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INDEFENSIBLE – ox-imc screening – Sept 4th

richarddirecttv | 31.08.2005 18:04 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | Oxford

DSEI direct action screening by oxford indymedia

Building for this year’s actions against the merchants of death

Sunday 4th September – 8pm - East Oxford Community Social Club
(the bar in East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road and Princes St)



In September 2003, Europe’s largest arms fair came to London.

We were there to meet it.

In September 2005, it comes to London again.....


A documentary from Indymedia UK on DSEi 2003, the world’s largest arms fair, brought to you courtesy of the British government. Unfortunately, the government rather carelessly forgot to consult with those who foot the bill for this circus of death, the British people. Happily, the people decided to conduct their own consultation exercise instead…

A blockade of the Thames by an armada of inflatable toy dragons, mirrored on the roads by activists atop their trusty tripods or linked to each other and the nearest available lamppost with arm-tubes, and of course the unavoidable delays on the DLR due to lock-ons, preventing military hardware as well as delegates from reaching the conference centre. Those delegates that did manage to find a train running, found themselves confronted by ‘thinking aloud’ caricatures of themselves courtesy of Space-Hijackers. Those that made it as far as the conference centre were no doubt charmed to meet up with The Affinity Group, a brand new PR company hitting the arms fair scene in a big way.

At the screening, meet some of the staff from “Affinity PR”, and learn how to use a tripod for more than resting a camera from the Oxford activists that did it.