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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Don't forget to register for the Aldermaston Big Blockade - Sunday-Monday!

24-10-2008 11:17

Taking last minute bookings for the Aldermaston Big Blockade, Sunday 26 / Monday 27 October.
Call 0845 45 88 361 / 07804 640 643 or email blockawe [at]
Please let us know if you / your group plan to come, even if you don't need accommodation / food / transport (useful for the media)!

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Lebanon: "Nahr al-Bared Between Past and Present" (Video)

24-10-2008 10:59

A part of the destroyed refugee camp
New short film on current developments in the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Camp.

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Raytheon Protest, Bristol - 24 hour roof occupation

24-10-2008 09:36

On Going - support needed!

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50 Years of CND - Peacemakers reunion gig...

24-10-2008 00:00

CND 50th Anniversary
Merseyside CND's very own big band the 'Peacemakers' make a return with their premier English folk/worldbeat. Jigs, reels, ska grooves, afrobeat horns.

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50th Anniversary of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

23-10-2008 21:57

To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Nottingham CND is holding an evening of Lively Music, Poetry and Prose

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Message from Smash EDO - thanks to all those who cam to Shut ITT//Halloween Demo

23-10-2008 12:09

the Shut ITT demonstration was held last Wednesday in Brighton...

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UK nuclear tests left 'disease timebomb'

23-10-2008 11:36

UK nuclear tests conducted in the 1950s have left veterans and their children with a variety of congenital diseases, according to a backbench Tory MP.

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Urgent update - 'power through wind not weapons campaign' needs you to get involved

23-10-2008 10:04

About the planning application Rolls Royce Raynesway have in to rebuild the nuclear fuel manufacturing plant and nuclear test reactor on the same site which is on a zone 3a flood plain.

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Campaigners to blockade nuclear bomb factory to mark World Disarmament Week

23-10-2008 09:25

Trident Ploughshares has called a major blockade of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston near Reading during UN World Disarmament Week [2], on Monday 27 October.

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Swedish Peace Activists Repeatedly Break Into Weapon Factories

23-10-2008 08:20

Using hammers and bolt cutters, peace activists repeatedly broke into weapon plants and damaged weapons in Sweden. Activists from the Swedish group OFOG/Avrusta admitted damaging twenty high explosive grenade launchers as well as internal parts to a Howitzer 77. Five people were arrested. Two remain in jail. Two activists who were arrested and released were re-arrested after they returned to the weapons plant to do more damage. A fifth person was arrested Saturday in another break in. All are facing trial on charges from criminal damage to trespass at places of national security.

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Students Target Unethical Career Corporatism

22-10-2008 22:37

Grim reapers
On Monday 20th October the annual AISEC Careers fair commenced at Nottingham University, featuring many organisations with despicable or at least dubious ethical credentials and social-responsibility records, including BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Qinetiq, E.On, BP, RBS, MoD and the army. The fair also featured some student activists and Grim Reapers who had made an appearance in order to remind fellow students of the deadly consequences of working in the arms trade or climate change industry.

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Trident on trial: Judge defends nuclear proliferators Rolls Royce

22-10-2008 13:52

Preliminary report on trial of anti-Trident protesters charged with blockading Rolls Royce's Raynesway factory in Derby. Rolls Royce make the nuclear propulsions systems and fuel rods for nuclear submarines, including the Trident nuclear missile-armed Vanguard class based at Faslane in Scotland.

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Crimethinc // Fashion Tips for the Brave - Important Bloc Fashion Tips!

21-10-2008 13:58

With people being encouraged to wear red, green and various other colours when attending large demos where police confrontation and direct action has taken place this article seems to be quite important.

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Richard Gage AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth @ UCL

21-10-2008 13:30

Don't miss this historic event...

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Space Hijackers at the DSEi Baby Show

21-10-2008 12:58

The Hijacker Marketing Team
Sometimes it baffles even the warped minds of the Space Hijackers to see what the people we battle against decide to do. It really is true that life is stranger than fiction.

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Brighton Delegation Arrives in Palestine

21-10-2008 11:05

Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Press Release


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Help shut down Britain's nuclear bomb factory on Monday 27 October!

20-10-2008 20:18

Rebel clowns at Aldermaston, Easter Monday 2008 (D. Viesnik)
The Aldermaston Big Blockade needs YOU to make it really BIG! On Monday 27 October, let's shut down the AWE nuclear death factory and stop its deadly and dangerous work on weapons of mass destruction. Get yourself / your group down to Reading on Sunday 26 October, by 2pm. We'll feed you delicious vegan food, train you, brief you, put you up overnight, transport you to Aldermaston early on Monday morning and pick you up from the police station if you get arrested! (Arrest is optional.)

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Old Wars, New Wars and Election '08 - video stream

20-10-2008 12:58

Jonathan Hutto, Sr., author "Anti-War Soldier"
Both McCain and Obama are pro-war candidates. Google Video link to this new Labor Beat (Chicago) video. 18 minutes.

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Near-nuclear disaster at Atomic Weapons Establishment

19-10-2008 14:44

It was revealed this week that last July, the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) site at Burghfield in Berkshire was so severely flooded that it came within 2 to 3 hours of a criticality, in which there was a risk of a plutonium cloud being released that would potentially have affected millions. In addition, alarm systems failed for ten days.

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Iraq: Ending the War Without End

19-10-2008 10:50

The three participants in the third U.S. presidential debate last week pretended Iraq didn't exist, but if you go to a rally of supporters for either candidate it's the top issue talked about.