Free Gaza Flotilla

29-05-2010 06:09

Israeli disinformation cannot hide the siege of Gaza.

According to an article in the Jerusalem Post on May 25, 2010, the Israeli “Navy is preparing an operational plan to stop the flotilla of nine ships–loaded with hundreds of international activists and thousands of tons of supplies–– which are scheduled to try and break the sea blockade on Gaza by anchoring in the newly-expanded port later this week.” The article describes a military campaign coordinated with a major media campaign.

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Obama's letter to Lula exposes US dishonesty with Iran

28-05-2010 22:38

Washington grew visibly nervous as signs emerged that Brazil and Turkey might achieve peacefully what threats and sanctions from major powers had not accomplished in Iran. Hours before the prime minister of Turkey and president of Brazil left for Tehran, Clinton told a Washington news conference their mission was doomed.

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Mordecai Vanunu has been jailed again, for going on a date.

28-05-2010 12:43

More than six years since leaving prison gates, Mordechai Vanunu, the nuclear informant, appeared in court in Jerusalem on Sunday to serve a three-month prison term imposed on him after he was found guilty of contacting foreign agents in 2007.

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CNI Expo

27-05-2010 14:52

The security industry, police and government are having a nice conference about "threats" (which appears to include naughty activists) at the Excel centre in London 2nd-3rd June 2010. for more information the conference is titled "security and resilience for the public and private sector".

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Demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy 27th May - Free Gaza!

26-05-2010 17:17

MV Rachel Corrie - part of the flotilla
The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is under threat from the Israeli navy and other Israeli forces, including Israeli civilian yachts, all determind to terrorise the Human Rights Defenders, in order to keep under barbaric siege 1.5 million Palestinian in Gaza .

Given the recent Israeli threats and the fate of the Spirit of Humanity, when in June 2009 the Israeli navy terrorised and kidnapped all on boards, there will be worldwide protests at Israeli embassies: London: Thu 27 May, 12-2pm

We will be joined by the mother of Alex Harrison, who last year was kidnapped from Spirit of Humanity, but is not giving up and is now on the flotilla.

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Obama Continues to Bully Iran

26-05-2010 15:33

No policy of the Obama administration better illustrates its fundamental mendacity than its policy of bullying Iran.

In his very first press conference following the election, President Obama was asked his response to Iranian leader Ahmadinejad’s congratulatory letter. He replied, changing the subject: “Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon, I believe, is unacceptable. And we have to mount an international effort to prevent that from happening.”

It was a clear signal to the outgoing administration and its neocon masters of the Big Lie that he would persevere in their crusade to topple the Tehran government, using the convenient ploy of nuclear fear-mongering.

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Political Comeback Marcos Family Alarming – Victims of Martial law

26-05-2010 01:13

PHILIPPINES - On April 27, 1977, urban poor leader Trinidad Herrera-Ripuno was arrested in Katipunan, Quezon City by virtue of an arrest and search and seizure order (ASSO) of then President Ferdinand Marcos. She was made to suffer brutal torture, which was meant to break her determination and spirit.

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Government hosts arms dealing conference in Nottingham

26-05-2010 00:06

Today the UK Government hosted a conference in Nottingham aimed at helping British arms companies boost their sales. Arms companies from across the country were invited to the swanky Nottingham Belfry hotel in Broxtowe for this one-day event, entitled "Selling to Defence & Security Markets".

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Korean stand-off: US soft power play to maintain aggression towards Iran

25-05-2010 19:05

North Korea's President Kim Jong-il
The tripartite Iranian declaration poses a potentially fatal blow to the US strategy of isolating Tehran, a strategy that has noting to do with Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions and everything to do with Washington’s deep desire for “regime change” – to bring the Islamic Republic back under US geopolitical control. The independence of Iran from western geopolitical imperatives in a vital energy region is what is at stake, not alleged nuclear ambitions.

A measure of how determined the US is in its need to subjugate the Iranian government can be seen from its curious, cuddly bear diplomacy over conflict in Korean Peninsula. An apparent act of war by a nuclear armed state is being cynically downplayed by the US simply because it needs China to effect further aggression towards Iran – a state which has neither nuclear weapons nor at war with anyone.

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Iran Urges West to Accept Enrichment Deal

25-05-2010 17:32

"The deal is materially the same one the Obama Administration endorsed just a few months ago and was demanding that Iran agree to as recently as last month, but the US has condemned the deal, demanding Iran submit the offer formally for consideration by the IAEA, which they did today.

But diplomats familiar with the situation say that the prospect of a deal is very unlikely, particularly as the Obama Administration moves forward with plans to sanction Iran which were nominally designed to punish them for not agreeing to the deal in the first place."

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Supplanting the United States Constitution: War, National Emergency and "Continu

25-05-2010 16:48

Under the Reagan administration (1981-89), the purpose of the “Continuity of Government” (COG) national emergency planning had officially changed: Extraordinary emergency measures, originally designed for an America devastated in a nuclear attack, were now to be applied to anything the US President considered an emergency.

Clearly 9/11 met the conditions for the imposition of COG measures, and we know for certain that COG planning was instituted on that day in 2001, before the last plane had crashed in Pennsylvania.

It is also clear that the planning by Cheney, Rumsfeld and others in the last two decades was not confined to an immediate response to 9/11.

What few have recognized is that nearly a decade after 9/11, COG plans are still authorized by a proclamation of national emergency that has been extended each year by presidential authority, most recently by President Obama in September 2009.