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NFIP end-of-summer social and book sale planned

02-09-2005 13:54

This is to inform you that we will be having our (late) Summer Social on the 1st of October at The Place, Sherwood. As usual, it is food, music, and fun to raise funds for our friends in Iraq. This year, we plan to raise additional funds by having a BOOK SALE... can you help/ contribute?

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01-09-2005 23:19

Media release - for immediate release

Mass protests planned for London arms fair

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The Amnesty International Pink Tank 'On Patrol'

01-09-2005 12:19

"Love is a human right"

tooooo right!

This is such a serious bit of kit. It really did need its picture taking .....

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Banned book from former UK ambassador available online

01-09-2005 08:05

Craig Murray was the UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who raised objections to the UK using evidence obtained gained under torture. A preview of the book the government is trying to ban is available online on 1st September only.

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Art of War : Hostage of the "Christian Right"

01-09-2005 02:40

War Prisoner
Hostage of the "Christian Right"

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CIRCA London batallion DSEi communique

31-08-2005 19:50

Communique number something-or-other of the London batallion of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army: DSEi is coming to town!

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INDEFENSIBLE – ox-imc screening – Sept 4th

31-08-2005 18:04

DSEI direct action screening by oxford indymedia

Building for this year’s actions against the merchants of death

Sunday 4th September – 8pm - East Oxford Community Social Club
(the bar in East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road and Princes St)

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noborder action Xanthi

31-08-2005 10:30

on the demonstration in Xanthi - "a world without borders"
In Xanthi, in Greece, antirascist action days take place from 25th till 28th of august.
Yesterday there was a demonstration with about 200 people in Komotini against the nearby refugee prison and a successfull attack against the prison in Vna.
The camp finishes today, there were no arrests.

(translation 31.8.2005, original 28.8.2005)

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Indonesia's Human Rights Violations Report

31-08-2005 07:17

LEST WE FORGET How you can go about reading the secret Indonesian government report that investigated gross human rights violations occurring in East Timor during 1999.

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Video of right wing 'Protest Warriors' fleeing Crawford pro-war rally

31-08-2005 06:09

4:30 minute video. About two thousand people converged in Crawford for the “Cindy (Sheehan) Doesn’t Speak for Me” rally Saturday. However, in a odd turn of events, and despite repeated pleadings that “we are on your side, we are on the right,” the rally turned on conservative youth "Protest Warriors."

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The american way to Iran ?

31-08-2005 00:26

has anyone heard the rumours going around about all american forces leave behind cancelled from september 14th to november/december time ?

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Cycle for peace photos from Great Cumbrae Sunday 28th August.

30-08-2005 18:04

Here are 5 photos from the cycle for peace event for the Justice for Gordon Gentle campaign on Sunday 28th August.

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30-08-2005 14:35 AT THE OPERA
The police gang like to fence the protestors in and surround them grunting and staring is the tactic and if taxpayers are prepared to be pushed to that level then it is time to stand up for your rights to protest as well. Don't let them stand over your youth and fellow citizens who should be allowed to protest and demonstrate without feeling sick in the stomach with fear and worried about being there.

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Campaigners launch arms fair protest plans

30-08-2005 10:47

As local government, London Mayor Ken Livingstone and even the Metropolitan Police speak out against Europe's largest arms fair, to be held in London's Docklands from 13-16 September, the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) announce a week of protests and events during the fair.

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Next CamPeace Meeting -- 1st September

29-08-2005 16:33

Come and discuss the implications for civil liberties of the
Government's anti-terrorism legislation at a CamPeace meeting this
Thursday, 1 September at Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane, Cambridge
at 7.30pm.

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Fishing expedition pays off

28-08-2005 23:30

Arrest after ASIO fishing expedition
But what he actually implied was that there is no proof that Bin Laden was the culprit in his mind. Fair enough because that is what a lot of people actually think too. So what is the difference between us and him? He was raided and a fishing expedition took place in his home giving the authorities material that was otherwise private and confidential.

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28-08-2005 21:22

DSEi (Defence Systems and Equipment International), the world's largest arms fair, takes place biennially at the ExCeL centre in London's Docklands, sponsored by the British Government.

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CAMP CASEY - DAY 20 - Cindy Sheehan's Report

28-08-2005 20:09

I finally figured out George Bush's NEW reason for staying in Iraq. This reason has also been co-opted by the Move America Forward and the poor mothers who would be honored if their sons were killed in George Bush's war for greed and power. More ...