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MoD in 'disgrace' as safety breaches at Trident bases reach record high

28-09-2008 11:18

From Sunday Herald:

Lapses at Faslane and Coulport include power failures, spilled radioactive waste and contaminated workers.

By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

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Israeli exporter shut down as part of 'Boycott Israeli Goods' week of action

28-09-2008 05:23

the blockade this morning
Human rights activists have occupied and shut down the HQ and only UK freight warehouse of Carmel-Agrexco, Israel's largest agricultural exporter from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Both gates to the Carmel-Agrexco depot in Hayes, Middlesex, have been blocked. Four protesters have locked themselves inside a cage blocking one gate, while another is D-locked to the other gate.

The action in the early hours of Sunday morning was timed to coincide with a Week of Action called by the Boycott Israeli Goods campaign ( Protests against the sale of produce from apartheid Israel have taken place outside supermarkets around the country, which account for 60% of Carmel-Agrexco's total exports.

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27-09-2008 13:43

Palestinian David v. Goliath
It was Mr. Obama who seemed more aligned with President Bush's current policy of authorizing American special forces to cross the Afghan-Pakistan border into Pakistan's tribal areas that Al Qaeda and the Taliban have used as a sanctuary.

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Concrete Roadblock Action 4 Palestine

27-09-2008 03:46

"Flying" Israeli roadblock in the Palestinian area of Tulkarem.
At about 3.30am this morning political activists with tipper trucks blocked the entrances to Israeli company Carmel Agrexco.

The tipper trucks dumped builders rubble across both gates of the company headquarters in Hayes; similar barriers are common in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Carmel Agrexco is a 50 percent Israeli state owned fresh produce importer, and much of this produce comes from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. In fact, 70 percent of all illegal settlement exports are made by Carmel Agrexco.

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'Fool Me Twice': Documentary screening on 2002 Bali bombings (Monday 29 Sept.)

26-09-2008 18:37

Film showing: 'Fool Me Twice' – a documentary film about the Bali bombings of 12 October 2002.

The film will be followed by a general discussion on the 'war on terror' and
progress of the 9/11 Truth movement on the 7th anniversary of the atrocities.

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Public Meeting on Independent Kashmir Movement

26-09-2008 14:09





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Pre-election Militarization of the North American Homeland

26-09-2008 07:06

What is envisaged is the possibility of a (false flag) terrorist attack on America, which could be used as a justification for retaliatory military action in overseas as well actions on the domestic front.

It would appear that the emergency tasks helping civilians is a cover-up. This is a combat unit, which is trained and equipped to kill people.

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Saving Iceland Targets International Aluminium Conference

25-09-2008 23:00

Today, the 11th International Conference on Aluminium Aloys (ICAA) met with angry protests. Activists from the environmentalist network Saving Iceland disrupted the proceedings at the University in Aachen, Germany. Early this morning, during one of Rio Tinto Alcan’s lectures, the fire alarms in the building were put on. Later today - again during Rio Tinto Alcan’s lecture - stink bombs were thrown and a high volume rape alarm was put on and suspended out of reach by green and black helium baloons. The auditorium was also strewn with information leaflets. The aim was to call attention to the industry’s singular involvement in ecological destruction in Iceland, as well as on a global scale.

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NAZI FRONT COUNTER MARCH 2nd November at 11am

25-09-2008 20:32


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Peace Action London- Thurs 25th September

23-09-2008 18:41

The next Peace Action is taking place ot this thursday.
Come and join in! We'll be meeting outside Holborn Tube Station @ 1PM, before heading to an army careers office.
For more info, please contact:

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Aldermaston Big Blockade – Monday, October 27 2008

23-09-2008 13:35

Faslane Big Blockade, Oct 07 (C. Gwyntopher)
Help disrupt illegal work on WMD at Britain’s nuclear bomb factory

In 2006/7, Faslane 365 saw well over 1000 arrests during a year-long blockade of the Trident submarine base in Scotland. Last Easter, Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston saw its biggest demonstration in two decades as 5000 people surrounded the base to mark the 50th anniversary of the first London to Aldermaston march. Trident Ploughshares now invite you to a major blockade of the Berkshire nuke factory, where billions of pounds are currently being spent developing new warhead facilities that will scupper nuclear disarmament for another 50 years. Help us uphold international law by blockading this factory of death in what promises to be a colourful celebration of life and people power. There is a role for everyone, arrestable or non-arrestable, young or old. This event is supported by CND.

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Three interesting talks at 'The Shunt' (24-25-26 September)

23-09-2008 11:22

The Global Economy - Past, Present and Future (24 Sep at 9:30 pm)

A Debate - Should We Re-open the 9/11 Enquiry? (25 Sep at 9 pm)

The Rise of 21st Century Fascism & 'Corporatism' (26 Sep at 9 pm)

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Propaganda Is a Two-Way Street

23-09-2008 07:48

In the ceaseless and invariably bellicose calls for war (both open and clandestine) against Iran, perhaps one argument invoked by pro-war pundits and politicians stands out and takes pride of place above all others: Iran, it is claimed, "poses an existential threat to the state of Israel." It's certainly been a favorite of Republican presidential nominee, John McCain. Furthermore, Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate, when asked about America's response in the event of a unilateral Israeli military strike against Iran, repeated an astounding three times the AIPAC-by-rote reply: "I don't think that we should second-guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security."

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What Was Mysterious Activity Going on in the Marriott Hotel Islamabad by United

22-09-2008 22:56

Huge bomb blast at Islamabad Marriott Hotel-false flag op?
Ok I have been thinking about this since it happened. This explosion in Pakistan and its timing. When the Pakistani army is willing to fire at US forces or missles that are illegally crossing Pakistan's border. When there is an economic meltdown and the NeoCons are demanding 700 billion dollars as a bribe (oops I means a help fix solution.. no body move our your mortgage gets it between the eyes). When there is a joke of a presidential election and is laughable. And now Al Quea returns now? Something is fishing in Denmark and its not the herring.

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rolls royce trident anti nuclear prottest was a credit to all who came

22-09-2008 16:21

thank you all the new people who joined the prottest you were a credit today

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We Are Change UK Podcast 1

21-09-2008 10:06

The First Edition of the new We Are Change UK Podcast

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Freedom of Movement on the Manchester demo

21-09-2008 09:32

freedom of movement block
A few photos of the freedom of movement block and others demonstrating against forced removals at the Manchester demo against the Labour Party conference yesterday.

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The Destabilization of Bolivia and the "Kosovo Option"

21-09-2008 07:16

The secession of Bolivia's Eastern provinces is part of a US sponsored covert operation, coordinated out of the US State Department, in liaison with US intelligence.

Philip S. Goldberg's mandate as US ambassador to Bolivia was to trigger the fracture of Bolivia as a country. Goldberg had been previously involved in setting the stage for the subsequent secession of Kosovo from Serbia, leading to the installation of an "independent" Kosovar government.

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anti-war march in Manchester

20-09-2008 20:44

autonomous/no borders bloc
3,000 people on anti-war march +++ STW calls for Troops Out +++ 200 people on autonomous bloc +++ police attacks on the bloc were successfully resisted twice +++ attempts to arrest people failed

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Peace Action London- Thurs 25th September

20-09-2008 18:41

The next Peace Action is taking place on Thursday 25th September.
Come and join in! We'll be meeting outside Holborn Tube Station @ 1PM, before heading to an army careers office.
For more info, please contact: