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09-04-2004 16:55

A Hearing on the Project for the New American Century ( PNAC) and its war policies put into effect under the Bush administration by the invasion of Iraq

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Birmingham Indymedia screening of We Interrupt this Empire... 15th April 7:30pm

09-04-2004 16:41

Birmingham Indymedia presents the second of its film screenings across the City in the lead up to its launch.

We are showing 'We Interrupt this Empire' along with some shorts and clips of direct action and community news followed by discussion and some conscious sounds...

The films start at 7:30pm at the Unit, Dennis Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Look out for details of our future screenings at the Custard Factory (early May) and the mac (17th June)

Entrance is £2/£3 and no-one will be turned away through lack of funds.

Please help to distribute the attached flier...

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BBC Poll Finds That US + Globalisation Are A Bigger Threat Than Terror

09-04-2004 15:32

A BBC Poll of 1500 international people finds 52% think US and Globalisation are a bigger threat than terror.

(although quite what the difference is between these I dont get. ed)

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Support the popular uprising of the Iraqi people!

09-04-2004 10:37

The town of Falluja is the emblematic stronghold of the Iraqi resistance. The occupants were forced to withdraw from the city already by last autumn limiting themselves to daylight patrolling. The support of all strata of society for the armed resistance is overwhelming. But Falluja is only one outstanding example for a tendency affecting the entire country.

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BP AGM protest, 10am, Thursday 15th April, Oil Festi Hall

09-04-2004 10:19

Greetings from the Oil Festival Hall
10am: Meet and greet the shareholders
10-3.30pm: Rally, performance and open mic:
Sound system, Rhythms of Resistance samba band, voices from Colombia, the Caspian
Region and other oil-cursed areas, poets, musicians, ranters, diggers and dreamers…
3pm:      The Beginning is Nigh! Say Bye Bye (Planet) to shareholders and contemplate 
saying farewell to BP for good.
Bring banners, drums, voices, music and friends

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To the peoples of the world - Fom Occupied Iraq

09-04-2004 10:15

Falluja Children
The Iraqi people call for international solidarity as they resist attacks by US-led Occupation Forces. It is clear that these attacks are designed to terrorize entire populations of Iraqi towns and neighborhoods.

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Protest Photo Show - LAST DAY today

09-04-2004 05:57

An exhibition in Gloucester of photographs of last year's protests is closing today.

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Ex Aussie PM & Vietnam Defense Minister says Iraq like Vietnam

08-04-2004 23:42

Former Australian PM and Defence Minister during the Vietnam War, Malcolm Fraser, says Iraq just like Vietnam

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Making the military accountable.

08-04-2004 22:37

Potentially this now opens the way for other innocent victims of British troops to claim for damages against the Ministry of Defence. It also raises the question of Troops being held directly responsible for their actions. Any other employee who killed another innocent person while carrying out their duties would be held accountable and criminal charges brought against them for the death. Why should the armed forces be any different?

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Bush's Vietnam (by Latuff)

08-04-2004 20:48

Bush's Vietnam
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their struggle against foreign occupation.

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08-04-2004 13:01

Some thoughts from the Easter Bunny

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Kettles and Pots -a view from Baghdad

08-04-2004 12:40

Check out this Baghdad resident's blog on the last few days
things are getting fucked up big time

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Iraq protest happening later today (8th April) 3pm outside Downing Street

08-04-2004 11:27

Urgent - protest today against Mr Blair's

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[Biddu] Israeli Soldiers Violently Attack Unarmed Protesters

08-04-2004 10:07

April 8th 2004

As this report is being sent out, bulldozers are at work destroying more of Biddu's farmland. Villagers, international and Israeli peace activists attempting to confront these bulldozers are again being violently attacked. Please ask your local media to cover this story of the Israeli military and government's blatant disregard for Palestinian land and livelihood, the violence used to grab the land away from its owners, and the unarmed yet determined civilian force trying to stop it.

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Misinformation From the U.S. Military?

08-04-2004 07:45

CAIRO ( -- As tensions mount in Iraq and some media outlets label events an Iraqi uprising, U.S. military sources may have commited a faux-pas in explaining Wednesday's rocket attack on a mosque in Fallujah, which left some 40 civilians dead.

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A Tangled Web of Lies about Iraq

07-04-2004 18:45

The continuous succession of lies about Iraq and the ever-changing rationalizations for an illegal and immoral war against the Iraqi people.

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Personal [non-corporate] Account From Haiti

07-04-2004 16:41

Recently - March 23-April 2nd - I travelled to Haiti with the first major post-coup delegation, with the Quixote Centre of Washington, D.C. Below are some of my sentiments drawing from the recent experience.

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Falluja - A massacre happening right NOW

07-04-2004 15:00

Graphic images from Al Jazeera show the victims of the coalition's dirty war.

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Hundreds prepare to march against UK WMD - join us!

07-04-2004 12:04

marching in style in '58
This Easter will see an historic weekend of action to say no to a new generation of nuclear weapons being developed in the UK. People are marching in 2004 to call on the British government to stop the upgrade of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston, Berkshire, and prevent any further and unlawful development of Britain's Weapons of Mass Destruction.