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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Barclays targeted with the truth - more pictures.

30-11-2009 01:38

The truth writ large!
On Saturday morning (28-11-2009), I saw something so stunningly simple, and yet so effective and epic in it's scale as a work of activism that it blew my mind.

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Smash EDO - Brighton Target Barclays launch Demo Pics

28-11-2009 21:49

On the 28th a large demonstration was held in Brighton outside the bank's North Street branch, a letter was handed in to the branch manager, thousands of leaflets were given out and two Barclays customers, after reading the leaflet, told picketers that they would close their accounts. A Barclays spokesperson, speaking to the Brighton Argus, said “Barclays Group provides financial services to the defence sector within a specific policy framework." One can only guess that framework is to generate as much profit as possible for themselves

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Target Baclays Action in Cambridge

28-11-2009 17:40

barclays cambridge
Some pixies carved on the side of the market square barclays a message against its investments in the arms trade.

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Barclays Bank in Wrexham targeted

28-11-2009 15:48

Redecorating Barclays' brand new shop front
Activists held a demonstration outside the brand new branch of Barclays Bank in Hope Street, Wrexham this morning in solidarity with Smash EDO's Target Barclays Campaign. Barclays have located their shiny new 'shop front' branch, at a cost of more than £1 million, in a pedestrianised area with some very useful railings right in front of the doorway, just perfect for mounting a visual display to make the point about Barclays' links with the global arms trade.

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U.S. Still Plans Assault on Latin America. Will We Stop this Madness?

28-11-2009 15:29

"In an explicit attempt to hide Washington’s military objectives in South America, a U.S. Air Force document submitted to Congress in May 2009 that provoked deep concerns in the region has been modified and re-published on November 16, 2009. The official U.S. Air Force document, revealed and denounced by this author on November 4th, explained the justification for a $46 million request to improve the military installations in one of the seven bases Washington will occupy under the military accord signed on October 30th between Colombia and the United States. The modified document has eliminated all mention of war and military operations in the region, as well as offensive language directed at Colombia’s neighbors, Venezuela and Ecuador."

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Filipino Workers Condemn Maguindanao Massacre

28-11-2009 02:34

APL dares gov’t to severely punish brains, perpetrators of Maguindanao massacre

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The Iraq War ‘Inquiry’: ‘Revelations’? What revelations?

27-11-2009 22:17

I read with amazement the ‘revelations’ concerning war criminal Tony Blair’s visit to Camp Crawford in March 2002 where Bush/Blair decided that ‘regime change’ was the order of the day. But there’s nothing new about these ‘revelations’, indeed I and many others reported this meeting literally years ago.

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Philippines: Abduction and killings of journalists, politicians and civilians

27-11-2009 00:11

Maguindanao Massacre
A group of about 45 people (latest news figure is now 57) were ambushed and abducted by about 100 armed men, according to reports. The military recovered the bodies of 13 women and eight men—some of them mutilated.

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10:10 campaign lunacy promotes arms trade

26-11-2009 10:56

The 10:10 campaign nails it's supporting colours to the mast of murderers.

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Press Release - Smash EDO Launches Anti-Barclays Campaign

26-11-2009 09:54

Press Release

26th November 2009

Contact: Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett for further details
Tel: 07754135290, E mail:

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Order Out of Chaos: CIA, Blackwater Responsible for Bombings in Pakistan

26-11-2009 08:51

bombing of Islamabad's Marriott Hotel in September 2008
CIA bombing campaigns and assassinations, conducted by the mercenary group Blackwater (Now Xe Services), are part of an effort to keep the “barbarians from coming together” and create a situation requiring a continuation and expansion of the contrived global war on terrorism.

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The Value of Fear

25-11-2009 10:09

"We do not negotiate with terrorists". The mantra has long been a cherished value of western democracies. In reality all the major powers have at some stage been lowered to discussions with militants, from Northern Ireland to Iraq. Now Israel seems on the verge of granting their fiercest enemies of Hamas a major coup with the mooted released of up to 1,000 prisoners. What message does this send?

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Trident replacement - views from Wrexham

24-11-2009 16:04

Wrexham peace activists canvass public opinion on Trident replacement.

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Warwick students disrupt careers fair to protest against arms companies

23-11-2009 11:56

Earlier last week, students at the University of Warwick disrupted an
engineering and technology careers fair attended by a number of arms companies,
including Rolls Royce, DSTL, MBDA, Thales, QinetiQ and BAE Systems.

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Army Parade on 5th. December

23-11-2009 11:20

Demonstrate Against the War in Afghanistan

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Israel's War on Students

23-11-2009 09:51

To Palestinian students there is nothing strange about suffering for their degree. Israeli restrictions seem designed to thwart academic potential, arresting lecturers, embargoing equipment and shutting down whole universities

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Smash EDO Events Update

22-11-2009 22:15

Here comes your sporadic campaign update. In this email
-New campaign started against Barclays
-Remember Gaza Smash EDO mass demo
-Council Petition
-Fundraiser at Hector's House

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Global warfare: US military operations in all major regions of the World

22-11-2009 15:21

US military presence per country (2009) [map by David Vine]
Not only does one country account for the overwhelming plurality of world military expenditures, but that nation also has troops and bases on all six habitable continents (as well as a 54-year military mission in Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze) and eleven aircraft carrier strike groups and six navy fleets that roam the world's oceans and seas at will. It is also expanding a global interceptor missile system on land, on sea, in the air and into space that will leave it invulnerable to retaliation.

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Philippines 'could become another Afghanistan for USA'

22-11-2009 08:44

PHILIPPINE revolutionaries are warning that their country could become another Afghanistan for the USA.