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Jack Straw - complicit in torture. Labour North West - complicit with Jack Straw

08-12-2005 13:04

Jack Straw did not "act alone" in his decision to co-operate with the United States government's torture programme. Labour North West could have stopped him, but they didn't. They actively supported Straw in May 2005, even when the extent of his torture complicity was becoming very clear.

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Oxford group campaigns against human rights abuses in Iran

07-12-2005 19:56

Flyer, courtesy of NCRI
MEETING: Thursday 15 December, 10.00am to 13.30pm
VENUE: Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London

With the increasingly belligerent noises coming out of Washington about the current Iranian regime and its stance on nuclear power and weapons, Oxford’s Iranian exiles and their supporters have been getting increasingly alarmed at the possibility of a US attack or even invasion....(Continues below poster)

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Gang of Four: anti-militarist music

07-12-2005 16:47

gang of Four return with new recordings of old songs.

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Merseyside and The Palestinians

07-12-2005 15:20

Student Under Occupation
Palestine continues to be one of the major issues for activists on Merseyside with film showings, music nights and a stunning student twinning campaign all in the past few weeks.

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Annapolis in Wonderland

07-12-2005 04:09

The present international instability could result in one or numerous other horrendous scenarios. However, the one glaring consistency or constant in today’s international political arena is the hatred that America has attracted from the rest of the world. Regardless of any other consideration, a nation despised by all is doomed. The USA has earned its reward by its blatant double standards, hypocrisy and the serial exploitation of weaker nations. These are the direct causes of the retaliatory response on American interests worldwide. The so-called “terrorists” are only a minor distraction while the real war unfolds.

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Anti-liberty laws should never be passed

05-12-2005 22:54

The Law Council of Australia placed advertisements in newspapers
Law Council president John North said the laws were flawed because they allowed people to be held without charge. "There's no amount of tinkering with those laws that can save the badness of that particular law," he said.

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'Sister defends Un-Australian lies'

05-12-2005 21:43

Denied her brother wants to harm!
Ms Jamal said yesterday that depicting her brother as a terrorist was unfair. She said she knew her older brother better than anyone and that his bad past had nothing to do with terrorism.

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Iraq took away our innocence!- Spc. Douglas Barber OIF Vet with PTSD

05-12-2005 21:33

Interview with Spc. Douglas Barber- OIF Vet suffering from PTSD

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EDO Appeal change of court

05-12-2005 18:48

The Crown Court Appeal of 3 defendants for Aggravated Trespass resulting from a rooftop occupation has been moved from Lewes Crown Court to Hove Crown Court.

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BBC's Stephen Sackur backs CIA torture

05-12-2005 16:06

Many listeners to Radio 4's Today Programme will have been shocked this morning to hear their new presenter Stephen Sackur apparently supporting the use of torture.

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Free Mehmet Tarhan! Gay conscientious objector jailed in Turkey

05-12-2005 14:03

Free Mehmet Tarhan!
Gay conscientious objector jailed in Turkey
9 December 2005: International Day of Action
Picket Turkish Airlines in London 9 December 12 - 2pm
125 Pall Mall SW1 (corner of Haymarket) Charing Cross Tube
The protest in London is organised by Wages Due Lesbians and Payday

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Here we go round the scapegoat bush!

05-12-2005 01:09

Now how do you secure 18 men on false and misleading charges
Now how do you secure 18 men on false and misleading charges made during a 'scapegoat' 'fishing expedition' last month? You get some poor soul locked up in a military prison in Lebanon to verbal them by offering him a bribe! Shame hoWARd, shame on you!

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Ian Blair and free masons

04-12-2005 18:26

Ian Blair was given an award by Thames Valley University. These people are sick and it shows how sick the masonic old boys network that rules Britain beind the scenes with their secret codes. That is why crime is so high in the UK, and has increased under New Labour and Ian Blair. Tony Blair's New Labour Party want us to fear. The sick award is after the murder in cold blood of an innocent man Jean Charles de Menezes. I think people should protest at the University. Ian Blair is a liar and when he's the most senior man in charge of the British police force it shows how corrupt the UK is. Ian Blair gave the orders for a shoot to kill policy and Ian Blair lied and was involved in a cover up in the Jean Charles de Menezes case. Ian Blair is as guilty as the evil bastards who pulled the trigger 11 times to shoot Jean Charles de Menezes at point Blank. The newspapers have been saying Ian Blair welcomes an inquiry into the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, he is trying to make himself look innocent and accountable. Ian Blair obstructed the independent IPCC investigation into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes. He is gulity like those who pulled the trigger, just as Hitler was guilty of giving order, and because of Tony Blair is so corrupt he has avoided being sacked so far. I would welcome his resignation and prosection.

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ACLU, el-Masri SUING CIA for Flight to Prison, Torture

03-12-2005 19:25

The famous "26 Planes"
CIA prisons and CIA flights are a growing front-page story, and Khaled el-Masri is a good example of why we all should oppose extrajudcial flights and prisons. El-Masri is the first to sue the CIA for "rendition," or kidnapping-to-torture. The ACLU in New York will assist. This article presents the kind of information they will use. He can't sue the CIA? There are private individuals he can sue, including top officials like the CIA official, the Deputy Director of Operations, who authorizes each rendition and each of 6 steps in the escalation of CIA torture. Once-proud Germany allows its citizens to be treated thus: Khaled, a German citizen charged and suspected of nothing, was arrested on vacation as he crossed the Macedonian border on New Year's Eve 2003. He was transported by a US company, Premier Executive Transport, on a 737 jet to a secret US gulag in Aghanistan. He was dumped in Albania 5 months later when the CIA learned they had the wrong man. It would seem Premier, who provided the plane, and whatever company supplied the pilots, could be sued as well. Many such suits could ensue.

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Neocons 'R' Bushed

03-12-2005 16:01

In all of America, Bush could not have chosen a less critical, more muzzled and gullible crowd to peddle his pull-out from the quagmire. No embarrassing outbursts from this plebeian crowd, only rapturous ovation on every cue.

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BREAKING: new allegations against mercenaries in Iraq

03-12-2005 13:32

Booman Tribune has now obtained a copy of a memo that implicates employees of a second private security company, Triple Canopy, Inc., an American firm operating in Iraq, in the possible homicide of two Iraqi civilians on the road from Ramadi to Amman near the Jordanian border in December, 2004.

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Neo-Crazies Already Planning Beyond Iran

03-12-2005 10:32

The madmen are still influencing the Whitehouse!

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police try to 'negotiate' EDO march

02-12-2005 17:36

Sussex police are trying to get activists to meet in advance of the rally and march in Brighton town centre on December 10th. Here are the last two mails from Sussex Event Liaison Officer Sean McDonald.

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November issue of Ceasefire

02-12-2005 14:30

The November issue of Ceasefire, an independent student magazine for peace and justice, is available online. Contributions and support are always welcome.

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Smash EDO - Judge tells lawyer to get lawyer

02-12-2005 13:11