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PRESS RELEASE: President Bush declares war on bicycles.

15-05-2006 04:22

The following is a transcript of the President's address to the Nation.

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An elephant in the Oval Office?

14-05-2006 22:41


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The Oil Wars

14-05-2006 18:13

There is a lot of noise coming from Washington these days about uranium enrichment in Iran. We know the script, we've seen it all before. It's another petro-dollars war and the people of Iran are about to feel the terror.

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Beep if U luv Brian

14-05-2006 16:23

Brian tries on his mask for size
Almost a week has passed since the courts found the Brian Haw protest to be illegal after all; yet Brian and- today - forty or fifty supporters are still very present in Parliament Square.

Add the constant beeping of passing motorists, responding to the new "Beep for Brian" sign, and it's pretty clear that the level of support and the focus of publicity is making it difficult for police to enforce the judgement.

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Leading US anti-war activist speaks in Cambridge June 15th

14-05-2006 14:51

Poster (small version)
Anthony Arnove, leading US anti-war activist and author of Iraq; the logic of withdrawal is speaking in Cambridge on Thursday 15th June

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14-05-2006 13:58

Presidential Advisor and former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove aka (Bush's Brain) is indicted on charges of perjury and lying to investigators.

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BREAKING: Chief Bush Advisor Indicted - Perjury!

13-05-2006 21:50

And Lying to Investigators!

He's Going Down!

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Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two International Peace Activists In The Head at Bil’in

13-05-2006 14:45

Activists Shot and Beaten at Peaceful Anti-wall Protest.

“I saw blood gushing out of his head, and helped bandage it. As we were getting him into the ambulance an Israeli soldier grabbed his long hair and they all tried to stop him from leaving in the ambulance even though they knew he was injured”, said American eyewitness Zadie Susser who saw Phillip Reiss from Austraila sitting in shock immediately after he was hit.

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IF U ENJOY FREEDOM 2 PROTEST, then support Brian Haw @ Parliament Sq tomorrow

13-05-2006 14:05

It is crucial that anyone who enjoys the freedom to protest in this country joins the solidarity gathering for Brian Haw tomorrow (Sunday) at Parliament Square, at 12pm, where Brian has been conducting his remarkable constant vigil for murdered children in Iraq 24/7 for the last five years, and who, upon learning of the High Court Appeal judgement against his protest is now at risk of being removed under from this place of protest - probably the most prominent location of protest that there could be in the context of the Iraq war.

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The US Government is taking us for suckers. Do the sums... I did.

13-05-2006 10:43

I have recently spent several hours collating and considering the statistical data relating to the so-called 'War on Terror'.

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Main Bush Advisor Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

12-05-2006 23:41


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Hundreds of Thousands in NY City March Against the War

12-05-2006 21:06

AGAIN, corporate media ignores a massive war
protest. Hundreds of thousands protested
immigration laws, and the corporate media had
helicoptors in several cities giving hourly updates
to these demonstrations.

But two days earlier on April 29 hundreds of
thousands of people in the streets of New York
City protesting the war in Iraq were given a ten
second soundbite of the podium where Cyndee
Sheehan and Rev. Jackson stood.

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(video) Fallen Soldier Memorial (by Latuff)

12-05-2006 12:58

Fallen Soldier Memorial
Copyleft video by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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12-05-2006 12:44


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Australian Wheat Board inquiry underscores real motivations behind Iraq war

12-05-2006 04:14

The UN “oil-for-food” program
The same is true of the AWB inquiry. Its aim has not been to establish the truth about Australian wheat sales to Iraq, but rather to try to bury the scandal. Australian Prime Minister John Howard chose a trusted acquaintance, Terence Cole, to head the inquiry and ensured its terms of reference were narrowly confined to examining the AWB’s wrongdoing, thus excluding his government’s role in supervising the contracts.

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Mersey Councils Invest In Death

12-05-2006 00:28

Councils across Merseyside and Cheshire are pouring more than £28m into the world's largest arms companies - including Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. As if that wasn't enough, they've also got a £3 million stake in Halliburton - Dick Cheney's favourite oil company!

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11-05-2006 23:29

a homeless child in Palestine
Please join thousands in signing a petition that may encourage the international community to head off the serious humanitarian crises in Palestine from getting even worse. There is also a link to this on Dr. Marcy Newman’s blog Additional information about the region and political action at
Please copy, e-mail and distribute this as widely as possible.

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Turkish, Iranian armies build up forces: Response to US Build-Ups & Covert Ops

11-05-2006 21:53

The "Iraq Treatment" proving useless against Iran, it appears that in sending Kurdish Colonial Auxiliaries and Covert Operatives into Iran - funded with money stolen from the Iraqi People - the Bush/PNAC Regime appears to be attempting to create a military crisis along Iraq's border.