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Ex Aussie PM & Vietnam Defense Minister says Iraq like Vietnam

sunirmalya symons | 08.04.2004 23:42 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

Former Australian PM and Defence Minister during the Vietnam War, Malcolm Fraser, says Iraq just like Vietnam

Former conservative Prime Minister of Australia and Defence Minister during the Vietnam War, Malcolm Fraser, has said the occupation of Iraq parallels the Vietnam War.
"In both cases, you had a largely American army, not completely but largely, trying to support or establish a state in a country that was foreign and alien to them."
If opposition to the occupation grew, more people would be killed and more would want America out, Mr Fraser said.
"It's not just the Shiites that came out in force, or one section of the Shiites, it's not just the Sunnis, it's not just the loyalists to Saddam Hussein, it's Iraqis who want America out," he said.
Mr Fraser said he doubted the American military's insistence it was in control in Iraq as it was reminiscent of the assurances the world received about the US being in control of the situation in Vietnam. He said the killing in Iraq could be stemmed if control was handed to the United Nations.

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